Spectral Dream No. 2 - Beautiful Synchronicities Part 2 title screen
September 13, 2020

Spectral Dream No. 2 – Beautiful Synchronicities Part 2

Spectral Dream No. 2 – Beautiful Synchronicities Part 2

Beautiful Synchronicities Part 2


  • Music and video composed and created by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Narration and vocals by Liza Seigido


The second part of the Beautiful Synchronicities 2 part series picks up where the first part leaves off in the sharing of universal knowledge. This is a metaphysical exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity. There are seeming coincidences in our lives that come from a patterns in the universe that stem from our own conscious creation. These patterns are complex, just like anything that is physically organic. The non-physical organic aspect to the universe is where the mystery lies, but it is a living entity in and of itself. This combined entity of the universe, however, includes us, and as individuals, we affect the growth of the universe and the growth of our lives over time.

The video is actually composed of small archetypal shapes that are interlaced with one another and semi-randomly distributed to form the organic growth of the visual content. The electronic musical background uses sound to generate these same archetypal shapes either as small elements within the noise ambience or as larger shapes of frequency as well as amplitude change.

Tools Utilized


  • Selected for and presented in 12 Nights of Electronic Art and Music, February, 2011
  • Selected for and performed at Forms and Fractures, Festival Miami, October2010

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