C Journey



The C Journey Album

C Journey is the third Wayfarer album release and charts a different course from the previous albums. During this time, Wayfarer composer, Lawrence W. Moore, was studying his doctoral degree at the University of Miami. Specializing in electro-acoustic music, Moore studied electronic music composition using the programming environment, Csound. Csound is a text-based scripting language that allows one to generate waveforms in both real time and as rendered files.

Intrigued by the concept of coding music through such a programming language, Moore began composing pieces using Csound and soon generated sound in a completely new way. Just as a user of magic would read from a scroll, bringing magic to existence from the words of the scroll, a composer can use code to encode magic that would take the form of music upon rendering the code.

C Journey is a voyage through this magical world of abstract sounds that are far removed from the typical electronic sounds one finds in most electronic music. The sounds that Moore generates in this music are driven by numbers such is sound when represented in digital form. Yet, the sounds seem to come alive with a new kind of organic growth that is fascinating, if not magical.

The rendering of Csound code into sound is akin to reading off a magic scroll and casting a spell. Numbers, words, formulas, and mathematical logic are the recipe for the magical incantation that transforms this script into soung magic.


  • Music and Graphic Design by Lawrence W. Moore