Wayfarer’s Journey

The Journey Tree at Digging Cat Homestead

The Life Journey

We enter this world and leave this world with an uncertain amount of time in between the two. All along this journey, we are continually changing. We are not the same person during any two points along our life paths. As such, we are truly on a journey no matter how much geographical ground we cover in our lives. The journey is that of the self and its continual evolution or devolution. It is a spiritual journey taking place in a physical world. Composer, multimedia artist, professor, and homesteader Lawrence W. Moore sees life as best spent searching inward as well as outward in the effort to evolve spiritually. We are all creations of the universe and we are all part of the universe. We a re pieces of the divine exploring itself to learn more about itself. As it is above, so it is below. Our inward journey should be in balance with our outward journey. Our unique, individual experiences are essential to the experience of the whole. This is the core philosophy behind The Wayfarer Project, Wayfarer music, and Wayfarer’s Journey.

Wayfarer’s Journey

Wayfarer’s Journey video series is Lawrence W. Moore’s vlog at The Wayfarer Project. It includes his thoughts about his creative endeavors, as well as life and the mysteries that come with it. It is a great way to keep up with what is going on with Moore, The Wayfarer Project, and life at Digging Cat Homestead.

Wayfarer’s Journey Episode 001 – About The Wayfarer Project

Wayfarer’s Journey Episode 001 About The Wayfarer Project

Lawrence W. Moore, the author of The Wayfarer Project and artist going under the name “Wayfarer,” has recently moved with his wife, Liza Seigido of the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company from Miami, FL to rural North Florida. These two composers, multimedia artists, and professors are now adding homesteading to their repertoire. Discovering a new-found freedom in North Florida on their 5 acre plot of land has been truly inspiring. The two are engaging in the growing of their own food while Liza has begun making her own vinegar, wine, ferments, and perfumes. Moore works his vegetable garden daily and the two tend to their small fruit orchard as well. The homesteading lifestyle has been rewarding and a refreshing change for Moore and Seigido. With this new lifestyle of homesteading, at the affectionately named Digging Cat Homestead, Moore has decided to breathe some new life into The Wayfarer Project. As more continues as a composer and multimedia artist, his music and music videos will still be a mainstay of his creative activities. Moore still teaches in higher education and will continue to make tutorial videos about various audio technology and music -making subjects. Of course, he still enjoys creative gaming and will continue to do that as well. What will be knew will be content about the work that he puts in at Digging Cat Homestead in living the rural life growing food and getting closer in touch with nature.

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