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What is an Ear Worm

We all know that book worms are people who enjoy reading books, so what do Ear Worms enjoy? simply put, Ear worms enjoy great sound experiences, especially those in the wider realm of electronic and electro-acoustic music. Ear Worms is a weekly live stream hosted by Dr. Lawrence W. Moore of The Wayfarer Project and co-hosted by Jay Goodwin, a maker and designer of electronic and electro-acoustic instruments among other creations. The show is streamed live every Sunday evening at 7:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time. One can listen to the show live by subscribing to The Wayfarer Project’s main YouTube channel and clicking the bell icon for notifications. New scheduled streams usually appear on the YouTube channel by Thursday of each week. One can also catch the stream afterword by listening to them from the YouTube playlist in which they are archived.

003 – Early Electronic musical Instruments: The Ondes Martenot

This week on Ear Worms, we will be discussion two electronic musical instruments that were historical innovations in the design of instruments, speakers, and components. The instrument that we will be covering is the Ondes Martenot. this compelling instrument was invented by Maurice Marenot from France in 1928. This instrument had an impact on Western Art Muisc with composers like Oliver Messiaen. It was utilized in film music like that of English composer, Barry Gray. We will also look at the contributions of performers like Thomas Bloch and Jonny Greenwood. The instrument influenced many later instruments that would follow in its footsteps, and we will take a look at these as well.

002 – The Magic of the theremin, its story, great performers, stunning music, and Innovative Films

This week on Ear Worms, we will be dedicating our efforts to learning about and enjoying great music composed for the Theremin. We will look at the history a little bit, and then look at some perfomers and some of the great music that has been composed for the Theremin. The Theremin was invented in Russia by Lev Sergeivich Termen, also known as Leon Theremin in 1919. When Leon and his instrument made it to the United States, the music industry and Hollywood all took advantage of this great instrument. Performers like Clara Rockmore and Samuel J. Hoffman brought the performance to a whole new level. We will look at some of the films that were greatly uplifted by the instruments as well as some albums of music.

001 – Early Innovations in Electronic Music Musical Telegraph, The Telharmonium, and The singing Arc

Ear Worms is a live stream discussion dedicated to appreciating the beauty of sound. More specifically, we focus on electronic and electro-acoustic music and sound experiences. In this inaugural episode of the stream, we are looking at some of the early innovations that made electronic and electro-acoustic music possible. We will look at the telegraph, the musical telegraph, the telharmonium, and the singing arc. We will also look at the inventors of these devices and some of their other creations. Join Jay Goodwin and Lawrence W. Moore on this adventure into the origins of electronic and electro-acoustic music.