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What is The Wayfarer Project?

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The Wayfarer Project was originally founded in 1999 by Lawrence W. Moore as the online outlet for Wayfarer music. Several years ago, the music and videos of Wayfarer have been given a new home base at The Music of Wayfarer. The Wayfarer Project was then expanded to include other interests of Lawrence W. Moore. While the music and music videos of Wayfarer can still be found at The Wayfarer Project, this website now includes more.

Over the years, Moore's interests have expanded into may areas, including philosophy, spirituality, backyard farming, politics, and the creative arts in general. With working two part-time teaching positions in higher education, Moore found that his time was being crunched and he could not keep up with the backyard gardening as much as he wanted to and the event-driven world of politics was getting to be to much to keep up with. It also attracted a lot of bad vibes, as people tended to be less and less willing to enter into civil debate instead of ruthless attacks and a desire to censor all those who disagreed with them. At the time of this posting, in March, 2018, Moore has elected to re-tool The Wayfarer Project, overhaul the website, and begin again.

Wayfarer music has always been focused on the life journey and the search for deeper meanings in life. The Wayfarer Project will now expand on these core principles, as Moore plans to utilize TWP to explore the human condition, with a focus on human creativity. The creative arts is a wide world of media through which human beings tell their stories, ask their questions, and express themselves utilizing forms of expression that vary from literature, visual art, music, dance, and many more forms of art. The creative arts, coupled with philosophy are the disciplines through which we human beings explore ourselves and the journeys that we are all on.

The imaginative nature of Wayfarer music is partially fed by Moore's interest in legends, lore, and mythology. While many dismiss these art forms as just tales that are not true, Moore sees them as insight into human creativity, where an individuals, cultures, and systems of belief speak the truth in their hearts, finding stories to express themselves. Stories and tales are therefore a big part of Moore's interests in the arts. Music, is of course, his own method of artistic creativity, where his compositions come to life from inside his heart and his soul. Video is also a medium that Moore explores in his art, as he marries some of his music to videos that, in and of themselves, visual music.



The Music of Wayfarer

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Visit The Music of Wayfarer to find out more about Wayfarer music and to hear more music and see more videos than what are housed here, at The Wayfarer Project.

More of Lawrence W. Moore's Endeavors

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a composer, multimedia artist, software developer, and educator. In addition to Wayfarer music, Moore composes music in the electro-acoustic genre of modern art music. He also creates his own art music videos for his work. He is deeply involved int he development of software-based compositional tools and sound designs. He has a strong love for synthesis in both the analog and digital forms of media.

LWM Music

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Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a composer who specializes in electro-acoustic music and multimedia art. Moore is also a software developer who utilizes his skills to make compositional tools, interactive systems for audio, video, and human interfaces. He is an educator who teaches classes in institutions of higher learning. He maintains his art music and video compositions, software developments, and tutorials for those who have an interest in the multimedia arts at LWM Music.


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Lawrence W. Moore is also a member of the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, which was founded by his wife, Liza Seigido. Psyche presents modern, short operas that include technology as part of the staging and overall presentation. Psyche performance include lighting, video, dance, electronic music, and vocal performance. The presentations are narratives, and thus, are operas in a modern context of technological presentation and electronic music.