Living Not Breathing Page Title
April 24, 2024

The New Music Video Series Living Not Breathing

Pieces Composed in VCV Rack that take on Their Own Life The Living Not Breathing collection is a series of pieces composed entirely in VCV Rack, the virtual Eurorack modeling software. Each piece is a patch or collection of patches that were designed to be auto generating music makers that […]

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VCV Rack Instruments & Effects Title Screen
January 27, 2024

New Series: VCV Rack Instruments & Effects

Want to Make Great Sounds to be Used as Virtual Instruments or sound Effects? This series focuses on building different types of sounds that can be used as instruments in music production or as sound effects for a wide variety of purposes. Most of the instruments and effects that are […]

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Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack Series 02 Title Screen
December 11, 2023

Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack Series 02 Now Releasing

Taking a Look at the Free Modules for VCV Rack This second series of Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack focuses on free modules that are available for the free and open source virtual Eurorack modeling software, VCV Rack. The different developers who make modules for VCV Rack list their modules […]

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