When the Shadows Came Upon Us All



The When the Shadows Came Upon Us All Album

When the Shadows Came Upon Us All was inspired by a legend, and perhaps a reality, written about by Carlos Castaneda in the book, The Active Side of Infinity. Castaneda writes of an experience he had in the company of his nagual teacher, Don Juan Matus, who told him about dark, inorganic beings called fliers. These fliers are beings that we cannot normally see that nevertheless exist as inorganic energy. They are living beings although they are not solid nor of organic composition.

The fliers are like dark shadows of immense size. They feed off of the energy in the luminous shells that surround our non-physical bodies. This feeding consists of devouring our emotional energy. The fliers drive us into emotional states in order to feed off of this energy. They speak to us through our own voices in our minds and influence our behavior. They do so, not out of an evil design, but out of a need to survive. The quest of a man of knowledge is to quiet the internal verbal dialogue and thus raise the vibration of his or her consciousness. In so doing, the luminous energy that surrounds us becomes less palatable to the fliers.

It is a sad story that most of us will never realize this concept, and are almost trapped, by ignorance, into a low-energy existence and a fate to be slowly drained over our lifetimes as the fliers feed on us.


  • Music and Graphic Design by Lawrence W. Moore