The Wayfarer Project Live Title

The Wayfarer Project’s Live Streams

The Wayfarer Project streams live on the main YouTube channel. The main stream is Ear Worms, a weekly live stream concerning all things electronic & electro-acoustic music. This includes discussions on instruments, artists, compositions, film soundtracks, inventors, developers, and historical innovations. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is joined by Jay Goodwin in discussions of these topics with frequent visitors. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and click the notification bell to receive notifications when live streams are scheduled and when they go live.

Ear Worms

Ear Worms is a weekly live stream hosted by Dr. Lawrence W. Moore and Jay Goodwin that broadcasts on The Wayfarer Project’s main YouTube channel on Sunday evenings at 7:15 U.S. Eastern time. The weekly topics concern electronic & electro-acoustic music and consist of discussions about compositions, film soundtracks, musicians, inventors, developers, and historical innovations. The spirit of the broadcasts is centered on the beauty of electronic and electro-acoustic music where the audience can learn, laugh, and love.