The Wayfarer Project Adventures

One of Lawrence W. Moore’s hobbies is playing open sandbox, creative survival games such as Wurm Unlimited and Empyrion Galactic Survival. Such games require imagination and creativity, which Moore has in abundance. under the gaming alias, Wayfarer, Moore embarks on adventures with an eye on enjoying the journey.

The Wayfarer Project Server Invite

Wayfarer’s Wurm Unlimited Server

The Wayfarer Project Wurm Unlimited server is set up such that players can either engage in surviving out on their own, playing in a town, or a combination of the two. The server uses a customized version of the creative map. Players spawn into Central Lakes where there is a portal hub that connects to the other regions of the map, including Northern Shores, West Lakes, East Soulfall Beach, and The Meadows. Each of these locations has a portal back to Central Lakes. The portals are wealking portals only, so carts, wagons, and boats of all kinds are still very useful in the game for transporting things. This setup allows for players to dip in and out of roleplaying. The managed town next to Central Lakes (spawn point) is called Squall’s End and Scotty (@Cyberlinxz) is the mayor.

To Join: Use Discord to contact Wayfarer#4889 to introduce yourself.


Wayfarer’s Wurm Unlimited Server Series 1 – The adventure begins on The Wayfarer Project Wurm Unlimited server with 5 stalwart adventures preparing to survive and thrive int he world of Wurm.

Wayfarer’s Wurm Unlimited Journey Series 01 – This is a series of videos on Wayfarer’s progression onThe Wayfarer Project Wurm Unlimited SErver.

Server Map

The map is a customized version of the creative map. The regular creative map that your client side Wurm Launcher gives you will work, but if you use Ago’s Client Mod Launcher with server packs and custom map, you will be able to see an updated version of the map that will change as the world changes. This map gets updated nearly every da.

Server Mods

  • Better Dig – You automatically dig resources that are dug to a pile.
  • Bounty Mod – You earn a bounty for killing creatures. The amount varies based on the type of creature. this helps to earn money in the game.
  • Bulk Item Separated – Bulk storage bins and bulk container units have the option to separate items into groups by quality levels of 10, 20, 30, etc.. so that the qualities of items aren’t brutally averaged.
  • Crop Mod – Crop field yield a +12 amount of crops and do not rot if not harvested on time. The crop grow time, however is 8 hours per stage. In other words, you will be able to harvest crops in 3 days and be able to farm them in between. The longer harvest time is made up for by the higher yield.
  • Dragon Rider – Non-aggressive basilisks and drakes have been added to the game that can be ridden when your skills are high enough.
  • Inbreed Warning – You get a warning when you are about to breed related creatures.
  • Kingdom Items – The kingdom items that are available int he adventure mode are available for crafting.
  • Meditation Mod – The meditation requirements and delays have been reduced a little, but not a lot. You no longer need to walk distances to meditate and the time delay for above skill level 5 is the same as below 5.
  • Minipets – Mini creatures on a leash can be purchased from traders or won in server contests.
  • One Tile
  • Mining – There is only one mining action required for surface mining.
  • Spell Mod: Priest action restrictions have been removed.
  • Tabards – There are more tabards in the game than in vanilla.