Spectral Dream No. 6 - Fountain Talk
June 30, 2021

Spectral Dream No. 5 – Fountain Talk

Spectral Dream No. 5 – Fountain Talk

Fountain Talk


  • •Music and video composed and created by Lawrence W. Moore


This piece is a concert of granular synthesis, in which the fine granules of water pour forth like a fountain, and with them, come visions from the fountain. These visions are abstract archetypes that are hidden deep within the psyche. This is a fountain of archetypal imagery. Just as water can exist in pools, flowing streams, and as droplets, these archetypes are droplets than can layer in with one another. When the pool, their individual meanings grow as they combine with other archetypes and form masses of similar types.

Archetypes are symbols or imagery that trigger responses in the collective unconscious of humanity. Similar symbols or images can trigger similar responses in different people due to this shared consciousness. It is why biological structures like the shape of serpents and geometric structures like triangles have similar meanings across different people that are inherent to them. This fountain of imagery is also a fountain of sound where small granular elements of sound spray forth and have deeper meaning. As these grains combine, meanings become more complex.

Tools Utilized


  • Presented at Divergent Boundaries, Festival Miami, October 2011
  • Presented in an installation at Arts & Letters Day 2012, Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus
  • Presented at the FETA 2012 Street Walk Festival at the Harold Golan Gallery in Wynnewood, Florida

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