If You Don’t Want Hillary to Win, Dump Trump and Go Gary

August 5, 2016 in Politics

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If You Don't Want Hillary to Win, Dump Trump and Go Gary

Supporting Donald Trump is Only Going to Get Hillary Elected

Just so you know where I am coming from, I will say this: If I have to put myself in a box, I would consider myself a Constitutional Conservative/Libertarian. I believe in a limited federal government that stays within its means with more responsibility on state and local government where the people can have more of a direct impact and the governments are closer and more knowledgeable about the actual community and regions they are governing. All in all, I would say that, in general, the less government, the better. I believe in free market capitalism and private property rights. I believe that the people should be able to maintain much of their own wealth and that government should only have a limited role in providing safety nets, not hammocks. I believe that prosperity lies within a vibrant private sector and that government should only be a referee when necessary and should not be picking winners and losers. As far as what are commonly referred to as “social issues” are concerned, I guess most would refer to me as moderately Conservative on some things and moderately liberal on others. First and foremost, I believe that government should maintain liberty and the people in the society should be tolerant of one another, and allow each other to be as liberal or conservative as each one wants. I am spiritual, but not religious, yet, I do have a respect for religion and believe people should be able to practice their religion so long as it does not impede on the rights (not tastes) of others. In this era, I often find myself defending the average Christian in this country, because I believe they get a bad rap from pop culture. We’ve got to live and let live folks. We all have the right to ignore one another and turn the other way when we want to, whether we are offended by blatant pornography or blatant bible banging.

All this being said, I will now proceed to address those who are also Constitutional Conservatives, especially those who are holding their noses and voting for Donald Trump to avoid Hillary Clinton (who I believe is going to put this country through hell and impoverish us) or if you are unsure of what to do because you can’t vote for either. If you are on the left side of the spectrum, I’m not really addressing you, but I hope some of my points do make sense to you and we can help rehabilitate you somehow. For those who are staunch Donald Trump supporters and have been from the beginning, I consider you a lost cause, and don’t even think that you are really reading this far into my post anyway. If you have, maybe there is some hope for you yet. If you are a Hillary supporter, then just go away. I had to hold myself back from telling you where to go, but I really did have a place in mind. If you were a Bernie supporter, then you probably have not read this far either. You guys are kind of like the Trumpsters, just pushing different demands on the rest of us, and in some cases, the very same demands, such as tariffs. Taxing the hell out of me will not change the fact that I can only afford shoes made in China, and with your tariffs, I won’t be able to afford shoes at all.

Why Donald Trump Will not Win this Election

In order to illustrate my point, I am going to begin from a chronological beginning and write in a way that will hopefully appeal to your reason. If you are one of the Trumpsters that I mentioned before, this may be hard for you, but please try. When did we first hear of Donald Trump either insinuating that he was a Republican or trying to sound like a Republican? He was a huge Clinton supporter and Barack Obama supporter up until sometime close to the 2012 election, when he was thinking of running on the Republican ticket, right? How did he introduce the first so-called “Republican” thought he ever had? It was a when he demanded that Barack Obama show his birth certificate. I put the world Republican in quote, because I didn’t find it very Republican or Conservative of him. Sure, there were theories going around about Obama at the beginning, but most people let it go because it seemed too far fetched. I do not know of any prominent conservatives or Republicans who really pushed that issue, yet Donald Trump did. In fact, most of the people who pushed that theory (which actually did originate form the Hillary Clinton primary campaign against Obama) were Democrats who were trying to brand all Republicans and Conservatives as “birthers,” when the overwhelming majority were not. Donald Trump’s “birther” move was not at all in line with what Republicans and Conservatives were thinking at the time. The few that actually gave some credence to it had already dropped it after about a year into his presidency. Looking at it now, does it not seem like Trump was acting like what leftists think Republicans and Conservatives are, rather than how they actually are? Keep an open mind. You will see a trend starting.

As different candidates entered into the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary race, Trump eventually decided not to run, but rather, he went back to continuing his “reality” show on NBC. He did note vocally at the time, that thus far (which was very early on in that race), he was leading in the polls. Looking back on it now, does it not seem more like he was testing the water and dropping some hints for the future? Not only that, he was initially airing some things to see if he would be accepted by Republican voters. I remember thinking at the time that he didn’t sound very Republican and certainly didn’t sound very Conservative when he actually did focus on what he thought the issues were and what his positions were on these issues. this is no surprise, however, as a Constitutional Conservative, I am quite used to hearing a lot out of Republicans that isn’t very Conservative, nor Republican. We have all been pretty much smothered by RINOs and the establishment. Putting more thought into it now, I can clearly see it as a test to see if a run by Trump as a Republican would immediately be sniffed out as a an infiltrate or not and as a test for its viability for success.

Apparently, Donald Trump, and those who were planning a Trump run in the Republican primary felt good about that test period, because in 2016, he decided to actually run, when we all knew that Hillary Clinton was, of course, going to run again because it is her life dream to be our dictator. Was there any question that she was going to run? ABSOLUTELY ZERO for any honest thinker that knows what she is – a power hungry narcissist who wants to establish a hard left grip on this nation with a healthy amount of crony dealings to enrich herself at the same time. With her track record of having never accomplished anything productive in any of the offices she held and a track record of corruption, criminal activity, she and her followers knew that it would be a hard run. The DNC knew that as well. They knew that the primary would be easy, because through super-delegates and the corrupt DNC, she was assured victory no matter who ran against her. Hillary Clinton’s concern was the general election. Yet, this was long ago foreseen and prepared for with the Donald Trump test launch. Donald Trump, who had been a left-wing Democrat most of his life, in the ranks of other leftist billionaires, such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and George Soros, had already been tested as someone who could all of a sudden declare himself a Republican and actually be fairly well accepted by the general public in the base. The only people that could be an issue would be the polar opposites of the establishment (who are leftists too in many ways, but still rather be in control of who runs and is elected) and the true Conservatives, who are good a sniffing out liars, RINOs, and leftists in disguise.

Whatever the strategists thought about how that would be dealt with,, they decided to give it a go. So, Donald Trump initiates his running where he concentrated on a few issues that he knew that the Republican base would be interested. He knew that Conservatives were sick of elected officials running on securing the border and not ever doing so. Hell, the bill was passed in 2006, and it never happened in its entirety. So, Donald Trump did what any politician would do, he went straight for the base, and used his TV popularity and boldness to get him tons of free air time and most of the coverage in the primary. In his first speech, however, if one were listening closely, one could see that Trump really wasn’t very Conservative, but more so, seemed like he was TRYING to be conservative, especially in a way that was more in line with how leftists think conservatives are. Sure conservatives largely do want a secure border, but are fine with legal immigration so long as it is measured for the immigrants’ ability to find work and not displace too many jobs for American workers. Trump did not express himself this way. He just launched out there talking about Mexico purposefully sending us their criminals, building a really big wall, and capitalizing off of those who were affected by criminals who were illegal immigrants. To a Conservative, it was boldly addressing these issues, but in a way that really wasn’t very thoughtful or well put. Yet, many, liked the boldness and the willingness to take on the media. The media did launch attacks at Trump at first, but then they held back a good deal and even pushed and promoted him. They gave him tons of air time, so many people did not hear from the other candidates that much at all.

Conditions were pretty good for Trump too. Conservatives were tired of the bushes, and didn’t find Jeb Bush to be all that Conservative at all. He seemed to even be to the left of Mitt Romney. Marco Rubio sold out conservatives and his constitutions by leading the Gang of 8 amnesty and open borders bill. Scott Walker and Ted Cruz were bright lights, but Walker failed to get enough fundraising, and Ted Cruz was left alone as the lone Conservative. To any true Constitutional Conservative, he was an excellent candidate. He is extremely smart, very clear and accurate in his speaking, and rock solid as a Constitutionalist. Yet, as we saw, more voters were looking for a touch guy who was an “outsider” (my ass) who was, less face it, a lot more well known by the general population who probably can’t even name who their two US senators and one US representative are. those who follow politics knew Ted Cruz very well as a fighter for the Constitutional and limited government who walked the walk, standing up to people in his own party in doing so time and time again. This made him some enemies in the Republican Party. Your average, uninformed person, however, doesn’t know much about him except that he seems gekky, and if he was already there in Washington, why didn’t he wave a magic wand and change everyone else by now? A President Cruz could have done far more than a single Senator Cruz amongst 100 senators could do. People don’t think that way, though.

Anyway, back to the Donald (I don’t say that affectionately). As we saw the primary season go on, we saw that the Republican base was not as Conservative as we thought. they were willing to support big government initiatives like tariffs (taxes on the American consumer paid tot eh federal government), ethanol subsidies (buying votes in Iowa using our wallets to do it), flip flops on immigration while still claiming to be strong on immigration with the dumb statement of “I’m going to build a big wall and Mexico will pay for it” (by making us pay for it with tariffs), flip flops on the minimum wage, declarations of increased spending on the that ol’ “roads and bridges” thing, continued avoidance of social issues, a lack of knowledge that the Pro Life position is not to punish the mother, suddenly not knowing who David Duke was even though he left the Reform Party because of David duke, a Trumpcare system that sounds an awful lot like Obamacare, and the list goes on. We found that some supposedly Conservative thinkers were more than willing to sell out Conservatism to follow the Trump movement. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mike Savage (who never really was a Conservative actually) all became Trumpsters overnight. All along the way, Constitutional Conservatives saw the sell outs turn, leaving a precious few, like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Louie Ghomert standing strong, looking around wondering how many real Conservatives there actually were in their ranks.

At the time, many of us were trying to warn those who jumped on the Trump bandwagon that the media that was pushing Trump then making him look like he had a chance were going to turn on him after the nomination. And, what happened? We can now confirm, precisely that. Now that the conventions are over and the candidates are set in stone, the media has launched an all-out warfare on Trump’s candidacy, and Hillary Clinton is clobbering him. How would Trump put it? “He’s going to lose, and he’s going to lose BADLY.” Trump continues to flail around fighting a gold star family of a fallen soldier, as he is doing all the damage to himself. After the convention, Trump and his surrogates just bashed the hell out of Ted Cruz, even though they knew his speech didn’t contain an endorsement, because they read it beforehand. They orchestrated the booing response in order to try and profit from it. As has been the case throughout the campaign, Trump is very good at bashing Republicans, and mostly does it through lies and personal attacks.

A lot of Republicans and Democrats alike that don’t like Trump think he’s stupid and ignorant. I don’t think so at all. He’s duped most people, and that takes a very intelligent and crafty mind. Trump is not running a horrible campaign right now because he is stupid. He’s running a horrible campaign right now because he has no intention or desire to win. From the time that Trump tested a run in 2012 to see if it would work, through the time of his announcing in the summer of 2015, through the Republican primaries where he bashed the rest of the Republican field with lies and personal attacks, right up until now when he is plummeting in the polls with the very unpopular Hillary Clinton only rising up as a result of people being completely hateful of, completely scared of, or completely fed up with Donald Trump, Donald Trump has been executing a very crafty, well-thought out game plan to elect Hillary Clinton and leave the Republican Party divided, confused, untrusting of one another, and completely OUT OF OPTIONS. You probably have wondered all along, how Trump has all of a sudden become a fighter against illegal immigration when he never was before and even funded amnesty politicians just a year before he announced that he was running on the Republican ticket. you’ve probably wondered why he isn’t Republican on a lot of issues, but seems to somehow think that that’s what Republicans want to hear. You’ve probably wondered why, after so much time, he hasn’t really gotten very specific on his plans, but rather keeps shifting to just a few topics, ignoring other things. You’ve probably wondered why he would change positions on issues form one day to another, like wanting to bomb ISIS one day and then saying that he would leave it to Russia the next day. To an open mind, it’s obvious that Donald Trump was making it up as he went along. It was still smart though. He knew that the Republican base wasn’t as stuck to principles as many of us thought they were. He also knew that a TV personality would draw a lot of people out to the polls that didn’t follow politics at all.

I know a lot of people don’t believe me. Maybe you think that Trump would never spend so much money on doing such a fraudulent run. Many of you think that he would never ruin his reputation for such a thing. Consider the possibility that Trump didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Perhaps he’s doing this because he has to. Another possibility is that after the election, he will come out and announce that he was running on the Republican ticket and he was just saying all this stuff to get Republicans to vote for him. He would thereby blame Republicans for being ignorant, racist, nationalistic morons (like any Democrat would), and he would get to pass himself off as just a good actor. He would then salvage his image in the minds of the left, who are his buddie and the ideology he had been in his whole life. He would be restored as a Democrat hero who helped get Hillary elected and destroyed the Republican Party at the same time.

Even if you don’t believe me that he’s an infiltrate who wants to elect Hillary and destroy the Republican Party, just look at what the situation is. Whether he wants to or not, he’s achieving exactly that.

So, Now What?

Fortunately, there is a candidate running who is a strong fiscal conservative, and advocate for the Constitution, in Gar Johnson. He is liberal on social issues, but it is a classical liberalism. He doesn’t want to bash social conservatives like the Democrats, he just wants to promote tolerance between different views, but that includes marriage equality, which I have no problem with. If you are not comfortable with it, then you have to wonder what candidate you have at this point. Trump’s not socially Conservative. The only socially Conservative position he takes is Pro-Life, and that’s tenuous at best. Yes, Johnson is Pro Choice, and I would have preferred his primary opponent, Austin Petersen, instead. At this point, are you going to turn your back on every other principle that you have to support Trump on his really suspicious pro life stance? It’s not like he’s doing so hot in this race, right now, he’s plummeting out of control, and I’ve made a strong case for how that’s never going to change. Actually, I believe that I agree with Gary Johnson on about 85% of the issues. C

What’s the age old argument? “Oh but you’ll just elect Hillary.” Donald Trump is doing that. “A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary.” A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson. IF you want to blame anyone if Hillary gets elected president, blame Donald Trump. “Oh, but he’s socially liberal.” And Trump isn’t? Gary Johnson is liberal in the classical sense. Donald Trump is liberal in the early-twentieth century progressive sense, and that’s scary. “But isn’t his William Weld a RINO?” He’s actually turned out to be a little more Libertarian than I expected. He’s definitely fiscally Conservative, though, ad a lot of the RINOs are big government and big spenders. If you voted for Mitt Romney, then you can’t complain about William Weld, who is a little less RINO than Romney on fiscal issues and about the same on social issues. “But a third party can never win!” If we keep thinking that way, then we will certify a self-fulfilling prophecy. How well has the Republican Party been performing for you lately? Even when they win, the Democrats get their way because the Republicans go along. You don’t have to switch party affiliation to vote Johnson/Weld. You can still vote in Republican primaries if you feel there’s a chance for a constitutionalist to beat a RINO – although, that has not been going well. The Republican Party will never change if they don’t have reason to. If they have competition, that might be some inspiration to do what they say they’re going to do. If not, then you’ve lost nothing anyway. There’s precious little to hold on to there anymore. But, if you want to stay registered as a Republican, then go ahead. Just don’t kid yourself with Trump. “What about judicial nominees?” Gary Johnson wants to nominate Constitutionalists, period. Donald Trump gave a list of good nominees, but then said the next day that that would be about half of the people he would consider and he wasn’t going to tell us who the over half would be. Isn’t that comforting?

The key is to at least poll for Johnson/Weld right now so that they can move up from 12% to 15% so that they can get in the debates. Then, it is a whole new ballgame. This will especially be true because Trump will continue plummeting. I understand that it is a tough decision. It is hard to trust anyone anymore, but if you ask yourself whether or not you can trust Trump, I’m pretty sure you already have an answer in the negative or not. It’s now down to whether or not you will vote for Trump as the “lesser of two evils” to keep Hillary out. I, frankly, think that they are the equal of two evils. But, I understand if you feel that you have to take the chance that Trump might actually, for the first time, toss Constitutionalists a bone and nominate a Constitutionalist tot he Supreme Court, then go ahead. But, if you continue to see him plummet, in the next few weeks, you might as well go Johnson/Weld, because otherwise, Trump’s dead in the water anyway.

One debate can make all the difference in the world

Sick of Trump and Hillary – Let’s Hear Johnson and weld in the Debates

July 29, 2016 in Politics

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Let's Get Johnson and Weld into the Debates

What’s New to Learn From Trump and Hillary?

Austin Petersen was my pick in the Libertarian Primary, and I was pissed that Gary Johnson got the nomination. I was even more pissed when Bill Weld got the vice presidential nomination. I felt that Johnson wasn’t Libertarian enough on some issues, and that Weld REALY wasn’t Libertarian enough on many issues. This being said, I was EVEN MORE PISSED when Donald Trump bashed and trashed his way to the Republican nomination in a way that showed him and his supporters as thugs who had no concern for Republican, let alone Conservative principles and no respect whatsoever for human decency. As I saw Trump move further and further left on most issues, I could only conclude that people were following him and not principle. As a result, we have Hillary Clinton, who is downright evil as the Democrat nominee and Donald Trump, who is downright evil and similar to Hillary on most issues anyway. I spent last night watching Gary Johnson interviews on YouTube, and found that except for a few issues, I agreed with him on most things. I found it refreshing that he continually answered questions within the scope of what the President can actually do as per the Constitution, and what decisions he would make in choosing Supreme Court Justices. Bill Weld did not give me much confidence on SCOTUS picks and I did not like his respect for Hillary Clinton one bit.

Since Gary Johnson is at the top of the ticket and is a very healthy man, I am less concerned about what Weld says. Overall, I have far more confidence in their in them being fiscally conservative than I am in Trump. I actually, Trump has pretty much assured me that he has no interest in being fiscally conservative as president, just like Hillary. Both seem to want the government to do everything, be involved in everything, spend a hell of a lot, and tax the hell out of us even above and beyond all of burdens we have now with hidden taxes, the non-hidden taxes, and the super high health insurance premiums we have because of Obamacare. The Trumpsters don’t seem to notice that he has backed off on just about all the stands he originally took when he was trying to appear conservative. He didn’t even do that all that well. He was behaving like what the RINO’s and leftists stereotype conservatives as the way his rhetoric came out.

The biggest problem that our country faces right now is spending and taxation. Social Security, Medicare , and Medicaid are about broke and we have more people not working and depending on government than ever before. Both Trump and Hillary want to maintain this broken Ponzi scheme, and have the same solution for it, continue taxing the hell out of us. Trump wants to do this with taxes on us at the cash register via tariffs. Tariffs are taxes on us paid tot he federal government on foreign goods. Some of us can only afford the cheaper foreign products. It doesn’t help American products become more affordable, since our businesses face the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. They can’t lower their prices to compete, so Trump AND Hillary want to take it out on us with the same scheme. Foreign countries will put taxes on our goods in the same way, and our companies will be hurt even more, and will have to do more lay offs and cut more jobs. Trump and Hillary both want to raise the minimum wage. It may sound nice, but it results in prices going up on everything and the people whose wages get raised find that their new salaries only go as far as their old salaries did before after a few months. The rest of us still maintain the same salaries and see higher prices everywhere with no means to deal with them.

trump and Hillary have the same solutions for everything fiscal – tax the hell out of us. The fiscally conservative approach is to lower our highest corporate tax rates in the world so that our companies can compete overseas and compete better here. you will see less jobs going overseas and more jobs created here. This is the approach that Johnson and Weld want t take and have walked the walk when they were governors.

Obamacare is killing the lower middle class in this country. We’re seeing super high health insurance premiums, full time jobs becoming part time jobs, and fewer hours for part time work that is crushing our ability to stay afloat. The Democrats love this, because they want us to go on government programs and stop working. Hillary wants to double-down on Obamacare, and Trump wants to take the “Obama” name off of it and put “Trump” on it while keeping it the same. Johnson is arguing against it and want to get rid of it, finally putting in place the free market reforms that we have been talking about for decades and have never tried, such as making health care policies available across state lines and even country lines. If health insurance would actually have to compete for business, the prices would be lowered. Right now, government sets the prices, makes the policies, and the insurance companies just act like government offices in putting them out there, going broke doing it. We’re paying more, and yet insurance companies like United Health Care are losing billions. Where the hell is the money going? While we’re paying a hell of a lot more or being fined if we can’t afford a policy, the federal government is losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year due to Obamacare costs. I mean really, where is the money going? Wherever it is, you better believe that there are leftists benefitting from it.

Can we at least agree to answer “Gary Johnson” in polling calls to at least get him in the debates? Some people fear that that would hurt Trump. Who cares? Trump’s just as bad as Hillary, just with a different voice. She has a crow’s voice and he has a mobster’s voice. And those who say that Trump’s at least strong on the military and strong in supporting our cops, well Johnson is not weak on those points either. It’s better to use our armed forces for national defense rather than exploring Donald Trump’s ever-changing decisions on who to bomb and invade. As for the police, putting up a show is one thing, but actually working to reducing crime and ending the drug war that is not working is another. Then, at least, the communities that the police serve might be safer. The plice would be better served answering to their communities and local government as opposed to the federal, media-driven race war initiative that is has become. Trump or Hillary would only add fuel to the fire.

Ted Cruz Demonstrates Once Again that He is Man of Principle

July 20, 2016 in Politics

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Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump - Why vote for the equal of two evils?

The Donald Trump Sell-Outs Boo Ted Cruz, the Real Republican

This is the first time since childhood that I did not watch the Republican National Convention. Now that the Nationalist Progressive Populists are in control, it is no longer the Republican Party. For a while now, the RINO Establishment has been moving the party away from its principles, and they are still there, aligned with the Trumpsters, which goes to show that Donald Trump’s claims of being “the outsider,” was all a load of BS. They have a lot in common, their love for big government, their love for crony deals that enrich themselves, and their hatred for the Constitution, Conservatives, and especially, Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is the Republican who stands on a platform of the party’s principles, personal responsibility, a limited federal government, adherence tot eh Constitution, federalism, and the right to life. Donald Trump, on the other hand, finds all these things to be negotiable, and for most of his life, he was against them as he was a strong supporter of the far left and the RINO Republicans who didn’t stand for Republican principles. Now, this big Hillary Clinton donor has the gall to tell us who can’t bring ourselves to vote for him that we are Hillary supporters. Screw you Donald and all of your brain-dead followers. The very same principles that make it impossible for me to vote for Hillary Clinton make it impossible for me to vote for Donald Trump.

The mainstream media loves it: https://www.yahoo.com/news/ted-cruz-boos-rnc-trump-000000503.html

Why is it that the people who labeled Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted,” are now so insistent on getting his endorsement. Why would they want the endorsement of a liar? this is because they know damn well that Ted Cruz is not a liar, and is, in fact, an epitome of principle, decency, and Republican values, all of which Donald Trump lacks. After running such a dirty campaign, full of lies, flip-flops on issues, and gutter tactics, the Trumpsters want to be redeemed. I am glad that Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump and told voters to “vote their conscience.” If we find Hillary Clinton to be so despicable because she is a lying sack of crap, then it is only right to despise Donald Trump for being the same thing. Donald Trump said during the campaign that he would not try to appeal to Ted Cruz supporters, and he didn’t want them. So, why does he think that Ted Cruz should try to lower himself to kiss Donald Trump’s ring like Christ Christie and Ben Carson have? Donald Trump shouldn’t want the support of a man whose father killed JFK, right? Yeah, that was another Trump accusation that rightfully only belongs in the National Enquirer. Donald Trump’s very familiar with the BS stories in the National Enquirer, but has no time to read the U.S. Constitution to realize that the President can’t just unilaterally tax businesses that he doesn’t like.

It is not just the man’s despicable nature that makes it impossible for me to vote for Donald Trump. Trump’s signature issue has been being tough on illegal immigration and building his grand wall. This was the first time in his life that he actually held that position. Before, he has done nothing but benefit from illegal immigrant labor and has funded the campaigns and the PACs of those who were pro-amnesty and pro-open borders in the past. Over the course of his campaign, he has softened his stance on it, and now, who knows how he stands on illegal immigration. At the same time, he has been an abuser of the legal immigration system, hiring migrant workers for low pay instead of Americans. Legal immigration is supposed be based upon keeping families together and taking in workers that our economy has a need for, not just as a way for the Donald Trumps of the world to pay low wages. This is how Trump talks, but not how he walks. Additionally, Trump says that he is going to bring American jobs back from overseas. Yet, in selling his products, he has all of his clothing line, pens, perfumes, and a whole variety of things manufactured overseas. He says that he couldn’t find manufacturers in the U.S. for these products, which was a lie, because there are plenty in all the lines of products that he is having manufactured overseas. What is Trump’s solution for American companies moving overseas? The same solution that Hillary Clinton has. He wants to tax the hell out of the American consumer. Trump is a big proponent of tariffs, which are taxes on products that are paid by us, as the consumers, to the federal government. He also wants, like Hillary Clinton, to punish American companies for moving jobs overseas by taxing them more. First of all, we have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. That is why these companies are moving jobs overseas to save money. Now, he wants to tax them more. They’ll just do more of it! Additionally, who pays for these higher taxes? We do, at the cash register, since these companies then have to raise their prices. This also makes them less competitive with foreign companies, and as a result, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton want to make the problem worse for our economy, our job market, our companies, our people, period.

These are just examples of how Donald Trump is a big government leftist like Hillary Clinton on his TOP ISSUES! If you want to have a long read, I’ll go into his position on other issues as well. Since I want to keep this post short, I’ll only do one more. Yes, Obamacare is a disaster and it is raising the health insurance premiums of all Americans to unaffordable levels. What is Donald Trump’s solution? He wants to get rid of Obamacare and then put in something, according to his own description, that is the very same thing! He just wants to put the “Trump” name on it, like everything else he takes over. This is a man who has been a strong supporter of socialized medicine just a couple of years ago, and his plan, according to the scant details he provides, sounds just like the Obamacare version of socialized medicine that is killing us now.

When all is said and done, why the hell should I vote for the equal of two evils? Ok Trump Chumps, you bashed and trashed your way to barely getting the nomination. So as you lay in bed with the Establishment RINOs, just accept the fact that you’re on your own now. The Real Republicans and Constitutional Conservatives are OUT! It doesn’t matter if Ted Cruz would of lowered himself to endorse Trump, we have no desire to vote for big-government leftists in EITHER party.

Clinton and Trump – Playing the Politics of Punishment

July 1, 2016 in Politics

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The Politics of Punishment - The Tool of the Statist

Clinton and Trump are Both Playing the Leftist Politics of Punishment

There’s no wonder why so many Americans are disengaged and are feeling unrepresented this election season. This is because the two major party nominees are offering the same old left wing crap on many issues. It is not the purpose of this post to go into the similarities between the candidates, but rather, to focus on the similarity of approach on economic issues and the similarity of results that their policies would eventually lead to.

Hillary Clinton, Marxist to the Core

Hillary Clinton is just your average left wing Democrat, and she is playing the standard old class warfare playbook as expected. Clinton is offering the status quo when it comes to the economy, and it can be summarized in one word, taxes. Just like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is focusing on taxing “the corporations,” as any Marxist would. Never mind that the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, beating out even the openly declared socialist and communist countries. It would seem as if we are already taxing the hell out of corporations, and yet, there are still problems? Who would have guessed that. Yet, the Democrat playbook calls for “solving problems” with he same damn solution, punish the earners.

I would invite those who like bashing corporations and business a major problem in this country that by punishing them through the tax code ends up as a punishment of the consumer, hitting those who are not wealthy the hardest. What happens when you raise taxes on corporations? In order to stay profitable, corporations will lay off workers, reduce salaries, and raise prices on their products and services. Who gets hurt by that? The people who work for these big bad corporations get hurt by it, and anyone who actually buys products and services (everyone) also gets hurt by it. Instead of getting mad at successful businesses, perhaps people should think about trying to get hired by them or buy stock in them. The government gets hurt by heavy taxation as well. By raising taxes on corporations, the government takes in less revenue because the private sector as whole, including all the people, are earning less and the tax revenues that the government takes in from the people is less. Likewise, more people out of work means more people taking from the government’s coffers rather than paying into them.

Yet, the left does not care about this. They are not really concerned about taking in more revenue, they are just as happy borrowing and increasing the national debt. What they are interest in doing is winning elections, and since envy and the desire to punish others is a strong human emotion, they play the politics of punishment card constantly. More people on government programs is of benefit to the Democrat Party, because it means more voters for them who want to keep that government check coming in. The more people hurting financially also seems to benefit the Democrat Party in other ways. Not only do they get to enslave people to a government check, they get to keep playing the politics of “people are hurting and we need to tax the wealthy and the corporations” card. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself. The solution for all the woes that are caused by heavy taxation is more taxation, in other words.

Donald Trump the Democrat

Donald Trump has been a life-long leftist that has funded the campaigns of big government Democrats and big government Republicans all of his life. He says that he has been donating to everyone, but he leaves out the Conservatives and Libertarians in his funding. He’s been a funder of big government all of his life, and it is no surprise that he is campaigning on the same Marxist playbook that Hillary Clinton is. It is not the purpose of this post to analyze all of Donald Trump’s policies and demonstrate that he is a left winger, but rather, the purpose of this post is to show how he is offering the same garbage as Hillary in playing the politics of punishment.

One of the issues that Trump is constantly talking about is trade. He, like Hillary, likes to bash American companies for shipping jobs overseas. Of course, like Hillary, he never gets into the cause of the problem. Trump simply states that he will tax the hell out of companies that move overseas or move jobs overseas, jus like Hillary Clinton promises. The reason why companies are trying to lower their costs by hiring cheaper labor is because we are already TAXING THE HELL OUT OF THEM. Remember, we lead the world in how much we tax corporations. Donald Trump, although he calls himself a Republican, NEVER ARGUES FOR LOWERING THE CORPORATE TAX RATE. Hell, his progressive income tax brackets are virtually the same as Hillary Clinton’s except he doesn’t tax the wealthy as much and doesn’t tax people below a certain level of income. Yet, just like Hillary, the government boot will stay on the necks of the middle class under a Trump presidency.

Donald Trump is also a big advocate of tariffs. Unfortunately, Donald Trump never explains what tariffs really are, and in fact, he lies about them. Trump says that tariffs are a tx on the foreign countries who are selling their products int he United States. This is a big fat lie. Tariffs are taxes placed on foreign goods, paid for by the consumers. In other words, tariffs are a tax on all of us, the American people. The tax gets paid straight to the federal government. Advocates of heavy tariffs argue that by raising the prices of foreign products, American products can compete with them. Well, most of consumers try to buy the most affordable items that we can, and raising the prices on products doesn’t make us better able to afford more expensive products! Tariffs just ensure that everything is expensive and out of reach. Many of us will simply have to go without on a lot of things, and many of us are just scraping by as it is.

Putting tariffs on foreign goods inspires the foreign countries to put more tariffs on American goods. As a result, how the hell will our companies be able to compete overseas? The only way to make American companies more competitive in foreign countries and within this country is to stop taxing the hell out of them so that they can lower prices and compete more effectively. At the same time, they would then have money to pay American workers and increase salaries. Leftists would argue that corporations are evil and they would never pay their workers better. Tell me how taxing the hell out of them makes them pay their workers better when the have less money to pay out to their workers?

When Will People Learn?

Once again, the big government politics of punishment come back around and punish the very people that elect the politicians that are running on this crap. When will people stop voting on punishing others and start voting on giving themselves more liberty and opportunity. When will we stop voting for hand outs and freebies and start voting for government to get out of our way and allow us to prosper. In this election cycle, we unfortunately have two left wing Democrats running, and only the leftists who buy this class warfare crap can feel fine voting for them. The third option, Gary Johnson, is much better than the two major party candidates, although he does lean left on a lot of things. Fortunately, on fiscal issues, he does not play the politics of punishment and rightfully does believe that we need to lower taxes on businesses as well as people in the country. he also argues for reducing government spending, which the other two candidates don’t talk about. They just want to spend more and more. When George W. Bush left office in January, 2009, the national debt was at $10.6 trillion. Our national debt is now almost $20 trillion. The national debt has just about doubled under Barack Obama, and no one in the media nor either of the two major party candidates is speaking about this. We are at the brink of destruction, and the leftists don’t seem to care.