Wayfarer’s Collaborations

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore of Wayfarer engages in collaborations with other artists where he either creates music for their videos or makes videos for their music. When artists share a vision and expend the effort to put their talents forward into a combined effort, the result can truly be magical. Lawrence W. Moore works in both the media of music and the media of visual art. In so doing, he enjoys collaborations with artists of like visions in which he can contribute visual material or sound to a multi-sense artistic presentation.




  • Music composed by Lawrence W. Moore
  • video produced by Liza Seigido


This piece was a collaboration between Lawrence W. Moore (music) and Liza Seigido (video). Moore composed the music in an effort to work with the small, almost instantaneous element of a snapping sound, generated by using an empty sync table. Moore generated the instrument in Csound and applied many parameters to it, which allowed him to create an adventure from using such a simple sound. Seigido created the video from a short, 7 second clip of video footage of US1 on the way back from the Florida Keys.

Tools Utilized

  • Music composed entirely in Csound


  • Presented in an installation at Vanguard Miami 2012
  • Presented in an installation at Arts & Letters Day 2012, Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus
  • Presented at the 2011 SEAMUS National Conference, January 2011

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