Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures

Season 1

Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures Season 1

Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures Season 1 begins with an introduction to the game and a series of beginner tutorials to show one how to get started in Wurm. There is no single way that one has to begin, because Wurm is an open sandbox game with a lot of possibilities for one to survive and thrive. The tehcniques explored in this sereis are only suggestions and things for new palyers to try. For those who wish to join us on The Wayfarer Proejct Wurm Server, these tips will refer to starting off in the Kingdom of Jenn Kellon.

These videos will be useful for those who wish to learn Wurm, for those who wish to play on our server, and for those who are just looking for some extra tips and tricks to make their gaming experience better. At this point, most of the tutorials will be relevant to new players, but there are some tips that even a knowledgeable player of Wurm can benefit from.

To join the server, please leave a comment on one of the videos and you will be replied to with an email address so that a meeting time can be arranged to sign you on to the server and make you a citizen of the deed. If you wish to be spawned in at a different location and attempt to survive and thrive on your own, you can. All of the soul stone locations on he creative map are available except for Northern Shores, where Wayfarer's deed is located. If you know coordinates that you have found yourself, you can try those as well.


Season 2

Wayfarer Wurm Adventures Season 2

Wayfarer's Wurm Adventure Season 2 takes the tutorials and the adventures to a whole new level. New players, such as Liera, Romney, Nora and Corn Chips join in the Wurm experience on The Wayfarer Project Wurm Unlimited server. This season continues with tutorials for new players who either want to play on the server or are already playing on another server. Additionally, the viewer gets to see some of the creative projects that some of the other players have engaged in. From the massive mansion and marina of Liera's Folly Farm deed tot he cozy Invicta Point created by Romney, the imaginations of the different players take form in a beautiful way. Zorts spanws in an alternate character, Zortan, to join Nora up in Mol Rehan. As Zortan builds a massive tunnel through a mountain, Nora creates a beautiful deed that is the envy of the whole kingdom.

Wayfarer and the gang add a Twitch Channel to the pre-existing YouTube Channel to add a live-streaming experience. Players of all experiences are still invited to reach out to The Wayfarer Project at the email address below or through the comment sections ont he videos to join the server. You can be a part of the adventure and take part in the recorded episodes and/or live streams!

Who knows what new players will come and join the server. It could even be you and some of your friends or family that will add to the video series!