Orlando – Evil Exists in the World Today, and It’s Name is Tyranny

June 13, 2016 in General

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Evil Exists nt he World Today, and It's Name is Tyranny

The mass shooting in Orlando Should Remind Us All that Evil Exists

After starting The Wayfarer Project anew, I was hoping to avoid, at least for a little while, addressing current events, and focus more on philosophy, utilizing current events and issues only for examples in making the case for liberty. The mass-shooting in Orlando, FL over the weekend, however, has inspired me, however, to address the event now, while the propaganda is fresh and active. What do I mean by propaganda? Allow me to proceed in a step-by-step manner, and you will soon find out.

The Tyranny of an Ideology

Firstly, the Orlando nightclub shooting was perpetrated by a man whose ideology does not tolerate gay and lesbian lifestyles. There is no argument about this, because it is simply a fact. The argument begins in how we word it. Let be avoid using any “politically insensitive word,” and just state that the man, whose ideology is a tyrannical one, wanted to kill as many gay men and others as he possibly could, because his ideology, being a tyrannical one, desires to CONTROL people and forbids them the freedom to love or be attracted to another of the same sex. I believe this statement should be acceptable to just about anyone as being reasoned fact, although these days, it is impossible to please everyone. I’m sure those who share the same ideology of this man would not like the word “tyranny,” but since tyranny refers to institutions and ideologies that wish to control people, I hardly see how they could make a rational case.

Where things get politically insensitive is when we bring a word like “Muslim” or “Islam” into the discussion. I offer the sentiment that seems to be required in going further that I do not condemn all Muslims as being terrorists, being hateful, or being evil at all. The simple fact of the matter is that this murderer was Muslim and adhered to the radical ideology of the various terrorist wings of the religion. While this is a rational and true statement, the American left would be seething right now in claiming that this man was perverting the religion and has nothing to do with it.

While he has nothing to do with the large majority of Muslims in the world and in the United States who do not engage in terrorism or hate, he does agree with various groups that are rather large in size and span the world over that engage of terrorism because of their view on the religion. If we want to be completely honest, we also might want to include some non-terrorist aspects of the Islamic world. Being a gay man or a lesbian woman is illegal in many countries around the world. These countries include, but are not limited to, Saud Arabia, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and on and on. This website claims that there are 76-77 countries around the world where homosexuality is illegal. Erasing 76 Crimes. Since it was the first site to come up on a Bing search, I believe that it is somewhat reputable, but I have independently, from other sources, verified the veracity of the countries that I listed, and I certainly did not list as many as I would be able to find if I was absolutely thorough. While not all of the countries in the list or Islamic theocracies, a hell of a lot of them are. In fact, it is difficult to name any Muslim country in which homosexuality is tolerated. At this point, I believe that Turkey, Singapore, and Syria are the only ones not on that list. If we were to recognize the newly established Islamic State as a country, then they would be added to the list. this would be the “group” that we call ISIS and that Barack Obama calls ISIL. They have taken credit for ordering the mass murder in Orlando. As a side note, the reason why Obama calls them ISIL is to call them the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant instead of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Here, Obama is subtly rejecting the existence of Israel, including the name of the region that includes both Syria and Israel. Obama would prefer if they took over there too.

Yet, it can be truthfully stated that any Muslim country in which Sharia Law is the highest law of the land, homosexuality is illegal. Not only is it illegal, it is punishable by whipping, stoning, and death. So, while we can clearly state that the majority of Muslims are not interested in killing gay and lesbian people, we can say that the overwhelming majority of Muslim countries kill them if they exist and are found out within their borders. If are only got to speak about terrorism, then we can only speak about those who work in concert with or out of concert, but individually, while praising, terrorist groups, like HAMAS, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and Hezbollah. Now, if we want to speak about the desire to kill lesbians and gays, then we have to include those who practice, follow, or enforce Share Law. Shareia Law is a tyranny, because it seeks to CONTROL behabior for the sake of ideology, not for the sake of balancing individual freedom amongs the peple as is the case with those who support liberty.

It should be understood that the majority of Muslims living in America are law-abiding people who tolerate that liberties of others who they do not agree with. Poling of Muslims living in America, however, shows that a staggering number of American Muslims do, however, agree with Sharia Law and believe it should be the law of the land. there has been extensive research done by The Blaze on the matter.

Another Tyranny Reared its Ugly Head Again this Weekend

Just a few hours after the massacre had occurred, Barack Obama came out and started playing politics with the tragedy, as he always does. After a few token words about terrorism, stating that we stand as a nation against terrorism (while he does little to nothing about it), Obama spent the rest of his speech attacking the American people for not demanding that our federal government take away our right to bear arms. Once again, the evils of collectivism were on display, as the left’s spokesman in chief told us that this was going to keep happening unless we demanded his “common sense gun reforms.” Of course, most of us know that this is encoded talk for eliminating our access to firearms.

Gun stores and dealers already are heavily regulated by the state that they are in and the federal government. They are constantly inspected and investigated. They must submit all customers to background checks and waiting periods. We already have a ton of laws on the books for gun sales. The president and his fellow leftists lie when they say that there are “gun show loopholes,” because all gun dealers are subject to the law. The only time a gun sale is not regulated is when one person sells or gives a gun to another person, and that it nearly impossible to regulate, unless you ban firearms. Then, the government will successfully keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, who will be defenseless to the criminals and terrorists who can give a flip about the law.

France and Belgium have very strict gun laws to the point that it is illegal for the average citizen in these countries to walk down the street with a firearm. These laws did not stop Paris nor Brussels from experiencing mass shootings in the past several months. The only result was that the victims were sitting ducks in the massacres that had occurred. These massacres were even larger than the one in Orlando.

Hillary Clinton is demanding that victims of gun crimes should be able to sue the actual gun manufacturers themselves. Of course, the manufacturers aren’t responsible for the crimes that are committed by the people who buy them. Should someone who gets hit by a car be able to sue GM since they manufactured a car that was being driven by a drunk driver? How about suing Jack Daniels for making the whiskey that the driver drank? As always, collectivists like Hillary Clinton nd Barack Obama are seeking the laws and CONTROL that they want not because they want to make people take responsibility for their actions. Clinton wants people to sue gun manufacturers so that they go out of business. She does not want us to have access to firearms, and this is a way of doing that.

If Hillary Clinton gets what she wants, then law abiding citizens will not be able to defend themselves. At the same time, the criminals and terrorists will not be hindered. Guns, like illegal narcotics, would be sold illegally on the back market. Since Hillary Clinton wants to keep the southern border wide-open and undefended so that we import as may illegal immigrants as possible, she would then have a flood of guns coming across just like drugs do today. Yet, she wouldn’t mind this at all. The gun ban that the Democrat party and the left as a whole want is not to stop criminals or terrorists. Sure, many of the followers of left-wing ideology might believe this and want this, but the ruling elite at the top don’t care. They simply want to remove guns from the hands of the American people. They want us to be dependent and defenseless.

If Barack Obama and the Democrat party were concerned about terrorism, they would be doing more to eliminate ISIS and these groups that cause it. Yet, they don’t. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton oversaw the building of ISIS and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East. Terrorism around the world is rampant today under the watch of the left. Let’s face it. It doesn’t directly affect them, so they don’t care. Ruling over us is their prime concern. Just like in any totalitarian state, removing the ability for the people to defend themselves is a requirement, and that’s what they are pushing.

To the left, We The People are the enemy, not the terrorists.

A Summer of New Beginnings

June 8, 2016 in General, Politics, Science, Spirituality

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The Wayfarer Project Feature Banner

This is a Summer of Rebirth for The Wayfarer Project

Summer is usually considered to be a time of adolescence in the meaning of the seasons. It is a time of youthful vigor and growth. As Spring is usually considered to be the time of rebirth in the calendar as, in the northern hemisphere at least, it is the time when growth begins again in the plant world and the days begin getting longer and longer until they reach their apex on June 21st, the beginning of summer. If this is true, then The Wayfarer Project’s period of rebirth this spring was a rough one. I have been overhauling my websites, trying to make them more mobile-ready, more organized, and more productive for the work that I do. There have been many successes, but The Wayfarer Project is the one site where I believe that I need ot begin again. Once again, my participation in the liberty movement has, once again, caused the site to become dominated by politics in my posts. As The Wayfarer Project is a multi-faceted website centered around the pursuit of knowledge in the life journey, politics is only one aspect. I also let the posts get too current event-oriented, and I neither have the time nor the desire to really be a news site or political commentary site. Another political blog full of rants is not necessary and it diverts me from the vision that I originally had for The Wayfarer Project.

So, once again, I am slashing and burning and starting the site with fresh, new posts, having deleted the old ones. So, as the summer draws near, and unfortunately, I have less work hours, I must focus my efforts on promoting my artistic works, my software designs, and my educational resources on my other sites, and re-focus The Wayfarer Project back on its intended purpose, the pursuit of knowledge on the life journey. Of course, this subject can be very broad, but I shall be undaunted on my quest. Likewise, there is a place for my thoughts on the importance of liberty and a free society of individuals, but I will do so in a more philosophical and historical sense, and avoid the rants on day-to-day events. There is enough of that out there. We who believe in liberty for the individual and a limited role for government must build upon strong foundations of principles, and educating people on these principles is the best way for people to come to a more liberty-oriented way of thinking on their own. The daily battles between the two major political parties in this country takes away from the peoples’ ability to pursue truth and make principled decisions about the kind of government they choose.

It seems like the divisions seem to run very strong and deep in this country right now, even though, both the Republican and Democratic parties are really offering very similar things in policy with such a huge opposition being only a surface battle of sound bites and arguments over what are, in reality, minor issues governmentally-speaking,, but major issues emotionally-speaking. In this way, the media machine keeps us from thinking about the big problems and how the two major parties are causing them together. After all, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are not too far apart on public policy. They are both big-government, high tax liars that will bankrupt the nation and eliminate the middle class. Perhaps, after all, that is the whole point, behind the scenes.

So Where is The Wayfarer Project Journeying To?

I will kill two birds with one stone by authoring the “About” page for The Wayfarer Project in this new incarnation. It goes little something like this:

The Wayfarer Project is a website that is dedicated tot he concept that we, as individual human beings are wayfarers on the journey of life and that this journey is best taken with a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. Our lives are a journey, when we think about it. We begin vulnerable, helpless physical beings with seemingly know knowledge whatsoever. We end our life journeys, presumably, having acquired a wealth of knowledge, information, and experience and pass on from this life as once again, nearly helpless, vulnerable physical beings. Yet, along the way, the major change over life is the accumulation of knowledge and experience. As these are within the realm of consciousness, it can be said that we are not merely physical beings, because so much of what our journey entails does not exist within a physical space. Wile many believe that consciousness only arises as a non-physical sensory experience from the physical brain, this experience itself is not physical. This is the path of the life journey, the knowledge and experience that we acquire along the way, for it is unique. If everyone were to write a biography of their lives or have some recorded movie of their lives, it would be different form person to person, while admittedly, many can have similarities from one degree to another. Since it can be expressed in a narrative and it continually changes and evolves over time, our lives are a journey, no matter how much we travel geographically. it is a journey of experience, and it can be a robust journey of knowledge, if we make it so.


The pursuit of knowledge in one’s life is not a mere acquisition of information or a mere academic study. It is implied in this concept of pursuing knowledge in one’s life journey, that this knowledge that one pursues is actually valuable knowledge. We need to learn all sorts of things to survive and prosper in life, such as learning a trade or a field of study in order to work and earn. Throughout the millennia, the majority of people were focused in more direct forms of survival, such as finding food and water. Over the millennia, the amount of people who do that has shrunk as the growth of large civilizations has shifted the paradigm toward specialization, in which the individual specializes in some craft or service that allows him or her to exchange money in exchange for other items needed in their survival or way of life, that are provided by others in exchange for this money. This paradigm has allowed for an explosion of careers and specializations that people who live in a free society, can actually choose a profession based on their own desires and interests, thus freeing up a lot of daily time from the necessity of seeing to basic survival needs. Technology and industrialization has brought this along much further, in which our household tasks are much less time consuming than they would have been before the industrial revolution and the amount of free time that we have to pursue avenues of interest outside of our survival or even careers is larger than they were for say, the medieval peasant, or the farmer living in ancient China, for example.

Pursuing knowledge needed for acquiring a trade or studying an academic degree for landing a job in a variety of fields that require one is all fine and dandy. What do we do with the rest of the time? Now, I am not arguing that we all have a hell of a lot of free time on our hands, and the author of these words certainly does not. Yet, we do, on the average, have more time than the average human being did throughout history. So, what do we do with this time? There is a pursuit of knowledge that lies beyond the learning that we need for our prosperity in the career world and the art of survival in the modern age. What about learning about life itself? Would it not be a fitting additional mission in our lives that we learn about what life island who we, as individuals are? These are certainly philosophical questions, that may be impossible to answer when thinking about them philosophically. These can also be thought of as scientific questions that physics, chemistry, and biology could quit readily answer. Yet, there are so many related questions that science has not answered and that scientists are quite activity and passionately exploring. Cosmology is the study of the universe and its macro-properties. It strives to answer questions about where the universe came from and whether or not there are other universes out there. Institutions of faith already claim to have these answers, but even for people of faith, can one truly say that he or she has nothing more to learn about their relationship with God and how each day of our lives fits in with God’s plan?

It does not matter whether you are spiritual, religious, agnostic, or an atheist. There is a lot of learning about the universe and the human being to be done. Likewise, there s a lot that we can learn about ourselves as individuals. Above and beyond knowing more about the history of humanity and the humanities, what about knowing ourselves in all of our complexity? It is the author’s opinion that these are worthy pursuits.

The Wayfarer’s Journey

If we think of life as a journey and accept that the pursuit of knowledge is a worthy one to embark on while taking this journey, than what is it about being a “wayfarer” that pervades this whole concept? First we need to know what a wayfarer is, and that should not be taken for granted. The term “wayfarer” comes from olden days, and it refers to any wanderer across the land. A wayfarer could be a person living a nomadic lifestyle or a person who is seeking a new experience somewhere else. There is a multitude of reasons for one to be a wanderer, but it is a lot less frequent in modern times. Yet, on the journey of life in pursuit of knowledge, we do not need to travel geographically to take on a wanderer’s spirit. Having the spirit of a wayfarer does not mean that one needs to be aimless or have no goals or destinations. having a wayfarer’s spirit means to have humility that we do not have absolute control over our lives and never really know where we will end up at each stage of our journey. Like an unbiased scientist (which can be hard to find in this day and age – but is nonetheless required to be a true scientist), a wayfarer remains open to result despite his or her intentions. Many times, unexpected occurrences can be thought of as the universe, God, or some unconscious part of ourselves interacting with us. Such interactivity can provide key insights in our pursuit of knowledge about ourselves and all that is around us.


One additional consideration must be brought to the table in understanding the concept of living life like a journey in the pursuit of knowledge with the spirit of a wayfarer. There is a gift that we human beings have that provides deep insight into not only humanity as a whole, but insight into ourselves as individuals. We all have the ability to be creative, and despite our skill level, we all have the ability to be artistically creative. When we engage in artistic creativity, we see some part of ourselves or even many parts of ourselves become manifest. There is a reason why psychologists invite their patients to draw their experiences or feelings, because such creativity is expressive and allows us to put forward ideas that we cannot put into words or are somehow reticent to speak about directly. We are all individual human beings, even though we are often influenced one another and have a lot of learned behaviors and ideas that we acquire from others, we have an internal navigator that is ourselves that chooses what to accept and what to reject in our learning. Some of us are more critical and skeptical about what we adopt from others and still others are not so picky. Either way, the sum total of every individual’s experience, knowledge, and beliefs are unique. Engaging in artistic creation is an important key to self-knowledge and humanistic understanding. Self-knowledge is one of the most important aspects to the pursuit of knowledge in our life’s journey.


Every human being who is not afflicted by some negative condition craves freedom. It is an important part of our nature. Yet, historically speaking, free societies are rare, and even in the modern era, free societies are constantly being challenged by those who wish to control others or think that they know how populations of people should be made to live “for the good of the whole” of course. The good of the whole is best served by the balance of freedom between the individuals that make up a society. This balance is called liberty. One individual’s freedom ends where another individual’s freedom begins. While there are an infinite number of interactions between individual people and some circumstances make it difficult to find where the balance is between each individual’s freedom in each case, the pursuit of liberty is nonetheless vital. It’s opposite, tyranny, brings hell on the whole society, except for the chess masters who have too much power over the society. To explore this subject means to take on a lofty task of thinking, writing, and studying. It take a knowledge of history to see what has worked best for the freedom of people within a society and what has not. It takes honesty, and the will to balance others’ interests with one’s own interests. Yet, such a balance does require that one does not neglect ONE’S OWN INTEREST, for the champions of tyranny always push the individual to sacrifice “for the good of the whole” in push a way that each individual within the whole is sacrificing and none are benefitting. The balance between the freedoms of individuals and society must be kept as a balance between each individual of the society, not kept as a way to constantly pit individuals in a struggle against society.

Pursuing knowledge in one’s life journey can be performed under tyranny, but life provides us with enough challenges and obstacles to overcome without there being a centralized authority crushing us on top of that. In societies where freedom is greatly reduces, the pursuit of TRUE knowledge becomes difficult, if not impossible, for information, communication, and even thought becomes propaganda to serve the interests of those who are in power. Acquiring knowledge that is not true is useless and a waste of the precious moments that we have in our rather short lives. A free society allows the individual to grow, prosper, evolve, and learn, and as result, the society as a whole is more prosperous, more evolved, and more learned.

Convictions of a Wayfarer in the Pursuit of Knowledge

The Wayfarer Project is not attempting to start a movement, a religion, a society, a club, nor an institution of any kind. TWP strives to communicate knowledge, learn knowledge, and remain open for discussion between individuals who wish to embark on a path to knowledge or are already on a path to knowledge of their own design. There are some core principles, however, that one might wish to keep in mind for a productive journey:

  • Being honest with oneself is necessary n learning about one’s self.
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own words, deeds, and prosperity is an essential part of being honest with one’s self. No one else is responsible for you, unless you are a child being cared for by a parent, or are sincerely unable to take care of yourself in some ways or in general. While we may need to reach out for help now and then, any help received should be appreciated, and one should return the generosity in a balanced way. Being a parasite, or a taker is being dishonest with one’s self and encroaches on the liberties of others. It all comes back to the golden rule, treat others as you would have them treat you.
  • One should defends one’s own rights and self interest so long as it does not encroach on another’s. If one’s generosity is abused, it should be retracted. Defeating one’s self hinders one’s own ability to pursue a life of knowledge and a life of personal fulfillment.
  • One should be a defender of another’s liberties, for taking advantage of another, stealing from another, abusing another, or harming another in any way is not the way you would want your life’s journey to treat you.
    5. Always search for the truth. Learning that which is false serves no person, but is rather, a hindrance to acquiring knowledge. Yet, be open to the truth, even when you do not wish to accept it. Otherwise, you are acquiring false knowledge of your own making.
  • It is advantageous to look at the world around you as a reflection of yourself. This reflection is like a yin and a yang. The world around you reveals that which is true about yourself as well as that which is false about yourself at the same time, in a perfect balance.
  • Live life with a wayfarer’s spirit, knowing that it is a journey with something to learn every step of the way. Acquire knowledge that is true and learn about yourself, the world around you, and the universe, both that which is seen and that which isn’t.
  • A state of victimhood is only valid with specificity of an incident and a perpetrator. Victimhood should not be used as general status or self-prescribed label. Declaring oneself a victim as a self-declared general label is just apassive-agressive method of trying to achieve advantage over or to manipulate others.

About the Author

The Wayfarer Project is authored by Dr. Lawrence W. Moore, a composer, multimedia artist, software developer, and professor of higher education. Moore releases music and video works that are of a new age, world beat, and meditational nature under the artist name Wayfarer, as well as academic-oriented, experimental music and video art under his own name. Moore also creates software for the creation and performance of music and multimedia art and authors educational materials for those who are interested in music technology and multimedia art.

For more information on Lawrence W. Moore’s professional endeavors as an academician and his work in academically-oriented experimental music and multimedia composition, please visit: LWM Music.

Wayfarer is the artist name and collaborative entity that is a vessel for Moore’s work in music and video that is more of a new age, world beat, and meditational nature. For more information on Wayfarer, please visit: The Music of Wayfarer.