Wayfarer's meditations 002 - Rain at Dusk
July 9, 2021

Wayfarer’s Nature Meditations 002 – Rain at Dusk

Wayfarer’s Meditations 002 – Rain at Dusk

Rain at Dusk

Dusk is that time of day when the late afternoon starts to spiral down into night. At this time, it is said that the barriers between the unseen worlds of perception and our ordinary reality are thinner than at other times of the day. As the darkness of night draws forth from our collective unconscious minds feelings of mystery, vulnerability, and perhaps fear, the border between the vitality of day and the obscurity of night is definitely a fleeting time of anticipation. Meditations can reveal more vibrant experiences at this time of day.

This could not be more true in this video where the rain is at the forefront of the oncoming Hurricane/Tropical Storm Elsa which was traveling up the west coast of Florida to the north when its path will intersect with Digging Cat Homestead where this meditation was recorded. This is the calm before the storm. Meditation, relaxation, and sleep aids are the tools that one will need to mentally deal with the oncoming storm. May this moment in time bring you peace for meditation, relaxation, or sleep when you need some calming assistance.

In this meditational experience, we begin in the late afternoon and transition to early evening. While the transition is slow in some respects, it is actually rather quick when thinking about transitioning from light to dark. There is a point in the latest parts of the afternoon where the move to darkness accelerates in an exponential fashion. One can not only see the change over time, but also hear the change as different creatures in nature cease making their sounds for the day and others start making their sounds for the night. While one can hear these changes in sound, the process has a sense of homogeneity to it. Overall, this is a peaceful and relaxing meditation background that can serve well for one’s meditation practice, need to relax, and need for sleep.

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