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2lips is the Online podcast hosted by Wayfarer & Mau (who is named after a cat, not the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictator from the 20th century). This series is designed to stimulate interest in philosophy, encouraging viewers to engage large questions about life, the human experience, reality, and reason. This series takes a conversational approach and exposes the viewer to both the academic study of philosophy and the personal experience side of philosophy.

Viewers are encouraged to engage the series by using the comment section on the YouTube channel. under different videos according tot he topic of the comment or question. While the pursuit of knowledge is important, it is also something that can be enjoyable. Please feel free to have fun with the series and interact without fear of being smacked down for one's opinions. This series encourages constructive debate in a civil manner.

The series is being "filmed" on a Wurm server to provide an aesthetic to the episodes. This also allows for the enjoyment of some beautiful scenery and relaxing nature sounds. We hope you find it conducive to contemplation as well as enjoyment. Life is never to serious to laugh at, evening when discussing the big topics The series will include guest appearances by those who express an interest and take part int he discussions. .

As the exploration of philosophy requires free thinking, communication of thoughts requires free speaking. Comments will only be moderated to encourage civil debate and the pursuit of learning.

Available on The Wayfarer Project YouTube Channel.

Season 01

2lips Season 01

In this first season of the series, Mau recalls the different courses, philosophical problems, and paper topics that he was exposed to as a philosophy student a a major university that is well-recognized as one of the top schools for philosophy in the nation. In recalling this course material, Mau shall be exposing the viewer to what a student of philosophy would begin studying at the university level. At the same time, Wayfarer & Mau engage in discussions that bring such lofty topics down to Earth.

In addition to looking at some of the common philosophical subjects that get explored in academia, the series brings to bear some real-life scenarios that embody some of these mind-bending issues. Likewise, from their own personal experiences and knowledge of the broader field of the humanities, Wayfarer & Mau endeavor to bring some non-traditional philosophical positions forth for consideration. Every single one of us shares int he human experience and our personal experiences can shed insight on even the most lofty of philosophical conundrums.

As far as we know, human beings are the only lifeforms on Earth that is capable of evaluating itself and its place within the universe as well as the breadth of its reality. While we may often times fall short of these lofty pursuits, we nevertheless feel a need to engage them. As we do, we learn more about ourselves as individuals while study that which is outside ourselves. Human beings are a part of this world and a part of this universe. As such, while our individuality is important, we cannot look at ourselves without looking at all that is around us, affecting us and and the evolution of our decision-making and personal characteristics.