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Wayfarer Game Streams

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore of The Wayfarer Project partakes in creative gaming as a way to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain. There are games out there that have great creative possibilities for artists and those with a creative bent. When this is combined with survival and adventure, the right brain and the left brain come together as they should in our real lives. Moore does this under the handle, Wayfarer as all his lives, both real and virtual are adventures.

The streaming schedule can be found on The Wayfarer Project’s Twitch channel.

Empyrion Galactic Survival is a complete game that has action, survival, schilling, crafting, and building. You exist as an individual astronaut, but you can build and command bases, and a variety of vehicles for land and space!

Wayfarer Plays Conan Exiles - title screen
Wayfarer Plays Conan Exiles

Join Wayfarer as he braves the Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles. This is a medieval action/adventure game with excellent crafting and building aspects to it. The game is truly well-rounded combining creativity, strategy, and combat skills.

Wayfarer Plays Raft - Title Screen

Wayfarer Plays Raft

Raft is an exciting game that is heavily based on fast tempo survival, crafting of items, and building. You start off on a raft that small and have a shark that comes to take a bite out of it frequently. You need to gather resources floating int he ocean in order to feed yourself, keep yourself hydrated, and to build up your raft into a more comfortable adventuring vehicle.

Rising World Title Screen
Wayfarer Plays rising World

Wayfarer Plays Rising World

Rising world is one of the most complete games in the genre of survival building and terraforming. It has a beautiful set of biome landscapes, a wide variety of wooden and stone building materials, a wide variety of structures, and crafting of many items for a wide variety of purposes in your adventuring. this is truly one of the more creative games out there. It has an open sandbox world and an infinite amount of terrain to cover.

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