Trump’s Pathway to Defeat Has Already Begun

May 4, 2016 in General

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Trump - Another Republican in Name Only... Another LOSER

The Slaughter of Donald Trump Has Already Begun

One day after finally becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump’s inevitable loss to Hillary Clinton has already begun. Now that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race, Donald Trump has a clear path to becoming the Republican nominee, although he is still over 200 delegates short of reaching the required amount of 1,237 delegates. Just limping out of the primary process that nearly went all the way, Trump has already taken his hard left turn to his normal state of being a left-wing Democrat. Yet, in a race between two Democrats, one who is running as a Democrat and one who is running as a Republican, the actual registered Democrat has continually one, especially in recent times. Noted RINOs John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Bob Dole had all gone down to defeat in the past few decades, and didn’t stand much of a chance. Even the semi-RINO George W. Bush had problems in 2000, when he failed to win the popular vote. Not since the true Conservative, and real Republican, Ronald Reagan, has the Republican Party won a general election with conviction. Reagan one two landslide elections, and even won an unheard of 49 out of 50 states in his re-election bid. Determined to lose, the Republican Party continually ignores its real Republican base and nominates big-government leftist cronies to be its nominee. This is usually done by outspending the Conservatives in the race with hefty donations from its crony donor class, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where big business and government go hand in hand. The Democrat Party does the same thing, but the continually put on the show of “helping the little guy” anyway, and somehow they achieve great success as their supporters continually believe, despite the promise never being fulfilled. They always succeed in smacking down the little guy so that he stays right where he is, ever-hoping that the Democrat Party will save him. Yet, why should they? If they keep people desperate and dependent, they keep their voting block in tact. The drone-like Democrat voter has yet to figure it out.

This election cycle, the RINO establishment knew it had to put on a show to keep the base from rejecting is obvious RINO candidates. Donald Trump was the perfect fit. Donald Trump’s style fit the stereotype of what the Washington elite thought of the Conservative Republican base. He was loud, ignorant, full of one-liners about making America great, and could constantly through out over-simplistic and ignorant calls for “build a big, big wall and make Mexico pay for it” and “ban all Muslims.” Trouble is, too many Conservatives initially fell for it. Those who have remained Trump supporters have totally given in to the elitist stereotype of a Conservative and have left their ideals of a limited federal government, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and fiscal restraint as Donald Trump stands for none of these. Instead, many have chosen to follow this new fad and have succumb to a rather ineloquent, but somehow charismatic leader. Most Conservatives, however, remained supporters of the true Conservative, Ted Cruz. Moderate Republicans split their votes among many candidates and even Conservatives were split for a long time between Carson, Rubio, and Cruz. By the end, after a crowded field of candidates diluting the vote, Donald Trump limped through to a state of being the presumptive nominee with less than 40% of the vote.

Trump’s eventual success came slowly, but it came from a scattered electoral process that he often whined about, as he benefitted from it the most. States like Florida have a winner take all result, where after getting 40% of the vote, Trump got 100$ of the delegates. some states, like South Carolina and Indiana (the deciding state for Trump’s success) have open primaries, where Democrats could vote. Trump’s old-school, Andrew Jackson Democrat-like positions and manner got him a bunch of Democrat supporters who crossed over and who, in some states, even switched parties to vote for him. Many other Democrats voted in the Republican primary because they knew their Hillary would win anyway in a Democrat primary process that has the Washington elite, super delegates outweighing the popular vote, and they knew that putting Trump over the top would give their pick, Hillary Clinton, an EASY victory.

An Immediate Hard-Left Turn the Day After

Just one day after Trump has become the presumptive nominee, he has already veered hard left. Despite what he said during the primary campaign, he now announced his support for raising the minimum wage. While tot he simple mind this means higher wages, those of us who have studied the subject and have learned from the past know that a sharp hike in the minimum wage will lead to higher prices and costs on EVERYTHING as well as higher unemployment as companies strive to somehow pay twice as much as they did before for employees who are unskilled, doing unskilled tasks. In some cases it leads to machines replacing the work formerly done by human beings. Overall, however, those who see an increase in their minimum wage salaries will, after a few months, find that the increased prices and costs on everything render their new income level to being no better than their previous income level since the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, and the new costs are eating up their wages just as much as before, if not more. At the same time, many people who do not have minimum wage jobs, but have salaries that are low annual salaries or are per-job-based pay find that costs and prices are skyrocketing around them and their wages haven’t gone up at all. In any case, it’s a Democrat ploy to get votes and it only leads to more pain later on. The real answer is to relieve the costs on businesses so that they hire more and that better paying jobs become available. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, what the hell do we expect?

Trump, being a leftist throughout his life, right up until he pretended to become Conservative in order to run in the Republican primary, has already been moving to the left on a lot of his positions. He dis going to do so with more fervor now, as he has announced that his plan is to get Bernie Sanders’ supporters since Hilary will clearly win the nomination there on the Democrat side. soon he will be tossing out freebies that aren’t really freebies to get votes. All of this will be in vain. Why should Democrats vote for a sort of Democrat, when the official Democrat, Hillary Clinton, is peddling the same garbage? At the same time, that 60% of Republicans who didn’t vote for Trump have no reason to do so as it become is clear he is no better than Hillary Clinton anyway.

And the Slaughter Has Already Begun

Throughout the primary season, after an initial cold reaction to Trump’s first stances on immigration (which he has changed on – going left), the mainstream media has become more supportive of Trump, as they could see that he would be an easy defeat for Hillary Clinton. Yet, this brief love affair of convenience is now no longer necessary, they can fully bach Donald Trump between now and November and demolish him. Boy, does Trump have a lot that can be demolished. This won’t be like the usual assault on Republicans that the media left engages in constantly. This time, their acusations of racism, masogony, elitism, and bigotry actually have some element of truth to them. Trump will still have his fans at FOX News, that has such finished patting itself on the back for trashing Ted Cruz out of the race and electing their boy, but, as usual, that won’t mean anything. For the first time in 14 years, CNN is now beating FOX in the prime time ratings as real Republicans and Conservatives have left them behind. The Donald Trump world is getting smaller and smaller as he trashes and insults more and more people.

This inevitable turn on Trump was made very clear today as a new CNN/ORC poll has Trump losing to Hillary 54% to 41%, which is a margin far larger than the Romney and McCain loses to Obama. Trump had already been losing to Hillary in many previous polls throughout the election season. While Ted Cruz had faired much better than Trump in similar polls throughout, the FOX News propaganda outlet and the mainstream media have cherry-picked results and reported the opposite.  In this “year of the outsider” as they call it, isn’t it funny how we’re getting the same old crap?


Clinton vs. Trump – Once Again, Democrat vs. RINO Equals Democrat Victory

May 3, 2016 in Politics

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Which big-government, big-spending, lying loudmouth do you prefer?

Clinton vs. Trump – Which Big-Government, Big-Spending, Lying Loudmouth do You Prefer?

Well, Indiana has decided for us. We are going to maintain the status quo of having a presidential election between a Democrat and another Democrat who calls himself a Republican. This is what happens when you have states like Indiana, South Carolina, and several others who allow Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. They are going to vote for their party’s interests. In this case, they know that Hillary Clinton will clobber the hell out of the loudmouthed dumbass, Donald Trump. Hell, in the rare chance that Donald Trump would win, they could feel comfortable that he will “make deals,” as he calls it with the Democrat leadership he people he has been funding and getting elected throughout his life, and advance a leftist agenda. The only requirement would be that the Trump name would be stamped on everything. Because, when you get right down to it, that’s the one and only thing that you can rely on with Donald Trump, he is his own biggest fan. Yet, he does have a substantial an base of drones that will follow him off a cliff if need be. That’s exactly where we are going with either a Clinton or a Trump running the show.

The Trumpsters are in for a rude awakening

All across the country, there are little pockets of Trump drones that are cheering out loud tonight for their dear leader. Yet, they have no idea the rude awakening that is coming for them. First, with the Republican nomination wrapped up, they will soon find that they will have a really hard time unifying other Republican voters behind them. First of all, conservative who are truly Conservative are not going to vote for Donald Trump. T They rightly see that he is no better than Hillary Clinton. Both are big-spending, high-taxing, government-growing leftists that will skyrocket our national debt even beyond the stratosphere that Barack Obama has put it in. Many Trumpsters will have a rude awakening even if Trump does somehow with the general election when they find out the Donald Trumps great wall will have a big huge door in it, like h promised, and millions of illegal immigrants will be streaming in as newly legalized immigrants as per Trump’s declaration that anyone going through he door will as legal they only have themselves to blame because he HAS BEEN SAYING THAT while they have their ears closed during their worship services of the great big loudmouth..

In fact, in the most likely scenario of a Trump loss, in order to save face and put the blame for losing somewhere else, Donald Trump will through his primary supporters under the bus. He will say that he didn’t believe have most of the crazy stuff he had to say to get elected, he just needed to say all that crap in order to get the Republican base to vote for him. In case you haven’t noticed, Trump has been taking positions in a way that fits the Democrat Party’s stereotype of Republicans. He doesn’t just say that he was going to stop illegal immigration. He says that he’s going to make a “big, big wall.” He doesn’t just say that he’s going to limit immigration from countries with high rates of terrorism, he says he’s going to put a ban on “all Muslims .” He doesn’t denounce the endorsement from former KKK member, David Duke, before the South Carolina and Alabama primaries. He pretends like he all of a sudden didn’t know who he was for a day, and sent out a dog whistle to racists in the south. He continues to compare himself to Andrew Jackson, the first DEMOCRAT President. Of course, Jackson was a racist, slave-holding, slaughterer of Native Americans above and beyond any other President in U.S. history. In all cases, Trump, in an effort to reach out to so-called Republican base voters, he has been speaking and acting in a way that befits the Democrat stereotype of Republicans, not in a way that Republicans actually are. This is why he only has 38% of the vote from the Republican primaries and has been taking a really long time in trying to seal the deal. This kind of extended primary with the leading candidate taking so long to try and stumble across the finish line is truly unusual. This is because Trump is doing a hell of a lot worse than he pretends to be.

Now What Will Trump Do?

Trump is going to go left now, and try to let people forget about his initial positions, and he will continue to soften his stance on illegal immigration. Let’s face it, in 2014, when immigration was the hot topic in the Senate, Trump funded Mitch McConnell, the RINO and the Democrats. He was funding the pro-amnesty side of the battle, as Ted Cruz stood against the Gang of 8. Let’s face reality, Trump has always been an amnesty guy and still is. He just needed to pretend otherwise to get votes in the Republican primary. He’s going to be past that now. Now, he’s going to be himself again, a big-government Democrat, and many of his stupid followers are going to still follow him even after he drops their positions and moves left. As he does so, he will have to throw some of those frauds who were Conservatives who jumped on the Trump bandwagon under the bus. Trump has already been announcing that he is going to be getting the support of Bernie Sanders voters. I don’t suppose he would have to throw some hand outs and taxpayer-funded goodies their way to get their votes, now would he? Of course he does and HE WILL. Trump has been bashing Ted Cruz and his supporters right up until the end with vitriolic, hate-filled, personal attacks. He wouldn’t have done so if he thought he was going to pursue their votes after this. Trump wants the Commies in his tent. hell, it makes sense. Trump is big government, and the world revolves around him. Socialists and communists want big government running everything. They would be a match made in heaven, especially with all the rioting the different supproters could do.

Tiem to Go Third Party

The Republican Party is no longer a viable party for those who actually believe in the Republican platform. Those of us who are supporters of the Constitution and supporters of a small federal government with individual liberty an personal responsibility will hav eto go elsewhere. Election after election, for 32 years now, we have not had a choice ont he presidential ballot for the general election who has been a real Republican. If the Republican party wants to be Democrat Party 2.0, then we need to go elsewhere. It has been a third of a century, and I think it is about time that we give up on the GOP. It is certainly hard to bold up a third party, but let’s fact it, we have lots of numbers. It’s hard to do it at the state, local, and national levels, but let’s face it, we are going nowhere in the Republican Party and we have been wasting precious time. Te United States of America doesn’t have any more money or room to grow debt to continue this way. We have to see the imminent collapse of our quiz-socialistic ways and do something about it NOW!

Indiana – The Fate of the Republic Rests in Your Hands

April 28, 2016 in Politics

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Donald Trump is a bigger RINO than the average establishment RINO.

Indiana, You Can Save Us from Having to Choose Between Two Disasters

We are coming to the end of a long primary season, and both political parties have been undergoing upheaval in which many of thee people who belong or believe in the ideals of either party are fed up with how that party has been governing and how the majority of our governing officeholders are so out of touch with the people and what they are doing to us. As a believer in the U.S. Constitution, individual liberty, personal responsibility, less centralized government, lest wasteful government spending, less debt, less job-killing regulations, less social manipulation, and less just about everything from government, I am like most others who believe in Conservatism, I am fed up with the Republican Party not standing up for its own stated ideals, many of which I listed above. We are sick and tired of the Washington Cartel lumping more and more burdens upon us, squeezing our hard earned money out of us, and constantly ignoring us, if not outright insulting us. I am tired of each primary season ending with some Republican in name Only being the lesser of two evils winding up as the Republican Party nominee. I am extremely disappointed this season in that we are nearing the end of our primary season and we are seeing the SAME DMAN SCENARIO  HAPPENING AGAIN. About 38% (the minority) of Republican primary voters have selected a man who proclaims himself to be an “outsider” who is a Conservative Republican and who is, in actuality, just as much of a name-only Republican as John McCain, Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, and George W. Bush, only a lot less well-spoken and a lot less graceful. Sorry Trumpsters, but those of you who at least think you are Conservatives, you have been suckered big time. Those of you who are big government leftists should be quite happy with yourselves. If any of you do not want to be living in a third world country with a tyrannical central government have been suckered, whether it be led by the more likely Hilary Clinton or the lot less likely Donald Trump.

I Gave Mr. Trump a Chance

When Donald Trump first announced for president, I was in the same position as many conservatives were. I was wondering who would be the best REAL REPUBLICAN to select as the nominee. I was already closed to Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Cris Christie, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Huckabee, because I had enough primary knowledge of them to know that they were RINOs and despised conservatives and were whole-hearted supporters of illegal immigration, big government, government-run healthcare, high taxes, corporate welfare, and all the other laundry list items that are the hallmarks of both the RINO establishment and the Democrat Party. I already had been quite knowledgeable about Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Marco Rubio. Because of Rubio’s whole-hearted support for illegal immigration, I had already wrote him off as a “no,” although he was better on other issues. I just couldn’t take the backstabbing turn he took on supporting illegal immigration, and as a Floridian who voted for him, probably never will forgive him for it. I wasn’t hot on Carly Fiorina, although she sounded a lot better as she went on. I did get a little wary of her when many RINOs took a look at her after the prime time debate she participated in. At that time, I was a supporter of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump as good possibilities. Unfortunately, Scott Walker had already dropped out by then.

After Donald Trump announced and through the first few debates, I had thought of him as a pretty good secondary possibility. I thought Ted Cruz and Ben Carson were the strongest, although the light faded early for me as far as Carson is concerned, because he started diving some pretty weird, illogical responses to important questions, such as not agreeing with striking Afghanistan after 9-11. I thought that that was the logical response since that was where Osama Bin Laden and Al-Kaeda were located. I also didn’t like how he didn’t seem to know some facts that anyone running for president should know, and that I, as a musician, actually did know. I had, however, a few misgivings on Donald Trump because he really didn’t speak in many specifics and spent most of his campaign speech time speaking about himself and the story behind him running than on things he wanted to do. I also heard some things that worried me in his speeches, such as personality as president putting taxes on specific businesses moving their manufacturing overseas. It’s not that want them to move overseas, but I know clearly that the U.S. Constitution does not give the president such power to just declare taxes on his own. I also didn’t like his thuggish tone in making such threats. I also didn’t like times when he referred to many of us as “you conservatives,” when he was professing to be one.

As with many who pay attention to politics, I knew that Donald Trump was pretty much a hard core leftist Democrat in the past, and was even a big supporter of Barack Obama for the first few years of his presidency. This worried me greatly, but I was prepared to accept that perhaps he had change his views. As time went on, I got more and more worried by many things that Donald Trump said. After declaring his stance on building a “big big wall” (which I thought was good, but a little simplistic – security requires more than that), Trump soon started saying how he wanted to have a “big huge door” in the wall for legal immigration. Sure, legal immigration is fine, if well-managed and I’m all for it, but the word “big” and “huge” were troublesome to me. Then when he stated that everyone would be able to go back to their home countries and then get amnesty to come back and be put on a path to citizenship pretty much right away, then I started realizing that this guy was pulling the same trick that RINOs always do. They are firm on immigration when running, and then they become open borders promoters and full-throated supporters of illegal immigration in office.

As Trump continued his campaign and started trashing Ben Carson in a personal way, I found it disgusting. When Donald Trump started trashing Ted Cruz with false accusations, personal attacks, name calling, and on and on… I knew that this guy who I thought was distasteful was really a lying asshole. That solidified my support for Ted Cruz, since I had already been studying him and was well aware of the fact that the attacks from Trump and Rubio were false. I had liked Ted Cruz all along, but was only worried that perhaps his stiff personality might be a detriment to being elected in the general. Yet, I was confident that Cruz was the best candidate to have run for the presidency since Ronald Reagan and agreed with him on everything. As I studied even more about Cruz and saw how his debating skills were excellent and bar-none were the best in the debates, I only got stronger and stronger confidence in him. As the primary season went on, it became clear that Ted Cruz had a real shot, and I was all in.

Donald Trump just went further and further downhill for me. He has the maturity of a 14 year old brat, and the mind of an ignorant putz. As it became time for more specifics, he was unable to deliver them. As it became time for Trump to start making clear policy statements that had substance, I got sick and tired of the same old one liners and bumper-sticker statements. I also got very frustrated with his vicious, personal (not policy-based) attacks with the other candidates. When Donald Trump, in a Sunday interview, pretended like he didn’t know who David Duke was, I was at the point where I could have no comfort in voting for the guy in the general. I despise Hillary Clinton nd pretty much every Democrat politician with every fiber of my being, but Donald Trump turned out to be, for me, just as evil! As Since Trump repeated the name David Duke back in the interview, I knew his excuse of having a faulty earpiece was BS. I knew at that point, the evil Democrat lie that Republicans are racist had some truth to it with Donald Trump! In this refusal to denounce David Duke, I couldn’t find any way to defend Trump’s behavior.

At this point, after all of the lies, the immaturity, the thuggish behavior, and the outright support of a lot of left-wing policies (which I will list below for you deniers), I am at the point where I cringe just as much when I hear this bastard speak as when I hear Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders speak. Hell, it’s one thing to vote for the lesser of two evils, but at this point, it’s getting pretty damn ridiculous with Donald Trump. I am at the point where I don’t think he’s any better than Hillary Clinton. Hell, he was her biggest supporter for over a decade and has been giving her a hell of a lot of money to get elected ever time she ran for an office, right up until now.

Donald Trump is a Big Government Leftist

I know that the Trumpsters out there are mind-numbed drones and don’t pay any attention to logic in their slavish following of “The Donald,” but I am hoping there are still a few undecided Republican primary voters out there that do have open minds and do respond to logic and rationality. Here’s a list of reasons why I believe, like MANY MANY other conservatives, that Donald Trump is a big government leftist.

  • Donald Trump praises Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, the three leading left-wing Democrats in the congress. They are despicable leftists that constantly grow government, crush the middle class with taxes and Obamacare, and are vitriolic haters that constantly call anyone who disagrees with them or Barack Obama racists. Donald Trump not only says he will make deals with them (like Jon Boehner and Mitch McConnell), he had been a big donor to their campaigns! Just doing business? Buying favors form despicable politicians like these? That’s what insiders do! Hello! By the way, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are not in his state nor district, so what favors did they do for him? Can’t anyone ask Donald Trump what favors he received for his payments? By the way, the buying of favors from elected officials is a felony.
  • Donald Trump supporter the bailouts of 2007-2008, and in fact, said at the time that they weren’t big enough. that’s not Conservative! Oh, that was 7 years ago, right. Trump is 70 now, and he was 63 then. I think he was old enough to know better if he really did have some semblance of Conservatism in him.
  • Donald Trump also came out in favor of single-payer during the Obamacare debates, when the Democrats were trying to ram that down our throats. What? That was 6 years ago. That wasn’t that long ago folks, and single-payer is hard core socialism. What made him see the light? Actually, his answer is only that it’s too late to go single payer now. He doesn’t even say that he changed his mind on it or doesn’t support it anymore. He just gives an excuse for supporting Trumpcare now, and what the hell will that be? So far, the individual mandates would stay according to Trump. He also argues that it should be universal, in that everyone is paid for… except for those of us who work and pay taxes. We have to pay. There already is Medicaid, why the hell does he need something in addition tot hat? Because he wants to expand entitlement programs and get more people dependent on government, giving up their jobs, and just living off the rest of us EVEN IF they can work. He argues that “you can’t have people dying in the streets.” Hospitals treat EVERYONE as it is. No one is ever left to die in the stets, and they NEVER WERE. This is another left-wing Democrat LIE. The question is, who pays for it. I remind you that we already have and have had for a long time, Medicaid, for people who can’t afford it.  Politicians who ignore this are just trying to build on the dependency class, so that they have a voting slave block. This is pure Democrat Party politics.
  • Donald Trump makes insurance companies out to be the evil in Obamacare. Yeah, well, note to Trump, United Healthcare just left the exchanges because they had a billion dollar loss last fiscal year. They are not “making out like bandits” as Trump says. He is bashing the insurance companies like the Democrat that he is. I am no special defender for the insurance companies, but the problem with Obamacare is THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. yet, Trump doesn’t say that. That’s because he is a big-government guy and Trumpcare would bee the same big-government program that Obamacare is. Other than the individual mandates listed above and the universal coverage, he does not provide any other information about this plan that he is touting as “fantastic.” Once again, a Trump plan is “going to be great,” but he doesn’t have any details on it .Donald Trump is just a con man like ANY big-government POLITICIAN.
  • Donald Trump promised the ethanol lobby in Iowa that he was going to increase the ethanol subsidies beyond Obama levels. In other words, he was buying support from this lobby using OUR TAX DOLLARS TO DO IT. Trump says that he doesn’t take any special interest money. He sure as hell makes deals with them WITH OUR MONEY. Yes, Donald Trump can be bought. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy him with money.
  • Donald Trump’s tax plan is a progressive tax plan, in that it is not a flat tax, which Ted Cruz supports. Conservatives have been arguing for a flat tax for decades now. Seems like Donald Trump missed the memo. At the same time, the tax brackets for the middle class ARE THE SAME AS BARACK OBAMA. yeah, we’re still going to be burdened by confiscatory taxes.  The only reductions are for the wealthy and those who will, under his plan, pay no taxes at all, and won’t have to work either. In other words, it’s the Trump welfare class. It’s typical Democrat politics, keep a non-working dependent class there as your voting and protesting foot soldiers. As with all Democrats, Donald Trump makes sure that the middle class takes it in the teeth.
  • Do you know what a tariff is? The only answer that Trump gives about how he will bring manufacturing back to this country and promote “fair trade” is tariffs. Tariffs are taxes on us that get paid to the federal government when buying products that are imported. We already have 12,000 tariffs on goods now. We will be paying higher prices on just about everything witht eh money going to the federal government as usual. The foreign countries don’t pay, we do! This won’t make it easier for us to afford domestic products, because those prices won’t go down, the imported prices just go up. We won’t be able to afford anything. Simultaneously, you can be that these other countries will put tariffs on our exports, which will hurt our businesses. Our businesses will be hurt, and you can be sure there will be jobs lost because of that. Donald Trump doesn’t mention anything about the real solution, which is lowering the corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the developed world! That’s how you bring prices down on American goods, that’s how you allow companies to have more money to hire more. That’s how you entice companies to keep their manufacturing here! You need to stop taking so much money from them, you don’t achieve a better economy by taxing us more! We already are having a hard time affording the things that we need to buy.
  • I might as well give it it’s own item in the list. Donald Trump plans to keep our corporate tax rate as the highest in the developed world. You can forget about more jobs being available. You can forget about more full-time jobs.

I could go on, but I spent two hours on this post already. I need to conclude.

Does Ted Cruz Still Have a Chance?

YES! If Indiana goes for Cruz, he’s right back in it. The reason why Donald Trump is whining like a baby about the “steeling of delegates” and the “cheating” is because a lot of the delegates that have been selected from the elections that have already taken place are shifting their support to Ted Cruz. They can’t vote for him on the first ballot a the convention, however. They need to vote for Trump if they were designated as Trump delegates on the first ballot. If Trump does not get 1267 delegates by the end of the last primary, which is in California, in June, then the vote goes to the second and third ballots. At this point, t he delegates can then shift their vote. At this point, Marco Rubio and the other candidates can release their delegates, and they will likely vote for Cruz. In fact, Donald Trump knows that almost half of the delegates that are selected as Trump delegates will switch to Cruz after the first ballot if they can. Some states hold them as committed for more than one ballot. Trump says that this is unfair, but this is the way that it was since the founding of the Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln only had 23% of the delegate going in to the convention. The reason why Trump’s delegates are leaving him is because they, like many Trump voters in the earlier states, have BUYER’S REMORSE. They have had enough of this spoiled little leftist brat that threatens to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, or at the very least, be JUST AS BAD.

Donald Trump only has 38% of the Republican primary vote. Because there were 17 candidates at the beginning, so much of the vote is divided. Now that there are three candidates left, Donald Trump doesn’t want to debate, because he knows Ted Cruz would destroy him in e debate on the substance. Now that there are only a few candidates, the really poor performances that Donald Trump had in the last few debates would look average compared to how poorly he would look when he and Ted Cruz go one on one. This is why Donald Trump chickened out of the last debate and is refusing to debate anymore.

62% of Republicans don’t want Trump. In the primaries of new York and the last five states, which according to Trump, put it away, his vote total was FAR LOWER than that of Hillary Clinton AND Bernie Sanders. These are blue states, and Republicans cannot expect to win them anyway. Why should our fate be decided by them? In the red states, there were a lot of Cruz victories, and those where Trump one, like South Carolina, there were open primaries where Democrats came in to vote int he Republican primaries. In the general, the Democrats will go home to Hillary, and yes, a bunch will vote Trump, but a hell of a lot of Republicans won’t vote for either Clinton nor Trump. Count me as one of them, I can’t bring myself to support either left-wing Democrat. This is worse than before when we had Romney, McCain, and Dole. this time, we have to vote for the equal of two evils, and I for one, am not going to bother with voting on the presidential portion of the ballot. There are a hell of a lot of people out there like me who will not do it either. Donald Trump will be slaughtered in a landslide. He will bring out people in hoards to vote against him, because when it comes to Democrats, they believe the mantra that Trump is a “right-winger,” and do not realize how much of a leftist he really is, or that they are either for that matter. As for the independents… according tot hsoe polls that Trump used to like talking about… he gets MASSACRED. He has made a LOT of people hate his guts. That’s a tall order when you’re running against Hillary, but he somehow succeeded in being even more hated. Congratulations Donald.

INDIANA? What will it be? The true Conservative Republican, the best candidate since Ronald Reagan, or will it be the loudmouth left-wing, lying sack of shit asshole, Donald Trump?

21st Century America: A Time of Tribulation – A Time for Temperance – Part 1

April 27, 2016 in Politics, Spirituality

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Artwork for A Time of Tribulation A Time for Temperance

Is this a Time of Tribulation

Yes it is. Of course, the United States of America and the world overall has seen many times of tribulation in the past, but that is not a good reason to ignore the one at present as well as the signs that things seem to be trending in a direction that toward truly dark times to come. During this political season of electing a new president, however, much of the narrative coming form the media about what we are supposed to focus on is centered around CRAP and completely ignores that serious issues that threaten to transform the United States from being an overall prosperous country into being a very unprosperous one. What are these issues, you might ask? How about a very obvious one, that hardly gets talked about, debated, or discussed: the national debt and the nation’s un-funded liabilities.

The Tribulation

I just stopped by the U.S. Debt clock at At the time of this posting, it was listed as $19,258,118,xxx,xxx.xx. During the time it took me to copy the trillions, billions, and millions numbers over, it has gone to $19,258,119,xxx,xxx.xx. Just another $1 million got blown as I have typed two sentences. In case you have difficulty reading such high numbers, that’s $19.2 trillion. At the conclusion of George W. Bush’s last term, it was approximately $10.6 trillion. So, yeah, it has just about doubled under one president. Yes, Barack Obama is the biggest spending president in U.S. history, and George W. Bush was the biggest spending president in U.S. history before him. Sounds like we are spiraling out of control, huh? Well, the gross national product (GSP), or the total mount that our country’s economy produces in a year, is approximately $17 trillion. To put it in household terms, our annual income as a country is $15 trillion, and if the federal government takes every single penny that we earn this year from us, leaving us flat broke, starving, and penniless, they would still be over $2 trillion short on the debt. The current budget is at $499 billion, basically half of a trillion dollars. That means that we are over-spending by half of a trillion dollars so far this year as per how much the government is taking in. That’s another half of a trillion to add to the national debt, and the year is only about 1/4 of the way through.

Making Sense of the Numbers

Would you feel comfortable if your credit card balance was higher than your annual income? This isn’t even a good analogy in that if people want to be able to eat, the government cannot take all of our money away from us. So, the GDP is not a good analogy to personal income. Let’s say that your credit card balance is higher than the amount of money that the business you work for actually earns in a year, much less how much you get paid from it. Who owes this money? We do. The government may manage us, run the country, and run us into the hole, but the individuals doing this to us don’t owe this debt any more than we do. We are all on the hook. Now, one can say that this debt isn’t due any time specifically, so we can maintain a debt and be just fine. Well, that’s not the real issue here. The fact of the matter is that the debt is gorwing far faster than our income, or GDP. In other words, the annual deficits that keep mounting up, adding to the overall debt are gorwing a hell of a lot faster than the economy and the money generated by the country. In other words, the debt is growing faster than the country’s income, much less the money that the government takes from us. The government currently takes in about $3.3 trillion annually, but is spending about $3.9 trillion, leaving the $500+ billion annual budget deficit. Wow, it looks like it has grown more while I am typing this article, and by a lot. The interest on the debt is currently at $240 billion. In other words, it is about 13% of the budget, if we stayed on budget and didn’t spend more than what was coming in.

Collectivism – The Biggest Expense

The majority of the federal budget goes to Medicare/Medicaid in the amount of over $1 trillion per year and the seond largest expense is social security at almost $1 trillion per year. These two programs are 2/3 of the federal budget. National defense, by contrast, is 1/6 of the budget at about $500 billion.  In addition to this, the actuaries for the Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security funds (appointed by Barack Obama) state that our unfunded liabilities amount to $220 trillion, which is completely way out of the ballpark of everything else listed thus far. This is how much we owe to these programs to maintain them for the people who are entitled to them who are alive right now. These programs are already taking up the lion’s share of the budget at 2/3 of the budget, and they are grossly under-funded. In other words, the government has been making so many promises to us, that we cannot afford to pay for those promises. Since people have been voting for these “entitlements,” we hav basically been voting (not me, just a collective “we”) way more than we can afford to hand out to ourselves.

The Looming Darkness

With the looming darkness of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security not being there for a society that is programmed to demand entitlements is a recipe for disaster. We are already spending 2/3 of the budget on these programs, the debt is skyrocketing astronomically, and that interest amount is continually rising. In the time it has taken to write this article thus far, the interest owed this year on the national debt has risen $1 million. Since the Federal Reserve is planning on raising interest rates, the interest that this amount is calculated on will go up exponentially. Pretty soon it will be the next largest budget item behind the heavily unfunded entitlement programs that are number one and two on the budget. The only way to keep the interest amount, WHICH HAS TO BE PAID every year, like the minimum payment on a credit card, we would have to not only stop overspending the budget, but we would have to start paying down debt. We are no where even close to achieving that, and thanks to the media, the majority of the people in this country are not even thinking along those lines. They want government to spend more, and a hell of a lot more.

Collectivism Cries Out for More Taking

Let’s take it from the rich, right? Let’s see. The richest man in the world is Bill Gates, and he has about $81 billion. Ok, so if we take all of the money that he has invested in any form that he has it invested in, we can pay the interest on our national debt (without paying down any debt) for 3 months. After those three months, the problem is right back where it was without any improvement whatsoever. The total worth of the evil richest 1% is still lesson than $1 trillion, and we are talking about the Americans right, the ones that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton can actually tax? That’s still just a drop in the bucket! The fact is that in order to solve a problem, you need to stop creating it in the first place. We are not only not stopping creating debt, we are increasing the amount and rate at which we create it exponentially!

the Temperance

This is our tribulation right now. The temperance is that we need to, as individuals, start taking responsibility for ourselves and stop demanding more and more from “society.” Our collective demands are far more than our collective ability to satisfy ourselves. We need to start thinking about individually responsibility to take care of ourselves as individuals and families. This collectivist BS, whether it has been in the form of communism, socialism, or fascism, has only led to disaster throughout history. You cannot blame our situation now on capitalism, we have not been a capitalist country for a long time. The insatiable leviathan of collectivism has been growing in this country sine the beginning of the last century, taking over instructions and our way of thinking little by little over the course of 100+ years.  During those times, capitalism held out as long as it could in creating prosperity, but at this point in time, we are heavy into collectivism  and we are approaching the point of no return.

Can We Actually Stop Creating the Problem?

We need to stop expecting everyone else to take care of us as individuals. We, as a society, are willing to help those who are not able to take care of themselves and help those who need temporary help temporarily, but these sentiments have gone tot eh extremes. Nowadays we have people demanding “free college,” which doesn’t mean that it is actually free, because it isn’t. It means “I want someone else to pay for my college.” People just think that by putting their individual desires and goals on the bill for the entire society, everything’s good. The point is, we have been doing this too long. We have put way too much on all of society’s bill, that society can’t pay for it. Not only that, we are driving ourselves into a hole where we, as a country, will be facing mass rioting, looting, starvation, and all sorts of chaos because of how dependent people hav become and how way under-funded these dependency programs are. The sickest thing is that we are still heading in that direction where we have politicians continuing to make promises ont he dime of society that society can’t pay for and the people that they are making these promises to will be the ones to suffer the worst of it. The only presidential candidate that has been preaching the values of individual responsibility and self-reliance is Ted Cruaz. Yet, we can’t consider him, right? No way, he’s not cool. Some people want the loudmouth, hot0headed Donald Trump who keeps changing is mind every day. Some people want Bernie Sanders, who will drive us into beinga  third world country within his first term with allt he spending he wants. Some people want Hillary Clinton, who is a Bernie Sanders who just phrases it differently. It’s time for America to get over the “cool” factor and go with the brains and the REALITY. Number don’t lie, we are on a path to becoming a third world country, and then what? Then there won’t be anyone from which to take the money that the leftists so desperately crave.

The Journey Begins Again

April 3, 2016 in General

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The Spring of 2016 Brings a New Journey

Springtime is often thought of as a time of renewal, and this is certainly true for The Wayfarer Project and its sister sites, LWM Music, Kendall Sound Art, and The Music of Wayfarer. I decided that I needed to re-focus my sites and polish them up a bit. I wanted to make sure that the sites were all appearing well on mobile devices, and I wanted to make sure that each one had only the content that was necessary and less clutter. Due to my heavy teaching schedules, I also wanted to make sure that I had sites that were easier to maintain and update.<

The Wayfarer Project’s Refined Mission

The Wayfarer Project has always been about learning, but its scope was little too broad in the past few years for my ability to keep up with the updates and to maintain current information. The Wayfarer Project’s renewed focus will be on what it actually is: a blog. The Wayfarer Project will be my outlet for writing about different topics that come up in my professional endeavors as well as topics of interest to me, but from a more personal perspective. For those things that have to do with different projects that I engage in, The Wayfarer Project will be an outlet for a more personal description of what I am doing. For those topics of interest that come up in my thoughts or as a result of current events, I will endeavor to address them from more of a philosophical point of view, or as “life lessons” rather engaging the whole topic head on in a long form way. In other words, I will try to address things from the perspective of my personal, overall sense of the topics, rather than trying to create a treatise on each topic that comes up!

LWM Music

LWM Music remains as my professional site as an academician as well as a composer, multimedia artist, sound designer, and software developer. I believe that I have structured the site a little better now, and I have added a page for putting the online video tutorials that I have been recording.

Kendall Sound Art

KSA’s focus remains the same, in that it is an online resource for those who are interested in attending new music concerts in the Kendall are of Miami, FL and as a library for the videos of these concerts. I believe that the new structure of the page is simpler and will be more responsive on mobile devices.

The Music of Wayfarer

I re-vamped this site to focus more on just the audio and video releases of Wayfarer music, such that the more esoteric material and spirituality-oriented side of the music gets addressed here, at The Wayfarer Project. Basically, The Wayfarer Project should be the resource for my philosophies and worldview, since it is composed from a more personal perspective. In this way, there shouldn’t be as much duplicate material between the two sites, except that important announcements about Wayfarer music or video releases will also be mentioned here at TWP.


I believe that new content will be coming to The Wayfarer Project more quickly now in that it is the resource where much of the day-to-day announcements can go. The site may look a little bare now, but it will be filling up with content very shortly.

I hope you enjoy the new site and visit my other ones as well!