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About The Wayfarer Project

The Wayfarer Project is dedicated to the worldview of life being a journey that is best spent in the pursuit of knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge is not about learning various facts or subjects haphazardly without meaning. More specifically, TWP examines life as a journey in which one learns about the self, the universe, and the life in which we find ourselves. The pursuit of knowledge is the definitive journey of learning what we are and what life is as a whole. It is a daunting feat, yet the dedication to the pursuit is a grand reward in and of itself that, depending on the ultimate construct of the universe, pays dividends beyond that one truth that we all face, death.

As the wayfarers of old were travelers who journeyed to distant lands in the pursuit of sustenance and that which life had to offer, we are all wayfarers in a way journeying from our birth to our death which hopefully a very long span in between that we are best served filling with that which can truly be valuable. There is nothing more valuable than that which we might be able to take with us in the great beyond after death. If death is a final end to our experience and life is truly meaningless, then there is no loss in pursuing it as if it were full of meaning and that there is something beyond death. At least with a journey to embark on, we can live our lives with direction, even if that direction changes as we grow and learn. Living our lives for nothing or only that which is certain to be temporary has little to no value at all. Since the only grantee that we have is the life we have right now, with a certain death on its way, we might as well live it to the fullest, pursuing the knowledge of what it is all about.

About the Author

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a composer, multimedia artist, and professor of higher learning. He began The Wayfarer Project originally as a platform for his personal music that he composes outside of his profession. As this music became a journey to him and was a way of exploring his own spirituality and the world around him, he has dedicated this site now to his pursuit of knowledge. As one wayfarer to others, he chooses to share his insights in the spirit of spreading knowledge and discovering new insights that can be learned form others.

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