Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures Season 1

Episode 03 - Building a Large Cart

One of the items that really is a game changer for your mobility in Wurm is the large cart. It can be dragged or pulled by animals. You need the animals to pull the heavier loads. It is best to build the large cart out of cedar. In this video, Wayfarer shows how to build a large cart that is classified as cedar by using only 2 shafts of cedarwood. As with all wooden items in Wurm, the last piece of wood that you add determines the wood type of the whole construction. Since cedar rots the slowest, it is the best to use for a cart .Zorts joins in this episode with his classic sense of humor.


Episode 02 - Crafting an Anvil & Some Basic Tools

Our series continues with more tutorials for beginners in Wurm Unlimited. In this episode, Wayfarer demonstrates some of the basic tools that a Wurm player should make when first starting.. With such a deep game, it can be pretty overwhelming with all the items that can be made. That are some starter items, like the mallet and small anvil, however, that are important to make early on. This is because they open up the possibility of making more items that will be needed if someone wants to make an enclosure or a structure for safety and survival. Also, one should start thinking about growing food early on and an enclosure is a way to protect one's crops. This episode shows how one can also make a chisel and some other iron items that are needed early on. This can even be done before mining for iron.


Episode 01 - Completing the Guide's Tutorials

When one first logs into a Wurm server, there is frequently some starting area set up that has a guide. The guide's tutorial missions are the same throughout different Wurm servers. It is always good to complete these tutorials. Not only is it valuable for beginning players and their learning process, but it awards the player with karma that will help them to build up this important attribute early on.

Witht he guide's missions and this video, a beginning Wurm player will know how to get started and learn a lot of the basics to the game to begint heir path to surviving and thriving in the game.