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A big part of Dr. Lawrence W. Moore’s mission as a composer and multimedia artist is teaching others. Moore makes learning tutorials for The Wayfarer Project’s YouTube Channel and OdySee Channel for those who have an interestin in music, audio, multimedia art, and software design. Moore’s focus is on open-source programming environments like Pure Data and Pd-L2Ork that allow for endless creativity.

Learn Synthesis with Ableton Live

Ableton Live is definitely one of the top digital audio workstation software today if not the most popular DAW for music production purposes. In this series, we learn about the fundamentals of synthesis and sound design using Ableton Live. The series can be of great benefit to those who use Ableton Live and want to learn how to use the different instruments and audio effects to create their own sounds. This series covers all of the synthesis fundamentals, so no prior knowledge of synthesis and sound design is necessary. The series begins with the core instruments that are in every tier of Ableton Live, so those with the intro or light versions can start learning as well. As the series progresses, more and more instruments and packs will be explored.

VCV Rack Instruments & Effects

This series focuses on building different types of sounds that can be used as instruments in music production or as sound effects for a wide variety of purposes. Most of the instruments and effects that are developed in this series are free modules from the VCV Rack community library. VCV Rack is free and open source software that can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. With such a large library of modules from VCV as well as a large community of developers, the possibilities of sound creation are endless.

Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack

VCV Rack is a free and open source virtual Eurorack modeling software. It is the perfect way to learn synthesis since it can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems with no financial barrier to downloading the software. While some modules are premium and for sale, the library of free modules from VCV as well as w die community of developers are free of charge. The system has a great sound, and many developers have created free modules that sound spectacular. this series doe snot require prior knowledge about synthesis or VCV Rack as it begins on the ground floor.

Exploring Multimedia Art with Pd-L2Ork

Exploring Multimedia Art with Pd-L2Ork is a series on the marriage of the sound with visuals. The series explores the open-source software, Pd-L2Ork which is maintained by Ivica Ico Bukvic at Virginia Tech University. This powerful software programming environment is based upon Miller S. Puckette’s Pure Data and extends it into the visual realm with 2D, 3D, and video art and animation. It also has has capabilities for developing intriguing graphical user interfaces and for interaction with devices and other software. the overall series starts from the beginning and is friendly for beginners.

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data is a series of tutorials divided up into different sub-series that are focused on different levels of instruction and different topics in the study of synthesis as well as the open-source programming environment Pure Data. Pure Data is an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of synthesis in that it allows one to build software-based synthesizers and synthesizer components. When the learning process involves building, the student acquires strong fundamental knowledge in their education. Anyone who uses this series will be able to apply their knowledge to different software and hardware synthesizers because the understanding of terminology and what is actually happening in various synthesis processes is well understood.

Pure Data is an open-sources programming environment for electro-acoustic and computer music development. It was created and is continually developed by Miller Puckette. A multitude of developers create externals and add-ons for Pure Data and it is such an open way of creating tools for music and audio production that one’s imagination is the only limit.