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About The Wayfarer Project

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Dr. Lawrence W. Moore’s Academic Site: LWM Music
Dr. Moore’s Wayfarer music site: The Music of Wayfarer

The Wayfarer Project is dedicated tot he concept that life is a journey that is best spent in the pursuit of knowledge through experience fostered by individual liberty and personal responsibility. That being said, the author of TWP, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore, does see himself as a guru, philosopher by profession, or as a person playing the role of being an authority on how one should live their lives and what their beliefs “should” be. Moore sees himself as a wayfarer journeying through life and by cause of his own personal predilection likes to share his knowledge and take part in discussions concerning philosophy, spirituality, science, and the creative arts for the pure enjoyment of doing so.

The Author and His Not Mission

Lawrence W. Moore is a composer, multimedia artist, sound designer, and educator by profession and indulges in matters of the mind and spirit as a hobby and as an essential part of satisfying his need to learn more about what life is from both a spiritual and scientific perspective. The Wayfarer Project should not be seen as a movement of any kind. The project being undertaken is Moore’s alone. The sharing of knowledge and any discussion that arises form such is all that the project involves with other people. It is Moore’s contention that we are all equal in that we begin at a certain point in this life experience and the ride we take shapes our experience and thus, our worldview. We can, however, as travelers talk to one another about our experiences and the knowledge that arises form these experience.


We can feel free to make assertions, hold on to beliefs, and formulate opinions quite freely. Yet, it is healthiest to always keep in mind that others are equal in their life potential and that none of s infallible and incapable of being wrong or, at least, not completely right. It is our choice, in the game of life, to choose where we take our stands and where we challenge others. There are no rules when talking to one another about opinions and beliefs, except for just one. If you desire the freedom of speech and freedom of opinion to believe in your beliefs, it is nothing less than hypocritical not allow others to have theirs. You can, by all means, however, tell them that they are full of it if you desire to do so. Violence or any overt methods used to silence other, however, is nothing short of tyranny, and that is the one thing that kills learning, fulfillment, ad the pursuit of happiness in life. This balance that allow you to have your sand them to have theirs is called liberty.

Personal Responsibility

As you have the freedom to shape your own knowledge and beliefs, no one is responsible for what you think as an adult human being other than you. Of course, the life journey includes a whole earlier stage in life where so much of what we think is shaped by others around us. In fact, this carries on in adulthood as well. When we reach our adult years, however, we all do have the freedom to re-assess what we have taken for granted as our knowledge our beliefs. We have the freedom to learn new things and learn form our own experience. Learning about life is not done in a classroom nor from a textbook, although some writing can definitely be fertile with information to think about.

All that is required to embark on a quest for knowledge in life is experience. We all have life experiences, and it is through these experiences that our best knowledge comes form. As we learn about our outer world, we learn about our inner self as well. Only through honesty and humility can we truly learn about the life. As we do, we are all personally responsible for the knowledge that we learn, accept, and the actions that arise form this. Perhaps The Wayfarer Project can shed a little light for your journey, and then again, perhaps not.

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