A Time of Tribulation – A Time for Temperance

November 7, 2016 in Politics, Spirituality

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A Time of Tribulation - A Time for Temperance

One Grows Weary of Tribulation and Tempering Oneself

A Time of Tribulation – A Time for Temperance Is a piece that I composed for modular synthesis components and video. I composed it in the spring of 2016, and it is a good expression of the conditions that I and millions of others have been living through for a number of years now. The piece is more customized to my own experience, but I know that millions of others can relate. Tribulation is a time of torment where one experiences fear, frustration, pain, anguish, and anger. It tends to be a condition that one is not able to escape form under his or her own will or abilities.

Temperance is the act of refining oneself through self-improvement and picking what aspects of one’s being or life to nurture and what aspects to discard. It is a time of purification of sorts. The overall experience expressed by the piece can be likened to one being imprisoned with no apparent means of escape and choosing to exercise vigorously in order to strengthen the body to take advantage of any opportunity of escape when and if it comes.

My personal experience has been the struggle that my wife and I have been going through financially primarily due to Obamacare, or “The Affordable Care Act” as the Democrats like to call it. Our work hours have been cut at the 5 different jobs that we hold between the two of us and our health insurance premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed. We have been struggling along, wondering when we were going to actually have to consider selling the house and moving in with her parents.

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At this point in my life, right in the middle of middle age, I would consider it to be an absolute failure. As we explore other options of work, we see that the world around us is in pretty much the same shape. Full-time jobs are few and far between, because employers cannot afford to pay for health insurance, and finding other part-time work would not fit with the jobs that we have. The real irony is that the jobs that we have are actually not that bad. In fact, we were doing just fine before Obamacare, and then we took about a 25% hit in our household income due to the reduced work hours mandated by the law and the really high premiums.

In a way, we are imprisoned in this situation. It does not help that we work in higher education where we are surrounded by leftists. The full-time professors are sitting pretty with their big benefit packages and the guarantee of regular pay after they retire in the form of a pension. so, they don’t care. The other part-time faculty range between those who are justifiably pissed off at us and were well aware of the fact that this is what socialism does and the others are just confused and confounded as to how this could happen to them. They are good little Democrats, after all.

Since we also work in the arts, we are, once more, surrounded by people that just love the growth of government because they live off of grants and taking money from the taxpayer. They also just think that Obamacare’s wretched failure is just a sign that we need single-payer. They have no idea that this is a good taste of what single payer is like, except you pay for it and more through your taxes instead of through a monthly premium. Just like Obamacare, you pay through the nose whether you user healthcare or not. Yet, they cannot be told anything other than what they believe to be true, without, of course, having experience with it, except for what they are experiencing right now, which is a good sign of what is to come!

In other words, we are trapped, and if we want to keep our jobs and continue to work in the arts, we have to SHUT UP and keep our problems to ourselves. I’ve lost classes before for not being a leftist, and I certainly do not need ot lose any now Thus, this blog, is my only outlet. We get to sit there, promoting our music and art on Facebook, watching the timeline fill up with the vitriolic leftist bashings of anyone who is not a Bernie or Hillary supporter and we have to keep quiet. All the while, we know that these people doing the bashing are also the ones who are running our lives with their ignorant voting habits.

This temperance grows weary. We are looking for our escape. We know that our art and our abilities as educators are top notch. We do not deserve to be blacklisted because we are not left-wingers. We are continuing to work toward connecting with the wider, general audience, leaving the ivory towers of academic ignorance behind us. Yet, the process is slow. We will always teach and continue to create our art. We just need to find different outlets and fiferent environments to teach those who wish to learn.

Hillary’s Going to Fix Obamacare? Think Again

November 5, 2016 in Politics

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If You Think that Hillary’s Going to Fix Obamacare, You Need to Think Again

People across the country have been seeing their health insurance premiums and deductibles soaring ever since the passage of Obamacare, aka The “Affordable” Care Act. I personally have seen my monthly premium rise from $169 a month 7 years ago to $426 a month for a BRONZE (least expensive tier) plan. This new Obamacare insurance even covers less than the policies that I had before Obamacare. THESE ARE NOT BETTER PLANS! My wife and I have been struggling this year. We’ve already cut our monthly expenses as much as possible and have no more to cut. My wife had to stop paying her premium and lost her coverage this year. Now she’ll be fined by the IRS for the months that she was without coverage. At least the fine is less than the cheapest premiums out there. Yet, what if something happens to her? Even the mainstream (Democrat favoring) media has to cover it: CNN Article on Obamacare’s Unaffordable Costs

Those of us who have part-time jobs (2 for me, 3 for my wife) have also seen our hours cut since the law forces employers to pay these skyrocketing costs for their full-time employees, which it has re-established as 29+ hours a week. Those of us who teach have our hourly limit cut in half since it is considered that we work 1 hour outside of the classroom for every hour inside the classroom. Thus, our incomes have gone down and our costs are skyrocketing.  People are losing their full-time positions and being switched to part-time as a result as well. This is the case with my brother-in-law.

The Democrats Are 100% Responsible for this Law

If You Think that Hillary Will Fix Obamacare, think again! The Democrats passed this law calling it the Affordable Care Act. Premiums and Deductibles Have Skyrocketed since then. Now they say they will really make it affordable?Even Democrat voters are getting pissed off with Obamacare. It would be nice if they would hold these bastards that they voted for responsible for what they did. Unfortunately, many are not. I even hear some people say that Hillary’s going to fix it because she briefly mentioned something about helping with the costs during the second Presidential debate this year.  I would like to tell these people to wake the hell up.

The Democrat Party passed this law in a 100% party-line vote. Not a single Republican voted for it. They drafted the bill behind closed doors, and as Nancy Pelosi famously said, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” This was because despite the fact that their left-wing hacks drafted the law, they rushed it through without ever having read the whole thing. This was, of course, during those two ears at the beginning of the Obama administration when the Democrats held both houses of congress in addition tot he White House. This is also when Barack Obama was going around, promoting the thing, telling us that it was going to lower our premiums by $2,400.00 per household, per year. He also said that if we liked our current plans, we could keep them. Of course, none of this was true. People lost their health plans because the law basically DEFINES what insurance plans can exist and each year, the Health and Human Services office puts out the plans that the health insurance companies have to offer. In other words, it’s government-run health care. The government even controls the costs of the plans and how much health insurance companies can earn. The Democrat Party has no excuses. They are 100% responsible for the unaffordable nature of health care insurance that has resulted from this scam.

So, when the Democrat Party passes such an unaffordable monstrosity and names it “The Affordable Care Act” with all the promises that they made, why the hell should anyone trust them that they will fix it?

The Democrats are 100% Responsible for the Lie

Premiums began rising after the law was passed, and the Democrat Party was lock-step in denying that costs were going up. In the beginning of 2016, I even remember Obama saying that 7 out of 10 Americans were paying $70.00 a month for plans now. Really? It was at this time that I learned that I was going to be paying $426 month, a 100% increase over what I was paying the year before, $217 per month. As I said, what I have is a bronze plan. Yet another lie from the liar in chief.

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that the Democrats, namely Hillary Clinton, began to admit that costs had gone up. Of course she did, she’s trying to get votes. And, of course, she says that the plan needs “a few tweaks.” A few tweaks isn’t going to do it. This plan is a disaster and we need to start over.

The thing is that I don’t even believe that the Democrats want to change a damn thing. A lot of them blame the health insurance companies for the rising costs. United Healthcare had a $1  billion loss last year, and Humana, United Healthcare, Aetna, and several other health insurance companies have pulled out of the “marketplace” that Obamacare created. In many states, there’s only one health insurance company left. In Florida, where I live, there are only two left. So, I think we can safely say that the health insurance companies are not making off like bandits form this. They are, in fact, losing money, BIG TIME.

So long as the Democrats win the White House this upcoming Tuesday by putting Hillary Clinton in the presidency, they won’t have any reason to care about changing the law. They only started admitting that costs were going up just before the election, and if we reward them by putting Hillary in the white house, then they’ll be just fine with keeping things the way that they are. Remember, it was Hillary that pushed Hilarycare back in 1992 during the first two years of the Bill Clinton administration, which resulted in the Republicans taking over the congress in 1994 in a landslide victory.  Earlier this year, she was still campaigning with the message that she was the first to design what eventually became Obamacare!  She doesn’t say that much anymore.

The Democrat Party that is constantly talking about raising taxes on the wealthy and “helping” the middle class is perpetually pushing new taxes on everybody who works. After Obama was r-elected in 2012, in addition to fulfilling his campaign promise on raising income taxes on the top earners, he also doubled the payroll tax on ALL OF US WHO WORK. The Democrat Party has been adding hidden taxes in the form of higher taxes and fines on energy companies. Our costs on everything have been going up because of these higher energy rates due tot eh taxes and fines. This is because everything requires electricity. As costs go up on electricity, prices goes up on just about everything we buy. It is also the Democrat Party that is taxing the hell out of the health insurance companies on every single plan that they sell. That cost gets passed along to us. The Democrat Party HAS INTENTENTIONALLY MADE HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS SKYROCKET THEROUGH THEIR TAXATION OF IT.

In other words, the Democrats intend for Obamacare to be expensive. They’re just trying to suck more money out of those of us who work as they usually do. How is this a mystery to anyone?

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, then YOU are responsible for our skyrocketing healthcare costs in the future!

It is high time that we who have been devastated by Obamacare start holding those who continue to vote for our turmoil responsible for their actions. The news has been very clear, and there’s no excuse. Everyone know that this law is horrible. Now, if people are stupid enough to believe that the Democrat Party is going to fix Obamacare, when it is the Democrat Party that designed, pushed, and lied about this scam, then we can’t let other peoples’ stupidity ruin our lives. We need to wake them up, and that means that we are going to have speak sternly to them sometimes and HOLD THEM RESPOMNSIBLE. If you are a Hilary voter reading this right now, then that means YOU!

Latinos Should Feel Insulted by the Democrat Party

November 3, 2016 in Politics

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You Are an individual, not Just a Part of the Collective

Latinos Should Feel Insulted by the Box that the Democrat Party Puts Them In

What is the first thing that Democrats talk about when they address Latinos and pander for their votes. Yup, you guessed it, “immigration.” tot he Democrat Party, it doesn’t matter how many of millions of Latinos living in the United States are actually naturally-born U.S. citizens or even citizens whose families have been living here for generations. Somehow, “immigration” is the top-priority for anyone who has a Latin heritage. Furthermore, the Democrat Party only seems to have one concern when it comes to immigration, and that is the promotion of illegal immigration and getting those who came here illegally to vote Democrat as soon as possible. Is the Democrat Party not aware of the fact that a hell of a lot of Latinos come to this country LEGALLY? Are they not aware that special favors and “entitlements” for illegal immigration only hurts the wallets of the tax paying Latinos who are citizens or legal immigrants?

The Democrat Party is all about putting people into categories or boxes, labeling them, using the media to define what their concerns and opinions are supposed to be. Much of it has to do with turning people into single-issue voters, and Latinos undergo this pandering every election cycle. As the Democrats push their pro-illegal immigration agenda, isn’t it an insult for them to constantly box Latinos in as somehow only concerned about illegal immigration as if Latino citizens and legal immigrants do not exist? It’s downright bigotry. When I hear the Democrats go into their rants about how the words “illegal immigrant” are incendiary or insulting to Hispanics or Latinos, I think, “is it an insult to Hispanics and Latinos who are legal immigrants or citizens?

The term “illegal immigrant” doesn’t refer to them at all! No, to the Democrat Party, the term “undocumented worker” is the politically correct term. First of all, politics has nothing to do with being correct. Usually, it has to do with lying. The word “undocumented” seems to infer that is was somebody’s fault, somewhere that the person wasn’t documented at some point. That’s obviously not the case, illegal immigration is a method of coming to the country that purposefully avoids any type of documentation based on the decision of the immigrant! Second of all, “worker” implies that all of the people who come here illegally are working. Many come to just live off the U.S. taxpayers of all races and ethnicities thanks to the programs that the Democrat Party uses to lure them here as future Democrat voters.

The term “illegal immigrant” refers to a person who immigrates tot he U.S. illegally. That’s it. It is not a judgement, it is just a description using the words that are used for what has happened. Pro-illegal immigration xenophobes, like Jorge Ramos like to say that there are no illegal people. That may be a nice fortune cookie slogan, but the term we are using describes an immigrant who came illegally. That’s it. Plain and simple. It does exist Jorge. There is such a thing as legal immigration. The only people associating the term “illegal immigrant” to be an ethnic term referring to Latinos is the Democrat Party, who automatically boxes Latinos into a single-issue concern group centered around illegal immigration.

The unfortunate thing is the Democrat Party and the media have people going along with this. The mantra is that anyone who is against illegal immigration can’t be a supporter of legal immigration (which does not seem to exist tot he left – they call it all “immigration” without any distinction), but are xenophobes who just don’t want Latinos coming to the United States. Well, it is the left that are constantly conflating the two. It is the left and the Democrat Party that are associating Hispanics and Latinos with illegal immigration in the way that they go after votes and tell people how to think!

Here’s a good example, using the fiery leftist (and fraud of a Libertarian) Gary Johnson. Notice how he jumps out of his skin over the use of a perfectly logical term like “illegal immigrant.”

It’s Gary Johnson who is saying that the term “illegal immigrant” is incendiary to Hispanics. It is Gary Johnson who is equating illegal immigration with Hispanics. Hey Gary, a hell of a lot of the Hispanics in New Mexico are LEGAL IMMIGRANTS or U.S. Citizens, Many of them from families that have been there generations! Many of them are sick of their tax dollars going to reward those who come illegally who have nothing to do with them!

Latinos are very diverse array of people whose heritage spans a continent and half of different countries, cultures, and races. And here’s some news for leftists like Gary Johnson, not all Latinos are Hispanic! It’s the same deal with any Democrat or leftist. They put everyone in a box. Somehow the doctor who immigrated legally from Columbia has a real special bond with the farmer from Mexico. They are all in the same box to the Democrat Party. That’s the Delete repeated word problem with collectivists. There’s no individuality, and no difference between people who are lumped together in categories. Hell, even two farmers from the same region of Chile could be very different people. To the left, it’s all about socialism and putting people into categories to be harvested for their votes or tax dollars.

This is one of the many reasons why I find the Democrat Party and leftists, in general, to be evil. They claim to fight for people of different ethnicities and races, but they are the first to stereotype people by their ethnicity or race and then put them in a box because of it. they will then pander to them about all the things they are going to “do for them.” With the media going along in lock-step, we’re certainly on our way to tyranny. Divide and conquer. That’s the way they are doing it.

Does the Libertarian Party Regret Nominating Gary Johnson and Bill Weld?

November 2, 2016 in General, Politics

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Perhaps the Libertarian Party Should Nominate Libertarians

Truth be told, if I had to put myself in a box, I would consider myself a Pro-Liberty Constitutional Conservative. It’s such a shame that we have to use more and more words to describe ourselves, since the tendency in politics is for everyone to be boxed and labeled according to type. Furthermore, it is very unfortunate that the left is the entity that seems to make up the labels and put their own definitions on the words that we use. In any event, I’m not a large “L” Libertarian, but I do have libertarian core principles. As it is not a narrow tent, my views are quite libertarian, but in recent years, the party’s numbers have been expanding to include a lot of people and ideas that I disagree with. I therefore remain uncommitted. A good example of this would be the Libertarian Party’s nomination of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld to their presidential ticket for this 2016 presidential election. Of the candidates running, I found these two to be the smoothest, but perhaps, the candidates that I agreed with the least. While they were Republican governors, I found their positions to be that of your average moderate Democrat (something that does not seem to exist anymore). I also use the term moderate kind of lightly when it comes to these two as they could jump out to left field quite frequently and make me think… “And you call yourself a Libertarian?”

In any event, I found Austin Petersen to be the best candidate in the Libertarian Primary for president and Larry Sharpe as the best candidate for vide president. In any event, after Johnson nd Weld were nominated, I was so damn frustrated with Trump being too much of a big government leftist and an asshole, that I supported Johnson nd Weld for a little bit as a lesser of three evils. After a bit, I had to drop supporting them as they were just too close to being big government on just about everything except for the legalization of marijuana and SOMETIMES taxes. Well, it looks like my nose was right, as Bill Weld has just about come out and endorsed Hillary Clinton this week before the election. In other words, he doesn’t care if the Libertarian Party gets 5% to attain ballot access in presidential elections. He doesn’t care about his own ticket. He just cares that Hillary gets in instead of Trump. Wow, that’s dedication, isn’t it?

Some are suggesting that Weld was a plant all along. I was despising him straight from the start as he was always very complimentary of Hillary Clinton in the early interviews after the nomination. I was wondering why the hell was he bothering to run if she was so damn great? I was also wondering why he was fine with her desire to go to war with Syria and perhaps Russia, being a “Libertarian” as he said he was. I also found it curious that somehow, he didn’t seem to take any notice of all the corruption with the Clinton Foundation, the Benghazi massacre, and the criminal activity with her private server and cover-up. So, I wouldn’t doubt it if he was a plant from the beginning. In any case, I think that the Libertarian Party could have seen this coming, and in fact, many of the party delegates did see it coming. I hope they learned their lesson. In any event, it looks like Gary Johnson did not learn his lesson. Who knows, he could very well be a plant too. He never came out strong against Hillary either. At the same time, as one can see in this interview, he doesn’t have any regrets with his campaign. He also seems to look forward to the next election season bringing in more Democrats (mentioned first) and Republicans. In other words, he’s looking forward to more seasoned politicians form the two major parties coming in in a “crowded field.”

It’s not to say that people who are frustrated with the Republicans or Democrats shouldn’t join or be accepted into the Libertarian Party. More grass roots voters who have found themselves to be pro-Liberty would be great. More politicians who want to use the Libertarian Party as a way to influence the general election results for one of the two major parties (usually favoring the Democrats) are NOT the people you want. The trick is to actual see if they stand for the core principles or not. There are differences of opinion among Libertarians, but the promotion of a restrained federal government and more individual liberty should never be among them! Reduction of spending, reduction of taxes, and the promotion of the free market are all core principles. Without them, then the party is not Libertarian at all.

At this pint, I hope that the party does not get 5% because they would see it as having done something right. Well, I don’t think I need to worry about that, the Johnson/Weld ticket has tanked. Now, we at e most likely going to have to figure out how the hell we are going to survive a Clinton presidency with the looming conflicts with Syria, Russia, and Iran. We’ll also have to figure out whether or not we’re going to pay for the mortgage or our Obamacare premiums. And that’s BEFORE all the tax increases that are coming. Goodbye prosperity! Thanks Bill Weld and Gary Johnson! You two are entirely responsible, but you certainly helped, and you both seem to be just fine with it.

Personally, I’m voting Trump. I don’t much like the guy, but I don’t think we have a choice if we want to maintain a Constitutional Republic. The Clintons, the Democrat Party, and the media just about have a headlock on this country and we’re down on the mat. Tyranny is on the horizon, and desperate times call for desperate votes.

Yeah, I Can Vote for Trump – There’s No Other Hope

November 1, 2016 in Politics

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A corrupt, criminal candidate, nominated by a corrupt, criminal party, protected by a corrupt media: yeah, I can vote for Trump, there's no other hope.

Trump – There’s No Other Hope

I have been avoiding politics in recent months, focusing on posts about principles and posts about creativity and the new music I am releasing with my Minecraft videos. I have been following politics, however, and I have been thinking deeply. As this is my blog where I focus on individual liberty, spiritual liberty, and creative liberty, I would be ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room if I were to say nothing before this upcoming presidential election. While it is always said before every election that it just might be the most important election in our lifetimes, I find myself realizing that it most likely is. What’s so horrible about this election is that I do not like any of the top 5 candidates, even though, as usual, the Republican and the Democrat are the only ones who have a chance. As a believer in the importance of the U.S. Constitution and liberty upholding a free society, my views are always more geared toward what is commonly called “the right.” I happen to believe that the checks and balances that are supposed to be the underpinnings of our multi-tiered governments in this nation is probably the most moderate, centrist, and least extreme principles to fight for. Nowadays, unfortunately, growing the central federal government a lot seems to be touted as centrist and moderate.

During the primaries, I was posting a lot, and was very observant and reticent at first to back any one candidate. Over time, I strongly backed Ted Cruz, as I felt that he was the strongest defender of the Constitution and a free society and had the track record to prove it. The trash and burn tactics of Donald Trump made me despise him. In fact, it may still lead to his undoing, as those who are principled Conservatives are still very reticent of voting for him. I chose not to back him after the nomination and was promoting Gary Johnson, despite the fact that he isn’t really very Libertarian at all. Over time, I found it impossible for me to promote him, because he is, for all intents and purposes, just a run of the mill Democrat in nearly all of his positions. Of course, before running as Libertarian he was a Republican governor of New Mexico, but, as many of us are quite aware, there is such a thing as a RINO, Republican in Name Only. In Gary’s case, we might as well just call him a Democrat. It was also quite sickening how he and Bill Weld began their campaign nearly praising Hillary Clinton, probably the most hard left corporatist out there. Why bother running Gary?

In any case, since then, I’ve really been out of the picture when it comes to politics, because I have grown absolutely sick of it, despite the fact that I continue to follow it closely. I leave out all the excess crap, like the endless flooding of programmed topics throughout the media, as the Democrat Party gives them their instructions. But now, even though I have very little influence, I still feel a need to post, if for no other reason, to be on the record in the upcoming future, which, according tot he polls, seems bleak. I have believed, all along, that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the end of the republic as we know it. Barack Obama slammed us pretty hard with Obamacare, the promotion of illegal immigration over legal immigration, massive regulations over the energy sector, massive taxes hidden throughout the economy, massive growth of welfare programs, massive growth-choking regulations that hurt small business, and the list goes on and on. If there is no balance resorted to our governance at this point, and we continue to grow the federal government and the national debt, as we would under a Clinton presidency, then we’re going to have a hard time avoiding becoming a third world nation, much less have any chance for the middle class to recover. With Supreme Court picks coming up, and Obamacare smashing the lower middle class, this country cannot take 4 more years of socialism.

I still hold a lot of anger for sell-outs like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for (although they deny it) wholeheartedly backing Trump in the primaries despite his leftist views on a lot of issues and his despicable nature. Yet now, I am even more frustrated with pious fools like Glenn Beck, who are promoting a Clinton presidency by backing the RINO suicide pill, Evan McMullin. This “candidate” is only on the ballot in a handful of states, and red states at that. He’s just there to try to take votes away from Trump. Normally, I could see principle in it if it weren’t for the fact that it can only result in electing Hilleary Rotten Clinton. The guy has no chance whatsoever, and he doesn’t even have a chance of gaining enough electoral votes to put the decision in the House of Representatives, which is his selling point. As it stands, he only has a chance of possibly winning Utah, making it impossible for Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House. What victory is there in electing Hillary Clinton?

Beck likes to tout Ben Shapiro’s opinion that Hillary would be better than Trump in that the Republicans, if they hold the Senate and House (a big IF), then they would stop Hillary from doing anything. Well they haven’t with Barack Obama, so where the hell does he get that idea? At the same time, the Republican establishment seems quite capable of going against Trump to keep him in check. They’re already DOING IT. Many of those morons are voting for Hillary Rotten Clinton! So Beck and Shapiro are full of crap as far as I’m concerned. Yet, maybe they know that they are and are still dug in no matter what. Thanks boys. Some of us aren’t rich and can’t afford Obamacare! We can’t afford to allow this to go on. Of course, the multi-millionaire, Beck, doesn’t give a crap. All he has to do is get his ghost writers to write another book in his name, and he’ll keep raking it in.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re at the end of our rope, and we have no other choice. Trump is the only one who can mathematically keep Hillary out of the White House. If he succeeds, then we keep on his case. At this point, there’s no use in a protest vote. The RINO Republicans will just think that if Trump loses, we want to come crawling back to them. Some of us didn’t want Trump in the first place, and in fact, a lot of us didn’t. We’re just stuck with him. Yet, many of us, perhaps millions of us are not going to be able to stay in our homes with Obamacare making it impossible to pay our other bills. There’s only so much you can cut, before there’s nothing left to cut except for the vital things!

And Then, There’s the Tyranny

Throughout this election, we’ve seen the left-wing bias in the media continue to shoot up to a new all-time high. Now we need outside entities like Wiki Leaks to find out the truth about the corruption in the Democrat Party, because the media is working overtime covering up for Hillary and the rest of the party. We see how their corruption is endless. We already knew about Benghazi 4 years ago, and it is truly sad how so many people don’t care that that the whole thing could have been avoided if Clinton would have done her job and had the consulate secured AS THEY HAD BEEN REQUESTING. They has multiple attacks before the 9/11 attack. It was painfully obvious that they needed more security. What’s worse is how our society doesn’t seem to care that Obama and Clinton left them hung out to dry in a 7 hour attack without any assistance! They told the cavalry to sit tight and let it happen.

Now, that it is come out from sources beyond Wiki Leaks, just based on publically available information that the Clinton Foundation has been selling political favors for donations and that Hillary and Bill have been selling favors for paid speeches to foreign adversaries and corporatists alike, where the hell is the investigation on this ILLEGAL activity? The Democrat Party has been exposed as promoting voter fraud and starting fights at Trump rallies with the smoking gun tape recordings provided by Project Veritas. Hell, you don’t need to go on hacked emails to go after that! And why should we completely discount the Wiki Leaks information? Shouldn’t it be enough to investigate the Clinton Foundation? Even if it is from Russian hackers, we can have our own government investigate it! Of course, the Obama administration won’t because it’s implicated in it too and they’re corrupt as hell. We are basically living in a tyrannical banana republic right now, and if the Democrat Party gets four more years in the White House, then you can forget about eve holding our government accountable for corruption again.

Glenn Beck thinks that Trump would be worse. Well, let me tell you something Glenn. When it comes to Donald Trump, the media is all over his case. He wouldn’t be able to not wash his hands in the bathroom without us knowing about it. The media runs cover for Hillary Clinton constantly. How the hell can Trump be worse? The signs of tyranny are here Glenn, and you’re on the wrong side! Trump isn’t a great choice for president, but at least we can slow things down, or at least reverse things. In any case, we’ll have a let of a lot more transparency. Besides, we actually have some promises that are pretty good that we can hold him accountable for. With Clinton, we only have BAD PROMISES that will be inflicted upon us. And in such time, yup, Glenn, you are partially responsible. You have a wide-reaching voice, and a lot of people listen to you and trust you. You’re leading them straight into tyranny. Unfortunately, you’re take the rest of us who are fighting the good fight with you.

When You Are Finding it Harder and Harder to Find People to Believe in, Perhaps God is Inviting You to Believe in Yourself

September 23, 2016 in Politics, Spirituality

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When you find it harder and harder to find people to believe in, perhaps it is God inviting you to believe in yourself.

Believe in Yourself – Not a Popular Way to Think These Days

If you are absolutely sick and tired of hearing about politics and the presidential election that is coming up, then I can really identify with you. In fact, I don’t want this post to be about the election, and I am not even going to mention candidates, parties, or issues at all, if can, at all, avoid it. I would rather focus on the thinking of people, and actually encourage people to engage in the art of believing in themselves and allowing themselves to not be coerced into a box of aligning themselves with anything they don’t believe in. But rather, I’d like to highlight how these forces are very present right now, and seem to be stronger than ever. It seems as if you need to be in a box of some kind and be really passionate about some issue or some candidate. Or, at the minimum, you have to be really passionate about hating some candidate. I have to admit that this latter statement is really easy to do. In fact, I have a strong dislike for just about every candidate, including the third party candidates. Yet, I digress, and don’t want to get into that. The main point is, when you feel forces or other people trying to push you into a box, I don’t think that it is ever a good thing.

I hate Candidate A, but I Hate Candidate B More

From a personal standpoint, I have recently found that a lot of people who I admired or at least agreed with, have changed. I’m not talking about my personal life, but rather, public figures. I’m not even going to mention them, because I want this post to remain general enough, that people are invited to think for themselves about what I am saying and apply it to their own lives in the way that they see fit. Overall, I think that many people will be able to identify with me, and I want to offer them encouragement to remain “outside of the box,” because it is, in fact, ok. A very common statement that you are probably hearing right now is, “If you don’t vote for candidate A, then candidate B is going to win!”

Well, technically, there are more than two candidates, and of course, the general rule of thought is that a third party or independent candidate can never win. So long as we keep thinking that way, then we will continue to perpetuate that reality. I’m not here to promote a third party candidate, because, actually, I’m not all that happy with the leading third party or independent candidates either. So, I’m not even going to get into that. I just think it is a good point to make that we are perpetuating the model of “two bad choices” if we continue to follow the unwritten law of never voting for anyone other than the “two bad choices.”

What is just as troubling as the coercion of having to support someone who really don’t like at all because you hate their opponent more, is the fact that you have a lot of people who either ignore their principles, change their positons, change their views, or even engage in lying to defend a candidate that they want to support. You can really find yourself doing this when you really don’t like your candidate, but are just trying to get people to note support the opposing candidate, who you also do not like, but dislike more. This is really troubling, and I want to encourage you to believe in yourself as to avoid having this happen to you.

If you put your mind, heart, and soul into deciding on your beliefs, then you are actually putting a sincere effort into doing so, and that should count for something. I don’t think that it is wise to chuck that away just to try and make up for the disagreement you have with candidate A go away just so you can continue arguing against candidate B. This is especially ridiculous when you find that candidate A and candidate B are really not all that different. In fact, if you think about it, it seems like the media has to work overtime drumming up the few differences between candidates in order to emphasize the thought that there really is a big difference between the two. In many cases, the campaigns do a hell of a lot of that too. You get a lot of stupid statement like, “I support $12.50 as the minimum wage, and candidate B only supports $11.00 as the minimum wage. Candidate B wants people to suffer and I want people to liver their dreams!”

You Don’t Have to Find a Box

Now, I’m not encouraging anyone to not vote. We have to remember that there are a lot of other offices to vote for other than president and many other ballot issues that have to do with our local governments. Amazing how we have a tendency to focus only on national races, or even only the presidential race and ignore that which is closer to home. Well, it is true that the federal government has been continually growing in power and influence over us and the local governments have been shrinking in their affect on us. Funny how we are getting sucked into a “one size fits all” mentality for the whole country instead of wanting decisions to be base don how things actually are around us, or in our area. Well, that’s what this “two bad choices” model leads to. People just start giving up and tuning out. What’s more, with national control over our lies, we find that have very little, if no influence over anything anyway. In many ways, that just gets us trapped in a box anyway, despite not getting lured into the “one of two bad choices” boxes.

Since the presidential choice will be on the ballot, just do the best you can. What I’m more concerned about is the fact that we keep being presented with choices that the overwhelming majority of the people don’t want, and we all have to settle for the “lesser of two evils.” Yeah, we do need to start giving more of a voice to the other political parties. Maybe they’ll encourage the two main parties to shape up and stop being so corrupt. If they see their power being challenged, they might decide to perform a little better. Competition is a good thing. The free market has worked out so well for the prosperity of our country. It’s too bad we keep maintain duopolies and monopoles in our government.

So, what’s the solution? Well, there isn’t any easy solution. I just think it best for you to think for yourself, don’t sacrifice your principles or believe just to fit in a box you don’t like anyway. Yet, giving up and tuning out isn’t good either. Perhaps it would be best to share your thoughts and beliefs and get them out there. You may find that a lot of people agree with you. If the “powers that be” find it hard to push us into their set boxes for us, but also find that we’re not just giving up and tuning out either, then maybe they’d start losing their hold on us. This is especially true when it comes to individual issues. Usually there are more options than just two possible solutions for any given problem. In many cases, governance is not the best solution for problems anyway. You really have to do some thinking and do your homework. Trouble is, finding the truth and finding anything explained without bias is difficult.

Yet, you can also take information form biased sources, just cut out the bias. I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to the news, and cutting out, in my mind, what is bias, and changing things around. As you notice the ways in which different factions lie, then you can take the news, subtract their common lie techniques, and then sort out for yourself what the truth is. Also, sometimes, things get reported before there actually any good information available. Imagine that, the media just going on about things when they really haven’t gotten the facts yet. Yeah, it is constant. Frequently, they will basically tell you how to think about something before the facts have come out, and then insist you need to keep thinking the same way when the fact come out, or ignore the facts to fit how you are supposed to think about it.

It Isn’t Easy, but Don’t Give Up on Yourself

The key to believing in yourself I s to do the work that gives yourself the confidence that you can believe in yourself. If you put your mind, heart, and soul into THINKING and you are actually honest with yourself in knowing that you are searching for the truth and not trying to bend and manipulate things to manufacture a truth, then you can truly have confidence in yourself. You have the ability of being wrong, but if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll learn from your mistakes and face the truth when you find that you are wrong. Doing so will give you all the confidence that you need to not have to conform to the beliefs of others in order to go along. You’ll be able to stand up to the slings and arrows of others who are not getting you into their boxes. You should also allow for the freedom of others to disagree with you. Disagreement is fertile ground for civil debate, but shutting down the freedom of others’ speech is just your need to be right and your desire to cut off the possibility of having someone else poke holes in your arguments. Yet, this is a very common tactic this day and age as well.

One commonality of the “Powers that Be”

In many ways, I feel like we are all being forced to get on a train. We are being coerced into different cars based on exaggerated divisions, butt they are all on the same train, and it’s going the same direction. At least, there are commonalties to that direction. The train seems to be going further down the tracks toward more and more group-think, more and more division, more and more coercion into boxes defined by issues, and more and more government controlling every aspect of our lies from one central location. Think about it, if you went around asking people if they knew who their state representative and state senator (if they live in a bicameral state) are, how many people do think would actually know? Do you know?

The governments that are actually located in your local area, knowledgeable about the area, and most suited to deal with the problems and/or needs of that area are usually the last ones that people pay attention to, and frequently have the least amount of affect over our lives. At the same time, the one, centralized federal government, that keeps wanting to force “two bad choices” down our throats is the one that has the most control over everyone across the country, and is the one we are constantly handing more and more power and control two for those “two bad choices” to wield in giving us “two bad options” in solving every problem. Usually the problems to be solved are caused by them too.

If we want o have louder voices, more options, and more of a direct communication and interaction with our communities, then perhaps we need to start thinking locally again. Maybe that is where YOU can make a difference. Of course, you’ll have to try to get people to get Washington, DC off the backs of their communities in order to do so. Yet, if they want to have more influence over their own lives, then perhaps they might be open to doing so. More and more people are getting sick of the “two bad choices” from the central government. Maybe that’s why the “two bad choices” and the media are getting LOUDER and LOUDER, because they realize people are getting sick of it. Yet, giving up and tuning out will also give them more power, and after all, that’s what it is all about at the national level.

Individual Liberty is the key, my friend. The more freedom people have, and the more they tolerate others and allow each other to be as free as we can be, without interfering with each other all the time, the happier we will be as a society. You can’t do that from one centralized authority with “one size fits all” government.

Creativity – A Window in to Yourself

September 18, 2016 in Creativity

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Creativity is a window into yourself

Creativity Opens a Door to the Inside of You

Why is creativity such an important part of the life journey? Creativity is when you engage in self expression. It is a way for you to express yourself using indirect means, such as visual art, music, dance, and many other forms of expression. In doing so, you can allow yourself to come out into a physical or expressive form. You will find a little bit of yourself in all forms of creativity, but when you create art or expression for its own sake without any other parameters, then you are filling your creation with more of you. It is a great learning tool in finding out more about ourselves, because when we let yourselves create without too many boundaries, we let down the filters that normally are there when we living our daily lives. From personal experience of pain, hardship, embarrassment, shame, and other negative emotions, we build filters around ourselves that hold ourselves back for fear of triggering these feelings again. When we create, many of these filters soften or lose their hold on us. The more we make our expression abstract, the more we fool ourselves into letting ourselves go.

Those of us who work in the creative arts professionally, have other barriers to worry about. No matter what an artist likes to say, the artist always has some considerations in mind when creating. Those who work in academia have their colleagues and departmental politics to think about. While artists in academia will hardly ever admit it, they know that they are judged by their art by colleagues who are, most of the time, in some sort of competition with them (whether such competition is necessary or not). those who work in the arts in a more commercial way need to consider their customers, fans, followers, and other artists who are in competition with them too. All of these forces make it harder, because one has a tendency to put on fronts or filters in order toprotec themselves in their expression.

As it is in relationships, however, it is true in the arts. The more you are able to be yourself and let yourself out, the more you are being genuine, and the more likely that you will fine a genuine audience or set of admirers. If there is something about your creativity that is fun, interesting, and fulfilling to you, then chances are, the more it will be fun, interesting, or fulfilling to others. Putting on fronts or facades is never fulfilling to one’s self, and it is hardly fulfilling to a genuine audience. Pompousness is also a demon in the arts. We always have to remind ourselves that were are all equal as human beings, while we have unequal levels of skill in different things, we are all equal in the human experience. We are all living for a short time on this Earth and are going to die one day. Worrying about pride and being pompous with others is such a waste of time and a pitfall for many foolish geniuses out there. If we are to find fulfillment in our lives, we need to be honest with ourselves and sincere with others. Creativity is part of the human experience, and when we use our creativity as a definition for our own success, then we are putting the value of our lives on the line. No one is more or less valuable than you, no matter how much attention or how many prizes your art receives. To think otherwise is being dishonest with yourself and with those who are potential appreciators of what you create.

As liberty is one of the most valuable things in life, creative liberty is one of the most valuable things to an artist. The freedom to create is the freedom to be yourself. Your freedom ends where another one’s freedom begins. Liberty is a balance. If you wish for freedom of expression for yourself, you should stand for freedom of expression for others. Judgements in art are sometimes necessary when one makes his or her own decisions about the appreciation of any given piece, but as with all things, judgements in art can often be an expression of anger against those who you wish ill. The arts is ripe with the human condition as with anything else, Artists engage in battles with one another, and unfortunately, they lose sight of the purpose. Our self-expression is our time to learn about ourselves and share that with others before we die. It is not just another battleground in which to fight over petty disagreements or fight for control over other peoples’ minds. Artistic expression is an invitation to think and share ideas, not a way to fool, mislead, or harm others. When it is treated that way, you will learn some things about yourself that you will not like (if you have any conscience whatsoever). Furthermore, a thinking audience will also learn those not-so-good things about you as well.

Individual Liberty – Let’s Set Each Other Free

September 18, 2016 in Politics, Spirituality

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Liberty - Lets Set Each Other Free

Liberty – A Very Misunderstood and Unappreciated Word

Yesterday was U.S. Constitution Day, and as usual, it comes and goes with little or no fanfare. While our government continues to go beyond its limitations as set down by the Constitution, the document becomes less appreciated by the public. Another word that doesn’t seem “cool” anymore is the word “liberty.” The funny thing about it is that most people don’t seem to know what the word means. Some people think that it just means “freedom” or is just some generic “patriotic” word. Liberty is the balance of freedom between the people in a population. Just as it is often symbolized by a set of scales, the word is about equal rights across a population such that each person’s individual freedoms are maximized and only limited by the freedom of others. the simple, and obvious examples is that you do have freedom, but you do not have the freedom to infringe on another’s freedom. Finding this balance can be a little complicated when looking at specific issues and circumstances, but what should be simple is that people should know what the word means and want to maintain and preserve it.

More specifically, the founding documents that are the bedrock for the United States of America, the declaration of independences and the U.S. Constitution are centered around the concept of a restrained federal government, the peoples’ participation with and control over that federal government, and individual liberty for the people. At the time of the founding, the country’s greatest sin was that these ideals were great, but were not being extended to African Americans throughout the country. While there are other bad parts of the country’s history, this initial sin is often the cause for people to disregard the country’s founding documents and the founding fathers as a whole. The fact that the country did not live up to its founding ideals at the inception of the country does not make the ideals wrong. It makes the act of selectively ignoring these ideals wrong. Is it not somewhat ironic today, that this very same problem is the one that comes up as people once again, want to disregard these ideals thinking that somehow they are rejecting the sins of the founders when, in reality, they are repeating them in some ways by ignoring the very same ideals. The idea of individual liberty, itself, is one that should be cherished by each person. This ideal is what calls for you to be treated equally with regard to the law, opportunity, and personal freedoms as anyone else, while maximizing these freedoms and only limiting them for the sake of protecting other peoples’ rights in balance with your own.

We also have to remember that while there were founding fathers who were slave owners, the majority of the framers of the Constitution were not slave owners, and in fact, there were a good number of framers who were already early abolitionists who were against slavery. Having just survived a war with the greatest military on the planet at the time, the new country could not divide itself and survive. The abolitionists did, however, did put the 3/5 clause in the U.S. Constitution in an effort to bring down the practice of slavery. Some people are under the misunderstanding that the 3/5 clause was written to establish that the slaves were 3/5 of a person in some sort of personal value in order to justify slavery. This couldn’t be further form the truth. Those who wanted to end slavery did not want the slave states to acquire more members in congress and in the electoral college by counting their slaves as part of their population in the census. The amount of representatives that the states receive in congress is base don’t heir population and the same is true with the number of delegates each state has in the electoral college. those who were fighting to end slavery wanted the free states to have more representation in congress and in the electoral college so that they could OVERTURN SLAVERY. In fact, they really wanted the slaves to be counted as 0 in the population, but had to comprise with 3/5 or lose the country altogether. If the country was not formed, then the states where slavery was illegal would have had no power over the separate governments of states where slavery was legal.

The United States has good history and bad history. The idelas set forth in our founding documents are not part of the bad history. It was ignoring these ideals that cause bad history to happen. Everyong needs to read the Delcaration of Indpenedence and the U.S. Consitution for themselves. If you need a dictionary, then use one. If you want to do audio book, then do it. There are plenty of free copies of both documents out there in text and audio form. Librivox.org is a source for a free, legal, audio recording of botht the U.S. Consitution, its amendments, and the Delcaration of Independence. There are also many other historical resources there. Always be careful about opinion books or even books that state that they are history, when in fact, they are laced with opinion and mischaracterization. You always have to think for yourself. Reading original sources is always that best. In this way, you can get at the truth for yourself.