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Wayfarer Music

Wayfarer music is imaginative music that draws upon an eclectic array of genres and styles. Such influences include new age, experimental electronic, world, and jazz. Each album is a its own adventure into the creative mind of Lawrence W. Moore, the founder and creator of Wayfarer music. There are presently 6 Wayfarer album releases dating back to the year 2000. These albums are very eclectic and vary greatly from one another. The Wayfarer spirit is one that is on a journey. This music is the life journey of Lawrence W. Moore, a modern-day wayfarer of the mind.

Pitch and Time – In and Out

Pitch and Time – In and Out is the sixth Wayfarer album release and is the most experimental album of them all. The common theme throughout the album is the bending and warping of the frequency spectrum and the progression of time. It is abstract music and it explores both both the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels of sensory experience. One’s ear will be drawn into the basic particles of the frequency spectrum where time slows down and be thrown out to perceive the experience as a whole. This album will take one’s imagination on a journey to new, almost alien worlds of sound.


The fifth Wayfarer album release, Meditations, consists of 3 20-minute long meditations that include ambient nature sounds for general relaxation and the use of tones that are set at the frequencies of the 7 base chakras. These tones are also displaced stereophonically in such that binaural beating occurs. This technique is frequently used to slow down brainwave function resulting in a more relaxed state. The sound experiences on this album are designed to relax the listening, stimulate the chakras, and slow down if not eliminate the internal verbal dialogue creating a state conducive for meditation.

When the Shadows Came Upon Us All

When the Shadows Came Upon Us All is the fourth Wayfarer album. It is a sonic journey into the folklore that comes from the Toltec belief system. The shadows, also known as the fliers, are inorganic beings that inhabit the same space as us on the Earth, but vibrate at a different frequency. They interact with us as a farmer harvests crops. They feed off of our luminous energy when our emotions reach extremes and when our thoughts are flowing fast in our internal verbal dialogue. Internal silence is the key to stopping this constant sucking of energy. This mythological theme also finds parallels in many other cultures, belief systems, and religions in the world. If we are to attain our true potential, we must end this harvesting of our energy through the attainment of a peaceful mind.

C Journey

The third Wayfarer album is C Journey, which was composed entirely in the programming environment called Csound. Csound is a scripting language that allows one to generate sound with an almost infinite array of synthesis techniques. It is truly the magic of converting numbers and coded language in the sound. This album was the most abstract Wayfarer album to date, an adventure for the mind into a world of sound that is new and uncharted to most listeners.

When the Shadows Came Upon Us All

Tale Told by an idiot is the second Wayfarer album. and it picks up where Sanctuary leaves off. It is composed of imaginative music that draws upon the influences of electronica, new age, and world beat. The music is very emotional in striving the answer tot he age old question about life. Is there a reason to it or is it as William Shakespeare said, “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?”


The first Wayfarer album release was Sanctuary, released in the year 2000. Sanctuary is a journey into the inner self, allowing the imagination to be free and be itself. Our inner worlds are unique to each and every one of us. They are our one true gift to offer the universe. As we are all pieces of the universe exploring itself, we must come back with our own unique findings if we are to serve the greater good of this thing we call life.