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Kendall Sound Art

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore and his wife and fellow composer, Dr. Liza Seigido, are the founders of the Kendall Sound Art Concert Series.

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Wayfarer and similar artists are featured on the Wayfarer internet radio station at Jango.

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What's New

As return visitors will notice, The Wayfarer Project has undergone an overhaul. The website is no longer going to be operated as a blog. Rather than being a site for Dr. Lawrence W. Moore's thoughts and opinions on current events, The Wayfarer Project is going to stick to being a resource for the music, video art, artwork, and creative endeavors of Dr. Moore's Wayfaring. There will be a new blog coming soon that will be used for the sharing of Dr. Moore's thoughts and his enlightening writings. These are critical times, and the threat of tyranny and social control by left-wing power players is growing. This is not a time to ignore events, but rather, a time to deal with them and face them head on. The changing of this site and the overhaul of the various sites under Dr. Lawrence W. Moore's authorship is part of refining the various goals of the sites and making them stronger at their designed goals. The need for the voices of liberty to grow strong has never been more apparent. This activism will continue on the new blog, which will be up soon. We must be vocal as individuals, lest the very existence of individuality be snuffed out by the left's efforts to huddle the masses into one, oppressed, controlled, and fearful worldwide commune.

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Wayfarer Farming

Wayfarer Farming, the YouTube series on growing food at home that has been established by Lawrence W. Moore is going to be starting up again for its second season. The home patio is undergoing an overhaul as an old shed is being deconstructed and the space is being portioned out more efficiently. These changes are still underway, but the series will be coming back soon with new episodes and some updates on how the new season of growing over the winter and spring growing season will be dealt with after last year's experience.

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