Pitch and Time – In and Out

The Pitch and Time – In and Out Album

is the sixth Wayfarer album release and is perhaps, the most experimental album of them all. The common theme throughout the album is the use of distortion, bending, and warping techniques on both the elements of pitch and time in the music. The sounds of different instruments are distorted through pitch shifting, time stretching, and a combination of the two. The distortion techniques are taken to such extremes that one sometimes hears the music as if through a magnifying glass, revealing small microcosms of sound elements. At times, the distortion goes to the macro level and the pitches of melody or sound samples speed up and fly by as if they were taken by the wind.

While the different pieces on the album have a common theme running through them as far as the techniques used in warping pitch and time are concerned, their subject matter varies from piece to piece. The warping of pitch and time is sometimes abstract and cold, and at other times, organic and warm. Many moods and emotions can be drawn from the transformation of these elements, and this album shows how such experimental techniques can still render a music that is moving and touching to the soul.

The spirit of adventure is alive in this album, bringing the listener to a whole new world that Wayfarer has not journeyed to hence.


  • Music and Art by Lawrence W. Moore