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Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom

Learning is one of the most fulfilling endeavors in life. The Wayfarer Project is dedicated to the pursuits of learning and teaching. As TWP is the life journey of Dr. Lawrence W. Moore, it is a platform for exploring the multimedia arts homesteading, and the mysteries of life. Dr. Moore releases content that focuses on various skills in the production of electronic music, multimedia art integration, homesteading skills, and spiritual discovery. All of the content regarding education in these areas that are produce at The Wayfarer Project can be found here.

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data is a series of tutorials divided up into different sub-series that are focused on different levels of instruction and different topics in the study of synthesis as well as the open-source programming environment Pure Data. Pure Data is an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of synthesis in that it allows one to build software-based synthesizers and synthesizer components. When the learning process involves building, the student acquires strong fundamental knowledge in their education. Anyone who uses this series will be able to apply their knowledge to different software and hardware synthesizers because the understanding of terminology and what is actually happening in various synthesis processes is well understood.

Pure Data is an open-sources programming environment for electro-acoustic and computer music development. It was created and is continually developed by Miller Puckette. A multitude of developers create externals and add-ons for Pure Data and it is such an open way of creating tools for music and audio production that one’s imagination is the only limit.