Sanctuary Title Screen
September 4, 2020

Sanctuary the Music Video

Sanctuary the Music Video



  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar performed by Bradley Hinton
  • All other music performed and produced by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Album artwork is from a photograph of a hanging stitched-cloth art piece by Claudia Garcia Calderon


This, the title track form the Sanctuary album, by Wayfarer, signals to one that he or she is about to embark on a journey back to his or her past and come into a story that has been going on since ancient times. It is s the story of the many lives of the individuals who have walked the Earth. As individuals, each of us has a story within the overall story. Our life is full of creative potential, fueled by our dreams. After all, our dreams and what we make of them is the only original gift that we will ever have to offer the universe. The Sanctuary album is about the unique inner world that we each have within us. Our secret worlds inside where our imagination resides are where we foster our own uniqueness. As pieces of the universe that are exploring itself, our unique, individual contributions are all that we have to offer to the universe in exchange for the great gift of life. The whole is only as good as the sum of its parts.

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