The Wayfarer Project Is Going Through Another Rebirth

January 6, 2017 in General

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Yet Another Rebirth for The Wayfarer Project

Since the summer, I have been primarily dedicating my time to teaching and developing LWM Music since it is closely related to my profession. Embarking on re-vamping all three of my main websites at the same time was too much to tackle at once. My posts, here, at The Wayfarer Project had gotten too involved in world events and politics again. while many of the subjects I took on were important, they were also not the kind of subjects that TWP was designed to embark on. Dealing with current events and politics are best left to those sites that dedicate to them. That being said, however, the pursuit of knowledge in life does deal heavily with one’s ability to find the truth and to live one’s life with liberty. As such, The Wayfarer Project will definitely continue to spread the word about liberty and sound the alarm about the forces that are seeking to control “the masses.” so-to-speak.

I believe it is more fruitful to deal with concepts relevant to spiritual growth and individual liberty in a more philosophical manner. When one takes on controversial topics and controversial people in the news, it is very difficult to reach an audience with open ears and open minds unless once is only preaching to the choir. I feel that it would be better to open minds by focusing on the concepts themselves and let the power of spiritual growth and individual liberty fill peoples’ hearts and minds such that they can better deal with positions and opinions on their own. In other words, I would rather focus on the lessons that would help someone see the light for themselves rather than engage in debates that are doomed to remain debates without people being willing to open their minds. People are less willing to open their minds and think about topics when the hot button issues are on the table. People frequently just take up the banner for their camp, whether or not they really know if they are in the right camp or what they really stand for in the first place.

Additionally, I would like to talk more about spirituality and self growth. I would not do this from the perspective of a guru, because I am not one, nor the perspective of a therapist, because I am not one. I would rather write about the great deal that I have been learning and just share. Hopefully others can contribute ideas or benefit from my thoughts. I think that the forces out their in the media and the public discourse have really neglected introspection and self-development. It seems more like both the news media and the entertainment media have been pushing people to “think this way” rather than “think for yourself.” It is high time for individual people to work more on thinking for themselves and stop engaging in group-think, and group division. There are too many voices shouting “come together” when they really mean, “you better start acting and thinking like your supposed to or I’m justified in getting violent!”

It is a very tricky time in which we live, and there is a desperate need for more liberty and allowing people to think for themselves, not necessarily “identify” in a group, and accepting the concept of live and let live. We don’t have to agree with one antler nor control one another. Additionally, we don’t have to “come together” either. Let me live my life and I’ll let you live yours.

In the upcoming posts, I will be focusing more on the fundamentals of spiritual liberty, individuality, and self-growth through personal responsibility. These are the cornerstones to civil, free society.