Tutorial Streams

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a multimedia artist who composes electro acoustic music, engages in synthesis and sound design, creates interactive media, and develops artistic tools for the creation of multimedia. These different skills come together as he shares his knowledge with others who aspire to work in electronic music, multimedia art, and interactive media and software design.

The Wayfarer Project Tutorial Streams
Dr. Lawrence W. Moore

The streaming schedule can be found on The Wayfarer Project’s Twitch channel.

Wayfarer Forges Sound

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore covers a variety of topics with the realms of electro-acoustic music and computer music. The content of this series can be useful for developers, audio engineers, composers, and hobbyists alike. Moore’s interests include synthesis, signal processing, sound design, multimedia art, composition, and interactive systems.

In addition tot his website, all tutorial streams can also be found at: