Learn Synthesis with Pure Data

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data at The Wayfarer Project
Learn Synthesis with Pure Data

A Great Way to Learn Synthesis

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data is an overall series divided up into sub-series of videos that are tutorials about different levels of understanding and different topics of synthesis. Pure Data, the open-source software development environment for computer music and electro-acoustic music, is a great way of learning synthesis. PD allows one to build software synthesizers and synthesizer components which truly provides one with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of synthesis. When one builds synthesis components in software, one truly understandings the concepts and can apply this knowledge to any software.

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data Series 01

Learn Synthesis with Pure Data Series 01 starts from square one. One does not need to have prior knowledge of synthesis nor Pure Data in order to start this series. This sub-series starts with the fundamentals of digital audio and the basics of Pure Data. By the end of this sub-series, one will be building his or her own software synthesizer in Pure Data and be building some of the essential and fundamental components that go into making up a synthesizer. This sub-series is a great instructional tool for educators to use in their classes in which they teach either synthesis or Pure Data as a subject.

Simple Monophonic Pure Data Synthesizer
This is the final result of the synthesizer we build in series 01 of Learn Synthesis with Pure Data

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