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The Wayfarer Project Site Logo 500x500

The Wayfarer Project is Born Again

After some malware issues had knocked down The Wayfarer Project and its sister sites, The Music of Wayfarer and LWM Music, I took the opportunity to overhaul all 3 websites. They are now kitted out with new themes that will allow them to be better viewed on mobile devices and be better integrated with social media.

LWM Music was the first priority, as it deals with my profession, and The Music of Wayfarer came next as it deals with my personal music, which is related to my profession. The Wayfarer Project is now undergoing its makeover. Additionally, The Wayfarer Project is going to be re-focused once again toward the spiritual and metaphysical side of things. Some of the day to day politics will still be addressed as I see fit, b but at this point in my life, I feel that it is more important for me to focus on my own life journey and the pursuit of knowledge in the realm of what reality is made of and what lies beyond our physical world.

Because this site is being rebuilt form scratch with all new graphics and design, it will take some time before it is full of content again. This should only be a matter of weeks, but please be patient as I turn over take out some of the old material across the internet related to TWP and put the new material in. The Wayfarer Project is still about what it has always been about, but it is now going to be more focused. on the heart of the matter, the life journey.

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