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Meditation Mandala No. 3 - Nomad Title Screen
Meditation Mandala No. 3 – Nomad

Wayfarer Music Videos

Wayfarer music videos are powerful experiences in which the electro-acoustic magic of Wayfarer music joins the imaginative video art that Lawrence W. Moore also produces. Below are links to the different series that have been released and buttons to link to the playlists on both YouTube, OdySee and BitChute.

Spectral Dreams

The Spectral Dreams series is an enchanting collection of magical experiences of sight and sound. These music videos are generated using either small graphic elements that have quasi-random distribution generated in Processing and then filtered in video production software or fractal art generated in Apophysis 7x that is filtered in video production software. The music for each piece varies in its production techniques.

Sonic Vision Meditations

The Sonic Vision Meditations is an artistic approach to meditational aesthetics as opposed to be utilitarian in the use of the music videos for meditation. The videos are of filtered nature scenes and the music is pure analog synthesis. These pieces bridge the organic and the technological in a way that adds feeling to the abstraction.

Meditation Mandalas

The Meditation Mandalas series is a different take on the traditional mandalas that are made as a meditational practice and then also viewed as a meditational practice. These are moving images that are designed to take in the eyes and keep them occupied in an effort to help quiet the mind. The music is a continuously evolving pattern/pulse music that has resonant frequencies that are good for relaxation.

Nature Meditations

Nature Meditations

The Nature Meditations videos are recordings of nature sounds intended to aid in meditation that have been recorded on the Homestead and other areas in rural North Florida.


The Collaborations series is composed of videos in which Lawrence W. Moore collaborates with other artists. He either composes music for their videos or he creates videos for other composers.

Wayfarer Album Videos

The Wayfarer Album Videos series is video content that has been created for Wayfarer album releases which can be found on the Wayfarer Music page.