Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting Season 01

Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting Season 01 Title Image

The Starting Tutorial & Some Helpful Tips for Beginners

Wayfarer is embarking on a quest in the world of Solace Crafting by Big Kitty Games. The current version of the games is 1.03b and there is some differences in the game now as opposed to the past. We start form the very beginning creating a new character and a new world. Wayfarer decides to play the apprentice archetype, which is like a magic user class. He begins with the starting tutorial quest of the game and adds his own tips beyond the tutorial. He covers a little bit of everything from basic crafting, harvesting, skilling, growing food, and terraforming. If you find Solace Crafting confusing, this video can be a good guide in getting started.

Episode 02 – Crafting Armor and a Weapon for a Hunting Expedition

Wayfarer decides to go out and do a little adventuring in this episode. He first crafts a set of thread armor, which is associated with the apprentice archetype, the magic user class in Solace Crafting. He then crafts a two-handed weapon, the staff which can be integrated with his spell casting. He also crafts a wand with a shield so that he can use a one-handed weapon plus shield. Then, after preparing himself as much as possible, he goes out and gets his butt kicked by a bunch of imps. After a handful of deaths, he does win out in the end.

Episode 03 – Building a House for Crafting Stations & Storage

In this episode, Wayfarer explores a very creative side of Solace Crafting, the building aspect. The game has an expansive building component to it. Since there are a lot of crafting stations in the game, it is important to build a house or a warehouse to contain all the crafting stations. Wayfarer has already terraformed an area for his farm plots and then needs to terraform the land a bit so that its contour lends itself to placing down foundations for a building. At this point, Wayfarer accomplishes all of the terraforming, the laying of foundations, the walls, windows, and doorways.

Episode 04 – More Crafting Stations, Farming, and Adventuring

Now that the house is well underway, Wayfarer shows the new crafting stations he has made and the extensive farm he has put together. After giving a tour of his creations thus far, Wayfarer decides to go out adventuring to work on skilling up and gaining experience. While he has made some progress in learning combat in Solace Crafting, there are still some issues with fighting effectively. As they say, practice makes perfect, so Wayfarer is determined to figure out fighting and spell casting in combat in Solace Crafting. This should lead to gaining a lot of light, which is essential in the game.

Episode 05 – Starting My Town & More Adventuring

It’s time to starting building a town in Solace Crafting. Wayfarer shows and explains this process and learns some things himself in doing so. Wayfarer starts his town in the logical way of creating a storage house for the resources to accumulate and a forager for feeding the town members. He then elects to create a reaper and a hunter after dabbling with some other types. There are still some questions that remain that will be discussed in the next episode. Wayfarer ends the episode by going off to do some more adventuring to show some of his improved fighting knowledge and strategic tips for combat in Solace Crafting.

Episode 06 – Upgrading & Expanding a Town

Wayfarer has been exploring this new version of Solace Crafting because there is not a lot of information out there on it. The town mechanics have changed a bit. Wayfarer learns and shows in this episode that towns are upgraded and expanded in a few different ways. He demonstrates the usefulness of the reaper, minder, quarrier, forager, hunter, logger, trader, and the craftsman. Each one has their own idiosyncrasies. Upgrading the storehouse is no longer necessary. The crafting of crate boxes is all that is needed to expand the town’s resource storage. The solace power determines the size of land the village can occupy, and the craftsman allows one to upgrade the different resource gatherers. It is also discovered in this episode that the ranking of the town is upgraded by upgrading the level of the solace. Wayfarer also shows how to make wooden obelisks in order to defend against demon attacks which occur when upgrading the level of a solace.

Episode 07 – Enchanting, Rarities, and Resource Scanners

Now that Wayfarer has settled into his town, he decides to start exploring enchanting items with the enchanting table. The game tutorial helps one to get through the first enchant, minor light, and then it is up to you to get gems and to skill up in enchanting in order to unlock more enchants. He decides to put his resources scanners for metal and beasts to use and upgrades their rarities to see what effect it has. He concludes the episode with some more adventuring and some fighting tips.

Episode 08 – Going Underwater, Water Fonts, and Tannin Fonts

Wayfarer’s story continues with exploring the underwater world in Solace Crafting in order to find water essence. Water essence is a key ingredient in making a water font, which is an unlimited water supply for your crafting stations that require water, such as the retting vat. Wayfarer shows this and also finds out some cool things under the water, like fish and squid that you can hunt. He also shows how to make a tannin font with wood essence to keep your tanning rack loaded with tannin permanently.

Episode 09 – Leveling Up, Rarities, and More Combat

In this episode, Wayfarer assesses his skill points and applies unapplied ones. He also raises the levels of several items and shows how to make uncommon and rare items to improve their functionality and effectiveness. He especially upgrades his weapons and shields to rare and the highest level that he can. In the second half of the episode, he goes out and raids an imp encampment to test out his new fighting abilities. While things go better, there is still room for improvement, but Wayfarer learns a lot about how to cast spells on the run, target enemies, and fight effectively. He also gets smart and makes a solace nearby the encampments. Wayfarer finally succeeds in conquering the monlith that the imps were guarding.

Episode 10 – Figuring Out Combat in the New Version 1 03b

Solace Crafting 1.03b is the current version of this fantasy RPG game that is really quite enjoyable. One difficulty is that there is no official wiki and many of the videos out there are really out of date. The key commands have changed in the game and even the help menu lists the old ones. Wayfarer has been having a lot of trouble with combat in the game and has now figured out the proper keyboard and mouse actions to fight creatures. Additionally, he found out something very important about the armor that has been plaguing him this entire time. He had the armor in the wrong set of slots under wardrobe instead of adventuring and was technically not wearing any armor this whole time. This episode has good tutorial information about this new version 1.03b of Solace Crafting. In this episode, Wayfarer easily takes out a number of imps, goblins, crocodiles, and dark elves that would ahve given him a lot of problems and corpse runs before.

Episode 11 – Starting as the Disciple Archetype

Now that Wayfarer has a handle on Solace Crafting 1.0.3b, he wants to explore the other archetypes (classes) in the game. The disciple archetype is like the cleric class in other fantasy RPGs. Wayfarer shows the skills that are assigned to the class in attributes as well as special abilities and spells. It’s a good character class to start the game and one can see from this video that it is pretty easy to get up and running with the disciple and be able to hold your own. The healing spell, stamina buff, and zealous strike ability are very helpful.

Episode 12 – Starting as the Scout Archetype

It’s time to see what the Scout Archetype, Solace Crafting’s version of a ranger/thief class of character, and see what skills, attributes, and preferred weapon/armor types would be. Definitely, this class of character uses dexterity and agility in order to be more proficient with ranged attacks using the bow, and hit and run melee attacks. Wayfarer uses an early stage of character to out and do some combat to see how the different skills work and explores their pros and cons.

Episode 13 – The Squire Archetype & Exploring Distance in the Game

Wayfarer finishes his tour of the different archetypes, or character classes in Solace Crafting. this episode shows the squire and the different attributes and abilities that the squire has. He has two powerful attack abilities, thrust and strike. Yet, one can customize a character and use the different abilities form the different archetypes. Wayfarer shows some melee fighting techniques in this episode and tries out the squire’s abilities. Additionally, he travels out in an effort to explore distance in the game in order to get an idea of how far out the next tier is. He meets some interesting biomes along the way and gauges the danger of the creatures in the process.

Episode 14 – Exploring an Undead Dungeon & Cave

In Solace Crafting, there are portions of the game that are in special points of interests that are called encounters. Two common encounters in the game are caves and undead dungeons. In this episode, Wayfarer journeys into an undead dungeon and then journeys into a cave. He explains his preparation for the encounters by creating an exit scroll for leaving the encounter instantly without having to find the way out. Unfortunately, the only time he used it was by accident. He died in the cave before using it and lost all hist stuff. He tried to reclaim his corpse and inventory, but could not find it. An important note about both types of encounters is that one’s mana does not regenerate and this cannot be overcome with a mana regeneration potion. Wayfarer found this out the hard way. Healing potions are your best friend in encounters.