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Wayfarer Music Videos

Wayfarer music videos are powerful experiences in which the electro-acoustic magic of Wayfarer music joins the imaginative video art that Lawrence W. Moore also produces. Below are links to the different series that have been released and buttons to link to the playlists on both YouTube, OdySee and BitChute.


Lawrence W. Moore enjoys collaborating with other artists. He write and produces music and sound experiences for visual artists and also produces multimedia artwork for other musicians. Collaborating is one way for independent artists to stimulate interest in their work by sharing audiences. The resulting energy from collaborative experiences compounds itself and works to the benefit of all involved.

Living Not Breathing

The Living Not Breathing collection is a series of pieces composed entirely in VCV Rack, the virtual Eurorack modeling software. Each piece is a patch or collection of patches that were designed to be auto generating music makers that take on a life of their own. In a sense, they are living creations that do not need air, water, or sustenance to live. Each piece can literally continue playing endlessly and grow, evolve, and develop over time. They are not repeating patterns, but growing and evolving patterns that bring unexpected beauty as they unfold over time.

Meditation Mandalas

The Meditation Mandalas videos are designed to entrance the mind with moving fractal images that have archetypal significance and minimalist tone rythms with melody that uplift the spirit. These pieces were all composed using Nodebeat for the music composition and recording as well as Apophysis 7X for the fractal animations.

Sonic Vision Meditations

The Sonic Vision Meditations is an artistic approach to meditation aesthetics as opposed to be utilitarian in the use of the music videos for meditation. The videos are of filtered nature scenes and the music is pure analog synthesis. These pieces bridge the organic and the technological in a way that adds feeling to the abstraction.

Spectral Dreams

The Spectral Dreams series is an enchanting collection of magical experiences of sight and sound. These music videos are generated using either small graphic elements that have quasi-random distribution generated in Processing and then filtered in video production software or fractal art generated in Apophysis 7x that is filtered in video production software. The music for each piece varies in its production techniques.

Wayfarer Album Videos

These are the music videos that are for songs on Wayfarer album releases. The other music videos above are pieces in which the visual art and music are one single entity. The pieces above do not exist in an audio only format, but music videos that are created for Wayfarer music releases have their audio only version.