Wayfarer Crafting Episode 003 – Establishing a Steady Food Supply Part 2

September 29, 2016 in Wayfarer Crafting

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Wayfarer Crafting Episode 003 - Establishing a Steady Food Supply Part 2

Wayfarer Crafting Takes it Up a Notch

Now that the first two episodes of Wayfarer Crafting have provided a good foundation to understanding how Minecraft works, the series is now going to become more focused, more edited, and more entertaining. The Minecraft lessons and tips will continue, but now, each episode will focus a little more on the story, having fun, and Wayfarer music, which is being utilized in addition to the Minecraft soundtrack. With some creative editing, longer scenes of doing routine things are being cut, now that the explanations are getting shorter.

This episode includes two more songs from the upcoming Wayfarer release, A Wayfarer’s Journey, coming in late November. I Walk the Land and A Forbidding Landscape are the new pieces of music, and they add an extra level of drama to the episode. I hope you enjoy the episode and the music!

Episode 003 – Establishing a Steady Food Supply Part 2


Game: Minecraft 1.10 – http://www.minecraft.net
Selected Music Added to the Soundtrack by Wayfarer: http://www.themusicofwayfarer


In this edition of Wayfarer Crafting, which has been enhanced for your entertainment, Wayfarer continues to build enclosures for his livestock and begins to raise cows and chickens. In doing so, he has established the beginnings of a steady food supply. With the livestock, in addition to the wheat he is growing underground, Wayfarer will not go hungry. Furthmore, cows and chickens also provide leather and feathers, respectively, such that these resources can be utilized for weapons, armor, books, and other game necessities.

Wayfarer Crafting Episode 002 – Establishing a Steady Food Supply Part 1

September 27, 2016 in Wayfarer Crafting

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Wayfarer Crafting Episode 002 - Establishing a Stable Food Supply Part 1

Having a Steady Food Supply is Essential

The second episode in the Wayfarer Crafting series is up, and it covers an essential subject. After surviving the first few days and getting some food, you need to establish a steady food supply so that you are able to start doing other things. You want to be able to travel around, adventure through caverns, and spend time building things. All of this requires that you have a steady food supply, so that you do not need to keep hunting for food. Basically, you need to do some farming to keep a steady food supply at your finger tips. This episode shows you how Wayfarer was able to get things rolling in this direction while staying alive in this very vulnerable state after spawning. While working on building up a food supply, one can also build up armor and weapons potential along the way. This episode shows how that can be done simultaneously with setting up a small farm.

Because these first few episodes are covering essential skills and the fundamentals of survival in the game, they tend to be a little longer. As time goes on, the episodes will become shorter as a lot of the building and resource management processes no longer need to be covered. These early stages are important in freeing up your time and giving you the resources that you need to start engaging in travel, adventures, and building projects. You cannot achieve any of these things unless you have food around in some easily-accessible way. Also, if you are going to do any fighting, and there’s plenty of that in Minecraft, you will need to eat in order to heal yourself. Usually, you want to carry a good amount of edibles on you at all times. That way, you can gobble some down every time you get hurt and you see your health and hunger bars start going down. It is good to keep livestock at your home base, because animals don’t just supply you with resources for eating. They supply you with other resources that you need in the games as well.

When You Are Finding it Harder and Harder to Find People to Believe in, Perhaps God is Inviting You to Believe in Yourself

September 23, 2016 in Politics, Spirituality

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When you find it harder and harder to find people to believe in, perhaps it is God inviting you to believe in yourself.

Believe in Yourself – Not a Popular Way to Think These Days

If you are absolutely sick and tired of hearing about politics and the presidential election that is coming up, then I can really identify with you. In fact, I don’t want this post to be about the election, and I am not even going to mention candidates, parties, or issues at all, if can, at all, avoid it. I would rather focus on the thinking of people, and actually encourage people to engage in the art of believing in themselves and allowing themselves to not be coerced into a box of aligning themselves with anything they don’t believe in. But rather, I’d like to highlight how these forces are very present right now, and seem to be stronger than ever. It seems as if you need to be in a box of some kind and be really passionate about some issue or some candidate. Or, at the minimum, you have to be really passionate about hating some candidate. I have to admit that this latter statement is really easy to do. In fact, I have a strong dislike for just about every candidate, including the third party candidates. Yet, I digress, and don’t want to get into that. The main point is, when you feel forces or other people trying to push you into a box, I don’t think that it is ever a good thing.

I hate Candidate A, but I Hate Candidate B More

From a personal standpoint, I have recently found that a lot of people who I admired or at least agreed with, have changed. I’m not talking about my personal life, but rather, public figures. I’m not even going to mention them, because I want this post to remain general enough, that people are invited to think for themselves about what I am saying and apply it to their own lives in the way that they see fit. Overall, I think that many people will be able to identify with me, and I want to offer them encouragement to remain “outside of the box,” because it is, in fact, ok. A very common statement that you are probably hearing right now is, “If you don’t vote for candidate A, then candidate B is going to win!”

Well, technically, there are more than two candidates, and of course, the general rule of thought is that a third party or independent candidate can never win. So long as we keep thinking that way, then we will continue to perpetuate that reality. I’m not here to promote a third party candidate, because, actually, I’m not all that happy with the leading third party or independent candidates either. So, I’m not even going to get into that. I just think it is a good point to make that we are perpetuating the model of “two bad choices” if we continue to follow the unwritten law of never voting for anyone other than the “two bad choices.”

What is just as troubling as the coercion of having to support someone who really don’t like at all because you hate their opponent more, is the fact that you have a lot of people who either ignore their principles, change their positons, change their views, or even engage in lying to defend a candidate that they want to support. You can really find yourself doing this when you really don’t like your candidate, but are just trying to get people to note support the opposing candidate, who you also do not like, but dislike more. This is really troubling, and I want to encourage you to believe in yourself as to avoid having this happen to you.

If you put your mind, heart, and soul into deciding on your beliefs, then you are actually putting a sincere effort into doing so, and that should count for something. I don’t think that it is wise to chuck that away just to try and make up for the disagreement you have with candidate A go away just so you can continue arguing against candidate B. This is especially ridiculous when you find that candidate A and candidate B are really not all that different. In fact, if you think about it, it seems like the media has to work overtime drumming up the few differences between candidates in order to emphasize the thought that there really is a big difference between the two. In many cases, the campaigns do a hell of a lot of that too. You get a lot of stupid statement like, “I support $12.50 as the minimum wage, and candidate B only supports $11.00 as the minimum wage. Candidate B wants people to suffer and I want people to liver their dreams!”

You Don’t Have to Find a Box

Now, I’m not encouraging anyone to not vote. We have to remember that there are a lot of other offices to vote for other than president and many other ballot issues that have to do with our local governments. Amazing how we have a tendency to focus only on national races, or even only the presidential race and ignore that which is closer to home. Well, it is true that the federal government has been continually growing in power and influence over us and the local governments have been shrinking in their affect on us. Funny how we are getting sucked into a “one size fits all” mentality for the whole country instead of wanting decisions to be base don how things actually are around us, or in our area. Well, that’s what this “two bad choices” model leads to. People just start giving up and tuning out. What’s more, with national control over our lies, we find that have very little, if no influence over anything anyway. In many ways, that just gets us trapped in a box anyway, despite not getting lured into the “one of two bad choices” boxes.

Since the presidential choice will be on the ballot, just do the best you can. What I’m more concerned about is the fact that we keep being presented with choices that the overwhelming majority of the people don’t want, and we all have to settle for the “lesser of two evils.” Yeah, we do need to start giving more of a voice to the other political parties. Maybe they’ll encourage the two main parties to shape up and stop being so corrupt. If they see their power being challenged, they might decide to perform a little better. Competition is a good thing. The free market has worked out so well for the prosperity of our country. It’s too bad we keep maintain duopolies and monopoles in our government.

So, what’s the solution? Well, there isn’t any easy solution. I just think it best for you to think for yourself, don’t sacrifice your principles or believe just to fit in a box you don’t like anyway. Yet, giving up and tuning out isn’t good either. Perhaps it would be best to share your thoughts and beliefs and get them out there. You may find that a lot of people agree with you. If the “powers that be” find it hard to push us into their set boxes for us, but also find that we’re not just giving up and tuning out either, then maybe they’d start losing their hold on us. This is especially true when it comes to individual issues. Usually there are more options than just two possible solutions for any given problem. In many cases, governance is not the best solution for problems anyway. You really have to do some thinking and do your homework. Trouble is, finding the truth and finding anything explained without bias is difficult.

Yet, you can also take information form biased sources, just cut out the bias. I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to the news, and cutting out, in my mind, what is bias, and changing things around. As you notice the ways in which different factions lie, then you can take the news, subtract their common lie techniques, and then sort out for yourself what the truth is. Also, sometimes, things get reported before there actually any good information available. Imagine that, the media just going on about things when they really haven’t gotten the facts yet. Yeah, it is constant. Frequently, they will basically tell you how to think about something before the facts have come out, and then insist you need to keep thinking the same way when the fact come out, or ignore the facts to fit how you are supposed to think about it.

It Isn’t Easy, but Don’t Give Up on Yourself

The key to believing in yourself I s to do the work that gives yourself the confidence that you can believe in yourself. If you put your mind, heart, and soul into THINKING and you are actually honest with yourself in knowing that you are searching for the truth and not trying to bend and manipulate things to manufacture a truth, then you can truly have confidence in yourself. You have the ability of being wrong, but if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll learn from your mistakes and face the truth when you find that you are wrong. Doing so will give you all the confidence that you need to not have to conform to the beliefs of others in order to go along. You’ll be able to stand up to the slings and arrows of others who are not getting you into their boxes. You should also allow for the freedom of others to disagree with you. Disagreement is fertile ground for civil debate, but shutting down the freedom of others’ speech is just your need to be right and your desire to cut off the possibility of having someone else poke holes in your arguments. Yet, this is a very common tactic this day and age as well.

One commonality of the “Powers that Be”

In many ways, I feel like we are all being forced to get on a train. We are being coerced into different cars based on exaggerated divisions, butt they are all on the same train, and it’s going the same direction. At least, there are commonalties to that direction. The train seems to be going further down the tracks toward more and more group-think, more and more division, more and more coercion into boxes defined by issues, and more and more government controlling every aspect of our lies from one central location. Think about it, if you went around asking people if they knew who their state representative and state senator (if they live in a bicameral state) are, how many people do think would actually know? Do you know?

The governments that are actually located in your local area, knowledgeable about the area, and most suited to deal with the problems and/or needs of that area are usually the last ones that people pay attention to, and frequently have the least amount of affect over our lives. At the same time, the one, centralized federal government, that keeps wanting to force “two bad choices” down our throats is the one that has the most control over everyone across the country, and is the one we are constantly handing more and more power and control two for those “two bad choices” to wield in giving us “two bad options” in solving every problem. Usually the problems to be solved are caused by them too.

If we want o have louder voices, more options, and more of a direct communication and interaction with our communities, then perhaps we need to start thinking locally again. Maybe that is where YOU can make a difference. Of course, you’ll have to try to get people to get Washington, DC off the backs of their communities in order to do so. Yet, if they want to have more influence over their own lives, then perhaps they might be open to doing so. More and more people are getting sick of the “two bad choices” from the central government. Maybe that’s why the “two bad choices” and the media are getting LOUDER and LOUDER, because they realize people are getting sick of it. Yet, giving up and tuning out will also give them more power, and after all, that’s what it is all about at the national level.

Individual Liberty is the key, my friend. The more freedom people have, and the more they tolerate others and allow each other to be as free as we can be, without interfering with each other all the time, the happier we will be as a society. You can’t do that from one centralized authority with “one size fits all” government.

Wayfarer Crafting – Taking a Creative Journey in the World of Minecraft

September 20, 2016 in Wayfarer Crafting

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Wayfarer Crafting - Taking a Creative Journey int he World of Minecraft

The First Episode of Wayfarer Crafting Has Launched!

As The Wayfarer Project is an open outlet for all my creative endeavors, I have decided that wanted to release a series on my Minecraft adventures, builds, and stories. Minecraft is a creative outlet for me in which I can build just about any structure, machine, or work of beauty that I want. All the time that I am doing so, I get to defend myself against monsters that want to kill me. There are a lot of Minecraft enthusiasts out there in many walks of life. Not only sill this series connect with them, I believe it can also be interesting for people who do not play Minecraft at all. The series will also feature some of the new music that Wayfarer, my non-academic musical outlet, is releasing right now. Most of al, I hope that people find this series entertaining and enjoyable.

Episode 001 – Surviving the First Few Days


Game: Minecraft 1.10 – http://www.minecraft.net
Opening and Ending Music: “Welcome to My Journey” by Wayfarer


This first, pilot episode of Wayfarer Crafting is largely a tutorial for beginning Minecraft players and those who may not play the game t this point, but might be thinking about it. It is also a good tip guide for regular Minecraft players as well. We can all learn from each others’ techniques.

Creativity – A Window in to Yourself

September 18, 2016 in Creativity

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Creativity is a window into yourself

Creativity Opens a Door to the Inside of You

Why is creativity such an important part of the life journey? Creativity is when you engage in self expression. It is a way for you to express yourself using indirect means, such as visual art, music, dance, and many other forms of expression. In doing so, you can allow yourself to come out into a physical or expressive form. You will find a little bit of yourself in all forms of creativity, but when you create art or expression for its own sake without any other parameters, then you are filling your creation with more of you. It is a great learning tool in finding out more about ourselves, because when we let yourselves create without too many boundaries, we let down the filters that normally are there when we living our daily lives. From personal experience of pain, hardship, embarrassment, shame, and other negative emotions, we build filters around ourselves that hold ourselves back for fear of triggering these feelings again. When we create, many of these filters soften or lose their hold on us. The more we make our expression abstract, the more we fool ourselves into letting ourselves go.

Those of us who work in the creative arts professionally, have other barriers to worry about. No matter what an artist likes to say, the artist always has some considerations in mind when creating. Those who work in academia have their colleagues and departmental politics to think about. While artists in academia will hardly ever admit it, they know that they are judged by their art by colleagues who are, most of the time, in some sort of competition with them (whether such competition is necessary or not). those who work in the arts in a more commercial way need to consider their customers, fans, followers, and other artists who are in competition with them too. All of these forces make it harder, because one has a tendency to put on fronts or filters in order toprotec themselves in their expression.

As it is in relationships, however, it is true in the arts. The more you are able to be yourself and let yourself out, the more you are being genuine, and the more likely that you will fine a genuine audience or set of admirers. If there is something about your creativity that is fun, interesting, and fulfilling to you, then chances are, the more it will be fun, interesting, or fulfilling to others. Putting on fronts or facades is never fulfilling to one’s self, and it is hardly fulfilling to a genuine audience. Pompousness is also a demon in the arts. We always have to remind ourselves that were are all equal as human beings, while we have unequal levels of skill in different things, we are all equal in the human experience. We are all living for a short time on this Earth and are going to die one day. Worrying about pride and being pompous with others is such a waste of time and a pitfall for many foolish geniuses out there. If we are to find fulfillment in our lives, we need to be honest with ourselves and sincere with others. Creativity is part of the human experience, and when we use our creativity as a definition for our own success, then we are putting the value of our lives on the line. No one is more or less valuable than you, no matter how much attention or how many prizes your art receives. To think otherwise is being dishonest with yourself and with those who are potential appreciators of what you create.

As liberty is one of the most valuable things in life, creative liberty is one of the most valuable things to an artist. The freedom to create is the freedom to be yourself. Your freedom ends where another one’s freedom begins. Liberty is a balance. If you wish for freedom of expression for yourself, you should stand for freedom of expression for others. Judgements in art are sometimes necessary when one makes his or her own decisions about the appreciation of any given piece, but as with all things, judgements in art can often be an expression of anger against those who you wish ill. The arts is ripe with the human condition as with anything else, Artists engage in battles with one another, and unfortunately, they lose sight of the purpose. Our self-expression is our time to learn about ourselves and share that with others before we die. It is not just another battleground in which to fight over petty disagreements or fight for control over other peoples’ minds. Artistic expression is an invitation to think and share ideas, not a way to fool, mislead, or harm others. When it is treated that way, you will learn some things about yourself that you will not like (if you have any conscience whatsoever). Furthermore, a thinking audience will also learn those not-so-good things about you as well.

Individual Liberty – Let’s Set Each Other Free

September 18, 2016 in Politics, Spirituality

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Liberty - Lets Set Each Other Free

Liberty – A Very Misunderstood and Unappreciated Word

Yesterday was U.S. Constitution Day, and as usual, it comes and goes with little or no fanfare. While our government continues to go beyond its limitations as set down by the Constitution, the document becomes less appreciated by the public. Another word that doesn’t seem “cool” anymore is the word “liberty.” The funny thing about it is that most people don’t seem to know what the word means. Some people think that it just means “freedom” or is just some generic “patriotic” word. Liberty is the balance of freedom between the people in a population. Just as it is often symbolized by a set of scales, the word is about equal rights across a population such that each person’s individual freedoms are maximized and only limited by the freedom of others. the simple, and obvious examples is that you do have freedom, but you do not have the freedom to infringe on another’s freedom. Finding this balance can be a little complicated when looking at specific issues and circumstances, but what should be simple is that people should know what the word means and want to maintain and preserve it.

More specifically, the founding documents that are the bedrock for the United States of America, the declaration of independences and the U.S. Constitution are centered around the concept of a restrained federal government, the peoples’ participation with and control over that federal government, and individual liberty for the people. At the time of the founding, the country’s greatest sin was that these ideals were great, but were not being extended to African Americans throughout the country. While there are other bad parts of the country’s history, this initial sin is often the cause for people to disregard the country’s founding documents and the founding fathers as a whole. The fact that the country did not live up to its founding ideals at the inception of the country does not make the ideals wrong. It makes the act of selectively ignoring these ideals wrong. Is it not somewhat ironic today, that this very same problem is the one that comes up as people once again, want to disregard these ideals thinking that somehow they are rejecting the sins of the founders when, in reality, they are repeating them in some ways by ignoring the very same ideals. The idea of individual liberty, itself, is one that should be cherished by each person. This ideal is what calls for you to be treated equally with regard to the law, opportunity, and personal freedoms as anyone else, while maximizing these freedoms and only limiting them for the sake of protecting other peoples’ rights in balance with your own.

We also have to remember that while there were founding fathers who were slave owners, the majority of the framers of the Constitution were not slave owners, and in fact, there were a good number of framers who were already early abolitionists who were against slavery. Having just survived a war with the greatest military on the planet at the time, the new country could not divide itself and survive. The abolitionists did, however, did put the 3/5 clause in the U.S. Constitution in an effort to bring down the practice of slavery. Some people are under the misunderstanding that the 3/5 clause was written to establish that the slaves were 3/5 of a person in some sort of personal value in order to justify slavery. This couldn’t be further form the truth. Those who wanted to end slavery did not want the slave states to acquire more members in congress and in the electoral college by counting their slaves as part of their population in the census. The amount of representatives that the states receive in congress is base don’t heir population and the same is true with the number of delegates each state has in the electoral college. those who were fighting to end slavery wanted the free states to have more representation in congress and in the electoral college so that they could OVERTURN SLAVERY. In fact, they really wanted the slaves to be counted as 0 in the population, but had to comprise with 3/5 or lose the country altogether. If the country was not formed, then the states where slavery was illegal would have had no power over the separate governments of states where slavery was legal.

The United States has good history and bad history. The idelas set forth in our founding documents are not part of the bad history. It was ignoring these ideals that cause bad history to happen. Everyong needs to read the Delcaration of Indpenedence and the U.S. Consitution for themselves. If you need a dictionary, then use one. If you want to do audio book, then do it. There are plenty of free copies of both documents out there in text and audio form. Librivox.org is a source for a free, legal, audio recording of botht the U.S. Consitution, its amendments, and the Delcaration of Independence. There are also many other historical resources there. Always be careful about opinion books or even books that state that they are history, when in fact, they are laced with opinion and mischaracterization. You always have to think for yourself. Reading original sources is always that best. In this way, you can get at the truth for yourself.

Getting Back to Individual Liberty and Spiritual Liberty

September 13, 2016 in General, Politics, Spirituality

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The Wayfarer Project Feature Banner

Getting Back to Principles

The Wayfarer Project has been always been a site dedicated to individual liberty, spiritual liberty, the creative arts, science, and fundamentally, the life journey lived as a journey of knowledge. Now more than ever, it has become clear to me that TWP needs to focus on the fundamental principles of liberty and combining a scientific view with a spiritual openness. This political season has caused TWP, once again, to drift into issue-based politics and the goings -on of the news cycle in a way that has been detracting from its core mission. At this point in time, all those people who have open minds are really trying to avoid political talk, and those who are engaged in politics right now seem to be heavily opinionated and locked into their respective camps. The scope of TWP’s mission goes beyond politics, but does include politics. It is now my intention, as the author of The Wayfarer Project, to focus on principles and philosophy along with the creative endeavors that I engage in.

This site was never intended to be a news site, nor a political movement site. Yet, it is core to pursuing knowledge that one lives a life of liberty and it is far better to not be living under tyranny when one engages in learning, mostly because learning the truth is the whole point and tyranny crushes truth and either manipulates it or hides it. In order to engage in discussion, philosophize, and encourage discourse, it is in this site’s best interests to focus more on principles and philosophy. In these areas, discussions can be more fruitful, less provocative, and more centered on the core of why liberty is so important in our lives as well as our spiritual growth. Likewise, people are more open to discussion and considering views outside of their own when they are not met with a confrontational approach. Issue debates are fine and they do have a place in political discourse, but there are many other forums for that on the internet. This site needs to focus more on the life’s journey, liberty, freedom, spirituality, science, and creativity. In doing so, there is a much greater chance in sharing ideas and having people actually be open to them. I would much rather be successful in opening minds than in creating just another political debate and influence site. What we need in this era more than anything else is liberty, but the desire for it needs to come from the heart and the mind at the fundamental level, and not from the level of just picking opinions and sides to be on. Individual liberty and spiritual liberty need to be seen as blessings and as essential aspects of life and evolution, not as just movements to be a part of. People are more than welcome to engage in the organizations that they feel they want to work with or for, but that is something that is outside of the scope of The Wayfarer Project. The Wayfarer Project is a site for thought, understanding, and the sharing of my life journey with fellow travelers who choose to stop by.

There is a new series of YouTube videos coming shortly that I think will be very entertaining as well as rewarding for many of the guests who come to this site. At the same time, the principles of that drive the spirit of a modern day Wayfarer will be alive and on display in this video series. As always, my music compositions continue to roll on and my video art continues to be developed and created. Perhaps the site has neglected sharing these creative endeavors with its viewers. It is time for the focus to come back to these endeavors and the actually philosophy and thought that make my creative endeavors come alibe.