Meditation Mandala No. 3 - Nomad Title Screen
September 13, 2020

Meditation Mandala No. 3 – Nomad

Meditation Mandala No. 3 – Nomad



  • Music and video composed and produced by Lawrence W. Moore


he Nomad wanders from area to area in order to sustain his life and that of his family. The traveling life is a difficult one, full of challenges, but it is also full of opportunities. One needs to place faith in one’s self in order to survive this way and prosper. This meditation reaches the inside of the viewer/listener and stimulates one’s drive and integrity to push onward in difficult times. The aesthetics of this piece draw upon the building of both the physical and the spiritual.

There is a historical and mythological association between the desert and wandering in search of meaning and purification. Many nomadic tribes live in the desert and move from oasis to oasis to sustain themselves. Perhaps the challenge of living in such harsh conditions is something that stimulates one to strive, thus achieving a great degree of personal and spiritual growth. The easy life does not inspire one to dig down and find the will to grow, purge the unnecessary, and develop internal resources to make prosperity happen. There is no strength where there is no struggle.

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