Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack

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A Great Eurorack Modeling Software for Learning Synthesis

VCV Rack is a core software system that has an extensive library of modules and a thriving community of developers for modeling Eurorack modular synthesis systems. It is a great way to learn synthesis both in the digital world and the analog world. The terminology and the understanding of what different devices do is what usually holds back aspiring sound designers from learning the fundamentals of synthesis and how different kinds of sounds can be created. In this series, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore breaks down these barriers by teaching the vocavulary and what different processes do in generating sound. VCV Rack is a free download, and while it has a tier for paid content, the free content is quite expansive and allows one to do so much.

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Series 01

The first series of Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack teaches the fundamentals of synthesis in both the digital and Eurorack (analog) worlds and connects the terminology for better understanding. One can learn to use VCV Rack more effectively and simultaneously learn how to use plugin instruments and analog synthesizers. The focus is on creativity and exploring the different options in making different kinds of sounds. The goal is to learn what the different knobs and GUI objects mean so that one can envision a sound and then create it.

Series 02

In this second series of Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack, we explore many of the free module libraries that are available for the VCV Rack virtual Eurorack modeling software. This way, you can see what modules are freely available, how they work, and what they can be used for. VCV Rack is an amazing piece of software and there are so many free libraries of modules out there for it. It’s time to see what’s available!