Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack Series 03 Title Screen
January 3, 2024

Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack Series 03 Now Releasing – Rack 2 Pro & KautenjaDSP

What’s in Rack 2 pro, VCV Drums, Sound Stage, and KautenjaDSP

In this third series of Learn Synthesis with VCV Rack, we start off taking a look at what features and modules come in Rack 2 Pro and the bundle that includes Drums and Sound Stage. VCV Rack is a free download and there is a vast library of modules that are free. That being said, if one wants to have VST, VST3, or CLAP functionality with a DAW, then the premium version is required. This does not prevent one from using VCV Rack with a virtual MIDI or loopback connection to utilize the free stand alone verison with a DAW. Additionally, Rack 2 Pro does come with the VCV flanger, phaser, chorus, reverb, and convolver modules. The series begins with a look at these modules so people can see and hear what they will get if they purchase the premium version and support the VCV Rack project.

Rack 2 Pro, Drums, and Sound Stage

If one purchases the Rack 2 Pro bundle that includes VCV Drums and Sound Stage, then these additional modules can be purchased at a reduced price from buying them all separately. We take a look at each drum module, the drum machine, and sound stage in depth so that people can decide if the drum sounds and the acoustic space emulator, Sound Stage are worth the investment. The episodes do not cast judgement, but rather, present the modules, demonstrates them, and allows the viewer to come to his or her own conclusions.

The Free KautenjaDSP Video Game Sound Chip Emulator Modules

Among the free libraries in the vast collection of libraries for VCV Rack is the KautenjaDSP library, which features modules that emulate vintage video game chipsets. The array of modules includes chipset emulators from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), The Super Nintendo Enterinment System (SNES), the Gameboy, Atari, and the Sega Drive & Genesis systems. The set of modules is vast and can create a good amount of nostalgia in the sounds that they produce. This module library is a must have in anyone’s VCV Rack collection.