Survival Through Creativity

Lawrence W. Moore in Cyborg Mode

Lawrence W. Moore, the author of The Wayfarer Project has found creative survival gaming to be an outlet for taking time away from the rigors of everyday life. Years ago, he found great enjoyment playing the Mohang version of Minecraft. The combination of survival with so much creative potential in building, crafting, terraforming, and skilling was very intriguing to him. From then on, Moore has enjoyed games such as Wurm Unlimited, Conan Exiles, Rising World, Empyrion Galactic Survival, and Raft to name a few. The combination of the left brain aspects of survival and strategy with the right brain aspects of creativity, building, and terraforming has provided so much fulfillment in a complete, whole brain activity. This page is a repository of some of the games that Moore plays under the gaming name of “Wayfarer,” also his artist name as a musician.

Wayfarer’s Wurm Unlimited Server

Wurm Unlimited is perhaps Wayfarer’s favorite game of all time. The game is deep and rich in content. It is a survival game with both PVP and PVE modes. Wayfarer’s Wurm Unlimited Server is a PVE mode server that is public and password protected for Wurm Unlimited players of all ability levels. The world is based on the creative map that comes witht he game, with some customizations and settings change that Wayfarer has implemented to make the gaming experience better. There are 5 spawn points where players can randomly spawn into. As the GM, Wayfarer can help players to connect with each other and play in groups in different locations should they desire. Players can go off and found their own deeds to create homesteads, towns, and villages. The world is huge and there is plenty of space for those who wish to play in groups or play alone.

Wayfarer’s Wurm Unlimited Server series page on The Wayfarer Project.

There are no real-world money costs for joining and playing on the server. In-game money is earned through in-game interractions.

For more information on joining the server, please contact Wayfarer at:

Wurm Unlimited can be purchased (one time purchase) on the Steam store.

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