2lips - Season 01

Episode 01 - Thought Experiments

In this inaugural episode of 2lips as a series on philosophy and the study of the human experience, Mau & Wayfarer engage in some thought experiments. Also known as "thought paradoxes," thought experiments are a way for the beginning student of philosophy to confront some issues that bring to bear concepts such as morality, human existence, and the value of both. In many of these experiments, there isn't a definite right or wrong answer, but rather a decision one makes that needs to be justified. In these justifications, one will inevitably bring morality and one's personal view on morality into the picture. These decisions are designed to be difficult such that one's morality is stretched and one needs to think deeply in order to claim some sort of justification for his or her decision.

The backdrop for this philosophical discussion is provided by The Wayfarer Project Wurm Server. For more on Wurm, please see The Wayfarer Project's series, Wayfarer's Wurm Adventure.