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Lawrence W. Moore sees meditation as practice that can aid in spiritual awareness by lowering our filters and expanding our senses including the sixth sense. For those who are looking for more material effects, it can be a great way to relax and deal with stress. The most effective approach to meditation is the ultimate quieting of the mind to allow the divine to enter. The divine is all around us at all times, but we filter it out through our thoughts and actions. Since the large majority of our time is spent this way, so meditation is truly a practice that must be practiced regularly to be effective. Below are meditations that Lawrence W. Moore has recorded for the benefit of helping one to achieve a state of relaxation and that of a quiet mind. These sound and visual experience can be used with sound only or in relaxed viewing and listening. Headphones are recommended unless one is in a truly quiet place. These videos can also be used as a sleep aid.

Wayfarer’s Meditation’s 002 – Rain at Dusk

Wayfarer’s Meditations 002 – Rain at Dusk

Dusk is that time of day when the late afternoon starts to spiral down into night. At this time, it is said that the barriers between the unseen worlds of perception and our ordinary reality are thinner than at other times of the day. As the darkness of night draws forth from our collective unconscious minds feelings of mystery, vulnerability, and perhaps fear, the border between the vitality of day and the obscurity of night is definitely a fleeting time of anticipation. This could not be more true in this video where the rain is at the forefront of the oncoming Hurricane/Tropical Storm Elsa which was traveling up the west coast of Florida to the north when its path will intersect with Digging Cat Homestead where this meditation was recorded. This is the calm before the storm. Meditation, relaxation, and sleep aids are the tools that one will need to mentally deal with the oncoming storm. May this moment in time bring you peace for meditation, relaxation, or sleep when you need some calming assistance.

Wayfarer’s Meditations 001 – Candlelight & Nature at Night

Wayfarer’s Meditations 001 – Candlelight & Nature at Night

The basic candlelight meditation is one that every practitioner of meditation should try at some point. The beauty of it is that it is so simple. Simplicity is akin to quietness, which is one of the hallmarks of meditation. Quietness on the inside of one’s mind is essential. To effectively use this meditation it is recommended that one uses headphones so that outside sounds that can be disturbing are not heard. The sound in this meditation is that of the nature noises at night here at Digging Cat Homestead. The visual of the single candle is good for those who wish to have a visual experience to focus on. The flickering of the flame is a great way to see slight change over time to keep the eyes busy and still allow for one to achieve quietness in the mind.

If you find that you have trouble quieting the internal verbal dialogue, keep in mind that trying to order it to stop does not work. One needs to let it run a bit, then gently stop it. Let it start again, and then gently stop it. As this continues, you will find that it will eventually come back weaker and weaker and eventually stop. Practicing full breathing is also recommended. Slowly take in air through the nose slowly. Fill up the bottom of your lungs, feeling it press down gently in your abdomen. Then let the lungs fill up from bottom to top as you feel gentle pressure on your sides and ultimately higher and higher in your abdomen. After you fill up, without pushing it, let the air slowly come out through your mouth. It can help to imagine that you are breathing in clean air full of light and exhaling the stress from your body. Hopefully this will be one of your staple meditations in the future.