Meditation Mandalas No. 1 - Ring Title Screen
September 13, 2020

Meditation Mandala No. 1 – Ring

Meditation Mandala No. 1 – Ring



  • ◦Music and video composed and produced by Lawrence W. Moore


The Ring Mandala is a meditation on Air and Earth spirits joining together in a union. This is a grounding meditation for the mind and the body. The symbolism draws upon imagery that reaches our inner sense of exploration and binds it with our inner sense of home on the Earth. This piece was offered by the composer, Lawrence W. Moore as an engagement ring to Liza Seigido. The answer was “yes.”

Rings are a pervasive archetype with powerful symbology associated with them. Myths from across many cultures utilize the forging of rings as sources or vessels of power. They are cyclical in their physical form and represent the passage of time with a unity of returning to what has gone before such as the cycle of the seasons. They are forged from elements within the Earth, tying us and grounding us to this planet. Some rings are not intended to be worn on the fingers, such as the circular portion of dream catchers, which are made from elements from the Earth that are more organic in nature. Rings unite our Earthly nature with our spiritual nature as their symbology is ingrained in the collective unconscious.

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