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The Wayfarer Project Adventures

Creative gaming is an excellent outlet to express one’s imagination and to get lost in worlds of wonder. The Wayfarer Project’s author, Lawrence W. Moore enjoys creative survival games that involve crafting, building, terraforming, and other creative outlets. This engaging pastime is being recorded on The Wayfarer Project Adventures. Join Wayfarer as he explores new worlds in Science Fiction and Fantasy genres and embarks on journeys of creation, discovery, and survival.

Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting Series Title Image
Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting

Wayfarer Plays Solace Crafting

Solace Crafting has fast become one of Wayfarer’s favorite games. It is a fantasy RPG that is based on the classic table top role playing games from the past few decades. The game involves exploration, adventure, survival, building, terraforming, and crafting. The game is heavily based on leveling, building up attributes, and gaining skill points. There are classes, called archetypes that are in the game, but one does not have to stick rigidly to them and can create a custom character with a hybrid class and hybrid professions. The game is perfect for role playing with friends.

Wayfarer's Minecraft Homestead - Series Title
Wayfarer’s Minecraft Homestead

Wayfarer’s Minecraft Homestead

Minecraft is one of the most legendary open world sandbox games that involves building, crafting, terraforming, and survival. While the world is block-based, it has a certain beauty to it. In this series, Wayfarer endeavors to do some survival homesteading in Minecraft, and helps to foster a village for trading and interaction.

Wayfarer Plays Rising World

Rising World is an open world sandbox game that is heavily based upon world shaping. You launch into a world where the possibilities are great, but you have nothing to start. As you strive to survive and harvest resources, you can build buildings and terraform the world to make your own little corner of the world or your own big corner of the world. It is all up to you. In this adventures, Wayfarer explores the world and looks to unlock its potential. He learns the basic survival skills, building skills, and terraforming skills to make his own living area. He keeps his eyes on the potential future in which he sees that the possibilities are endless.

Wayfarer Plays Satisfactory

Satisfactory is a Science Fiction, first person base and factory building survival game that involves a good deal of exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and construction of factory production lines that challenges both hemispheres of the brain. There is a lot of depth to the game and the challenge for the left brain is to create production systems that generate the necessary components and materials necessary to build a thriving base for exploration and development. Efficiency is the key in managing power use and getting the most out of the production lines one builds. The creative side of the mind is engages in making the base and such production facilities look nice. Join Wayfarer on his quest to explore new worlds and build efficient, yet pleasantly designed bases and factory production lines.