Lawrence W. Moore Oak Tree Profile
Lawrence W. Moore at Digging Cat Homestead

The Homesteading Lifestyle

Homesteading is when uses the place that they live in order to work toward self-sufficiency and to work from home by using their home and land. One does not need to be completely self-sufficient to be a homesteader, but it is preferable to be working toward self-sufficiency to the degree it is possible with the resources and skills that one has. Lawrence W. Moore’s life journey has brought him to the point where he can do this with his wife, Liza Seigido at their Digging Cat Homestead. Moore is tending a vegetable garden and a small orchard. Seigido is tending a food forest, fermenting vinegar, pickling vegetables, making wine, crafting jewelry, and making her own perfumes. As The Wayfarer Project is focused more on Moore’s life journey, the videos here at The Wayfarer Project focus on his endeavors. A visit to Digging Cat Homestead will provide content on Liza Seigido’s endeavors.

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Wayfarer’s Journey

Wayfarer’s Journey is a video series that logs Lawrence W. Moore’s endeavors. There are separate video series for his different subjects, but this series covers announcements, his thoughts, and other miscellaneous material that he would like to share. In homesteading, it is good to keep a personal log so that one can later take a look at one’s self and one’s own decision making. Homesteading is not only a physical journey, but a spiritual one as well. Inward exploration is key to spiritual development.

Wayfarer’s Meditations

Wayfarer Meditations is dedicated tot he fact that meditation is a very helpful practice for both the physical and mental aspects of one’s living. Simultaneously, for the spiritual person it is very helpful in connecting with the divine and developing one’s higher senses and awareness of that which may be unseen, but nevertheless is. Lawrence W. Moore records a Meditations series separate from some of more meditational musical art in order to create meditational experiences that are not artistically governed, but rather are governed by the needs of the practitioner. This video series is intended for those who want to meditate, simply relax, or would like a better night’s sleep.

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