Wayfarer Plays Satisfactory

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Wayfarer Plays Satisfactory Video Series

Wayfarer Plays Satisfactory Video Series

Satisfactory is a game that challenges both hemisphere of the brain. The left side is charged with the duty of building a base that can support efficient power generation, organization of power distribution, and efficient and productive assembly lines for the crafting of materials and components use for building and expansion. The right side of the brain is tasked with making all this look aesthetically pleasing and nice to look at. It can be a big challenge to do so.

All of this is coupled with the exploration of alien worlds where survival is key. There are dangerous creatures as well as dangerous landscapes to explore as one builds and expands one’s base. It is a game that captures one’s imagination and draws upon one’s creativity. It is easy to get sucked into playing hours and hours of this game as one tries to advance one’s own creations and organize things to look just right.

Season 01

Season 01 of Wayfarer Plays Satisfactory starts from scratch on one of the easier planets that contains predominantly grassland biomes. The world is still treacherous despite being one of the beginner planets. The landscape is fearsome and yet beautiful. Over the course of the season, Wayfarer goes from the beginning up to Tier 5. He unlocks the oil tier and ends the season for a breather before launching into season 02. This series is a learn by doing tutorial and is good for new players.