Wayfarer’s Minecraft Homestead Season 01

Wayfarer's Minecraft Homestead Season 01 Title

Episode 01 – Surviving the First Few Days #minecraft

Wayfarer launches his new Minecraft series using OptiFine, SEUS Shaders, and Ozocraft as the resource packs. This series is intended to be a homesteading series, Minecraft style. The seed has been specially selected since it starts near a village so that Wayfarer can build his homestead and trade witht he villagers. The resource packs make the landscape look beautiful in this cozy, riverside retreat. The first order of business is surviving the first night, and then the next few days afterward. Wayfarer is gathering food and resources so that he can survive and thrive. This first episode is a good tutorial for those who are new to Minecraft.

Episode 02 – Organizing the Mine & Getting Food #minecraft

In this second episode, Wayfarer decides to future proof his mine a bit by making plenty of chests for storage. At the same time, he is able to grow some wheat so that he can make bread and have plenty of food. He does a bit of hunting and is also able to make a bed to sleep away the nights and respawn in. It is a very fruitful episode in getting things accomplished in Minecraft.

Finding Iron & Making Armor #minecraft

One of the major hurdles early in Minecraft is acquiring armor. Finding enough cows to make leather armor is a grind, but dedicating time to mining, which you need to do anyway, will allow you to put together a suit of iron armor that is better protection than leather anyway. In this episode, Wayfarer shows two approaches to getting enough iron. He shows a methodic way of mining in order to find iron more quickly and to do so without missing any. He also shows cavern exploring which allows one to see iron more easily since it is exposed. He makes the iron helmet, iron chest plate, iron leggins, and a bucket. The only armor item he did not get enough iron for was the boots.

Episode 04 – Growing Food Underground & Dealing with Llamas #minecraft

This ended up being a rather crazy episode. Wayfarer begins by showing his new underground growing area where he can grow wheat safely indoors and not have to worry about outside dangers. He talks about using the bucket, creating an infinite water supply, and dealing with putting and taking water. He then begins to extend his mine tot he surface so that there can be an above ground area that leads to the mine. While doing this, he is paid a visit by a trader and some llamas. Wayfarer was able to take their leads and separate the llamas for a while. as he hurriedly tries to make a barn for them. It was not meant to be, however, and the llamas disappeared. At least they provided some entertainment for a while.

Episode 05 – Securing Your Area from Hostile Mobs

In this episode, Wayfarer shows some of the basic techniques for keeping your living area safe from hostile mobs. Fencing is a key component to this. Cobblestone walls make great fences and are easily made in bulk. Placement of torches is also very important. Wayfarer shows how to distribute light to keep creatures from spawning in your enclosed area. There are some other tips here and there that help make sure that the fences work properly and allow you to avoid creeper explosions.

Episode 06 – Securing a Village Part 1

Having a village to interact with is one of the most fun things in Minecraft. Wayfarer selected this seed because there is a village near the spawn zone. It is time to go and secure the village. Villages can easily come under attacks and the villagers can lose their lives if they are not well secured. In this episode, Wayfarer begins this process by putting cobblestone walls, which are stone fences around the perimeter of the village. This is the first step toward securing the village. After this, Wayfarer will need to make srue that the village is well lit so that the villagers do not have aggressive creatures spawning inside their village.

Episode 07 – Securing a Village Part 2 -Lighting it Up & Organizing

In the previous episode, Wayfarer started securing and protecting a a Minecraft village by enclosing it in cobblestone wall fences. In this episode, he goes through the village and places torches in order to eliminate the possibility of aggressive mobs spawning. This involves a little organization as well. There are street lamp structures in villages, ways of placing torches on the buildings, approaches to spacing out placing of torches on the exterior wall, and torch post distribution to consider as ways of keeping the village well lit. Securing and protecting the village takes these two critical steps, the enclosure of the village as shown in the previous episode and the lighting up of the interior of the village shown in this episode.

Episode 08 – Growing a Village & Taming a Cat

Wayfarer has been working off screen on landscaping his village. He is connecting up paths, cutting grass, levelling land, and organizing in general. He has created a farmer’s composter and work area such that a farmer appeared in the village. In this episode, he shows how to do that and demonstrates making the workstation for the fletcher. He does a little path work to show how he is organizing the village and managing the raising of animals as well as the growing of food. He builds two extra houses for villagers to sleep in. Toward the end of the video, Wayfarer is visited by the traveling trader again. he succeeds in getting the leads from the trader by trapping the llamas. Just after this, before trading with the trader, he hears the sound of a cat. Expanding the village brought about the spawning of a village cat. Wayfarer engages in a chase with the cat and tries to feed it raw salmon. It takes a while, but Wayfarer eventually succeeds in taming the cat.

Episode 09 – Organizing the Homestead and Growing the Village

In this episode, Wayfarer shows how he has organized his land for security for building his homestead. He did a lot of work off screen and now has the land protected by cobblestone wall fences. He shows his distribution of torches to prevent creatures from spawning in his enclosed homestead. He also stops by the village to help grow the village and help the villagers advance levels through trading. His village has been producing new villagers and cats. Wayfarer starts the episode by breeding his two cats to produce a third.