Water Ttle Screen
March 13, 2024

Water: A Collaboration Between Momilani Ramstrum and Lawrence W. Moore

Water Ttle Screen

A Wonderful Collaboration

Back in 2011, I had the great fortune of having my piece, Angel Wing, selected for performance in the Transy 2011 Electronic Music Festival in Lexington, Kentucky, which was held at Transylvania University. while there, I met Momilani Ramstrum who performed this piece, Water. She performs the piece using a Pure Data patch that she made that integrates with a MIDI glove that she designed for triggering changes in processing on her voice during performance. After the concert, we both started talking and decided to collaborate. Momilani asked me to produce a video for this piece and gave me a recording. I did so and the result can be seen and hear below.




Water is a voice processing piece composed and performed by Momilani Ramstrum, who asked Lawrence W. Moore to produce the video for the piece. Moore strove to express water at an elemental level as well as at an abstract level in complementing the sound of the piece. The gestures employed by the voice are highlighted, expressed, and brought into vivid, colorful life by the use of fractal imagery.

Tools Utilized