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What is The Wayfarer Project?

The Wayfarer Project was originally founded in 1999 by Lawrence W. Moore as the home for his music compositions, which are released under the artist name, Wayfarer. Since this time, TWP has expanded in its scope to include Moore’s creative endeavors overall. While music is still at the heart of Moore’s creative endeavors, he has, over the years, expanded into other forms of multimedia art and has engaged in teaching others about music, music technology, synthesis, and audio production. Now a homesteader in North Florida, Moore continues to create music, multimedia art, and educational content for those who want to learn more about music, music technology, audio production, synthesis, and interactive media. The Wayfarer Project is now evolved into a home for all these endeavors.

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About Wayfarer

Wayfarer was started by Lawrence W. Moore in 1995 while he was studying at Lebanon Valley College, in Annville, PA. As with much of the trend at the time, the music was composed in the electronic medium with inspiration with what was happening int he new age music movement at the time. The music included a lot of world music elements as well as the the lush, vibrant, yet sometimes dark and ethereal creations of Moore’s imagination.

As Moore continued his academic studies and compose music in the arena of art music, the music evolve a more abstract nature to it and the focus was more on challenging the ear and Moore’s own intellectual interests than that which Wayfarer music had been about before.

Currently, Moore is composing music that combines the intellect and the emotional sides of being as a more balanced exploration of creativity. Moore combines his music with his own video art in many cases, and is finding a very fulfilling relationship with analog synthesizers in creating new music. Moore is collaborating with artists of other forms of media and is actively involve dint eh Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, which incorporates video, lighting, staging, dance, and interactive technology with electro-acoustic music to create a compelling 360 degree experience for audiences.

As Moore continues to explore this life and the reality both within himself and outside of himself, he will continue to create music and multimedia art. The new adventure will be one on the path of Wayfarer again, in which the pursuit of true knowledge is the guiding light for all creativity.

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore

About Dr. Lawrence W. Moore

Lawrence W. Moore is a South Florida-based multimedia artist, audio engineer, and software developer who specializes int eh production of electronic music for audio/visual media and live performance. He also works in the creation of iterative, multimedia installations, incorporating the fields of synthesis, sound design, and software development. Additionally, Moore works freelance as an engineer for audio recordings, audio for visual media, and live performance. He teaches at Miami International university of Art & Design and Miami-Dade College. Dr. Moore also joins forces with his wife Liza Seigido in the founding of the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company which is dedicated to presenting live, immersive experiences that include video, lighting, staging, dance, and interactive technology with powerful electro-acoustic music. Lawrence W. Moore resides with his wife Liza at Digging Cat Homestead.

Academic Background

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore specializes in the composition of electro-acoustic music and the creation of multimedia art. As such, his range of expertise includes audio production, sound synthesis, sound engineering, computer music programming, and multimedia production. Dr. Moore has held positions at the University of Miami, Miami-Dade College, and the Art Institutes, LL C.

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  • Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Theory and Composition, University of Miami Frost School of Music
  • Master of Music in Media Writing and Production, University of Miami Frost School of Music
  • Master of Music in Music Composition and Theory, Penn State University
  • Master of Music in Saxophone Performance, Penn State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music, Lebanon Valley College


The Making of Angel Wing was presented at the 13th Biennial Symposium on Art & Technology, Connecticut College in March, 2012

Hawking Sonified : The Composition of a Pattern/Pulse Piece that Illuminates the Lectures of Stephen Hawking was Dr. Lawrence W. Moore’s dissertation submitted to the University of Miami Frost School of Music in the earning of a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Music Theory and Composition.