Wayfarer's Adventures

Wayfarer's Wurm Adventure

Wayfarer's Wurm Adventure

Join Wayfarer on an epic adventure to survive in the world of Wurm, a magical, fantasy environment where one develops skills and abilities to survive and thrive. Wurm Unlimited is a fantasy RPG game that can be played online as well as on servers around the world. Wayfarer has started a creative world server and is hoping for a select group of stalwart adventurers to join him i9n the world.

It is a fantastic and very dangerous world. If one is smart and develops one's skills, however, one can survive and even prosper. One can build, craft, and create a 3D world and have a piece of land of their own on which to establish settlements or just to live alone.

If you like fantasy in a medieval setting, then you will love Wurm. This series is meant to be entertaining for both those who play the game and those who do not. If you become an avid viewer, then you might be afforded the chance to join Wayfarer in his world of adventure in Wurm.

New players are accepted via special invitation after they introduce themselves through the comment section on the YouTube Channel.