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Making the Tools for Making Music

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore of The Wayfarer Project has a love for music making that goes deeper than the art of music composition. In the realms of electronic and electro-acoustic music, Moore finds adventure in making those tools for making the music. At present, this passion find form in the use of software like Pure Data and VCV Rack to develop patches for making the sounds used in his music. VCV Rack is an Eurorack modeling software for making all sort of things, and Pure Data is an open source programming environment for music and multimedia. Here is where one can find some of his creations. These creations are largely shared in video format because the learning process in making such patches is equally as important at the patches themselves.

Wayfarer VCV Rack Patches

Wayfarer VCV Rack Patches is a video series on some of the patches that Dr. Lawrence W. Moore makes in the Eurorack modeling software, VCV Rack in the composition of Wayfarer music. These patches can include VST instruments, VST effects, multi-instrument sets, and compositional environments consisting of more than one instrument and effect.