Wayfarer’s Minecraft Homestead

Wayfarer’s Minecraft Homestead Video Series

Minecraft is a legendary open world, open sandbox game. It has survival, building, terraforming, and a plethora of system designs that you can incorporate in your builds. The game has been around for a long time and it has continued to stand the test of time. Wayfarer has been feeling nostalgic for the game and decided to install Minecraft Java Edition again and start a server to build a new world. In the future, he hopes to have other players join him in his adventures.

Wayfarer’s Minecraft Homestead Season 01

Wayfarer’s Minecraft Homestead Season 01

Wayfarer starts right from the beginning in Season 01. He has selected a seed that has the spawn area near a village, so that the village life can begin early in the game. Wayfarer builds up a mine and starting area for other players in the future. His mine has a stone building above it and is set in a fenced in area so that players can spawn in to a safe area. He grows plenty of wheat underground so people can make bread right away. The village is across the river and not too far away.

Wayfarer secures the village with a fence and starts to light it up. The terrain is kind of rough, but he is successful in growing the village. He then goes down the river a bit and finds a nice spot for his own homestead so that he can live near the village without being in it. Of course, he takes the opportunity to grow a small family of cats because cats are good company.