Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting

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Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting Video Series

Solace Crafting is a fantasy RPG game with survival, building, terraforming, crafting, skilling, and many other features that one would expect in an open sandbox adventure game. Developed by Big Kitty Games, Solace Crafting is an Indie release that has a lot of work put into it. You can play as a squire (fighter), Scout (ranger), Disciple (cleric), Apprentice (magic user), or a custom archetype (class of character). One can also select different professions of crafting or combine them all. There game supports multiplayer, so players can create their own parties of characters.

Wayfarer embarks on his adventure in this series, starting off right fromt he beginning. The series has some tutorial aspects to it, and much of it is exploratory as Wayfarer learns things about the game as he progresses.

Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting Season 01

Wayfarer begins this series form the start with character creation. He chooses to play as the magic user character class, called the Apprentice Archetype. He launches into the world and begins the series in a tutorial-like fashion for new players. As time goes on, he begins to explore the game more and the learning process begins. The series balances building, terraforming, crafting, skilling, and combat to explore all these features thoroughly.