Tale Told by an Idiot



The Tale Told by an Idiot Album

Tale Told by an Idiot is the second Wayfarer album release. The music on this album are all tales of struggles. They are ultimately struggles to answer the same question, just from different angles and moods. William Shakespeare posed the question once, asking if reality had any meaning to it, or if it were simply “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Our lives are journeys, for we begin and end as different people, shaped by the experience of our lives along the way. It can then be said that our lives are really stories. Do these stories simply have the meaning that we assign to them? Are they random journeys? Is there such a thing as destiny? Is there such a thing as free will?

Only those who are overflowing with faith seem to overcome these questions with confidence. Yet, at that last moment when we know that we are about to slip beyond this mortal world, so you really know what is going to happen? One who claims to be absolutely certain and has no doubt whatsoever, is making a very mighty claim. Those who do from different faiths are not in agreement either. They cannot all be right. How does one achieve a state of knowing such that he or she could claim that so many other human beings, throughout time, are just simply wrong and were not able to attain the heights of knowledge and certainty this holder of faith has? It is a rather arrogant claim.

Perhaps the one who has hope, but admits doubt is actually stronger than the one who claims absolute certainty in faith. Riding upon questions throughout one’s life makes for an existence filled with feelings of doubt and fear. Quenching doubt and fear with zealotry is a bold move and does make one a bit mightier in confidence, but at the same time, it is far much harder to live with the discomfort of uncertainty and to be truly honest with one’s self that the mysteries of life will most likely remain mysteries. For only the experience beyond this life can say what is to come.


  • Electronic Music composed an realized by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Jester imagery is from the painting, Jester in poppy Field by Jeremy Hauser