Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures

Season 1

Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures Season 1

Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures Season 1 begins with an introduction to the game and the deed that Wayfarer has built on his server. The series continues with tutorials on how to start off playing Wurm, especially on a deed. The Wayfarer Project Wurm Server is open to other players who wish to join the server. See information below.

As the series progresses, the topics begin to shift toward the adventures die of things. Zorts has joined the server and he and Wayfarer wish to embark on some adventures in season 2. The season ends with Wayfarer building a corbita to do just that. Now is a perfect time to join the server.

To join the server, please leave a comment on one of the videos and you will be replied to with an email address so that a meeting time can be arranged to sign you on to the server and make you a citizen of the deed. If you wish to be spawned in at a different location and attempt to survive and thrive on your own, you can. All of the soul stone locations on he creative map are available except for Northern Shores, where Wayfarer's deed is located. If you know coordinates that you have found yourself, you can try those as well.


Season 2

The Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures Season 2

In this season, Season 2, the series takes a different path. While some of the tutorials and Wurm learning continue, the series features more adventures. Now that the deed is starting to grow, the episodes will include some of the other players that are joining Wayfarer on his deed. Zorts, the first player to join the server is featured throughout the series.

The server is still open to new players of all levels. People can either join Wayfarer on the deed in Northern Shores. This is especially useful for new players who are still learning Wurm. Those who are experienced players who have made deeds before or even those who haven't may choose to be teleported to other regions of the map. Still others may choose to start off at Northern Shores, get their skills up, build a boat, and then sail the world looking for a spot to deed. The choice is up tot he players. Anyone who is interested in joining the server should contact Wayfarer at: lawrence@thewayfarerproject.com.