It’s About Time for People to Tell the Democrat Party that their Hate and Lies are Unacceptable

October 12, 2015 in Politics, Spirituality

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Reminds Us How Full of Hate and Lies the Democrat Party Is

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the perfect Democrat as she is full of hate and lies.

With the first Democrat Presidential Primary debate coming up, the mainstream media decided to go out and give a forum to the head of the Democrat Party (DNC.), to get her “thoughts” about this wonderful upcoming event. Wasserman-Schultz basically began playing the same old broken record that she usually plays and that most Democrat politicians play. She just set out to bash the Republicans, calling them the party and its supporters are anti-woman, want to kick out all immigrants, and want to steal from the middle class and give to the rich. Not only is this broken record full of lies, but it is so full of hate that it is about time that people just start rejecting these claims and call for some actual substance, rather than blanket hate-filled accusations.

There is Such a thing as Legal Immigration

Every time you hear a Democrat engage in his or her propaganda, you will never hear them make any distinction between legal and illegal immigration. They always just use the term “immigration.” The reason is quite clear. While many Republicans and especially the Conservative portion of the Republican Party want to clamp down on illegal immigration SPECUFUCALLY, Democrats do not want to let the argument stand as it is. They strive to re-define the argument as being anti-immigration period and anti-Latino. Well beyond just Republicans, poll after poll show that the American people, including all ethnicities support legal immigration over illegal immigration. As a country, the United States cannot survive if illegal immigrants are allowed to come to the country, take jobs from legal immigrants and Americans of all ethnicities or take government benefits from taxpaying citizens of all ethnicities. The whole point of legal immigration is to measure the amount of people coming into the country, try to explore their backgrounds for criminality, try to monitor their behavior provisionally to make sure that they don’t turn to crime or take advantage of the system, and seek out those legal immigrants that can be contributors to society, rather than takers from society. Perhaps Latinos should be louder in stating that they are perfectly capable of following a legal process for immigration or are ALREADY U.S. citizens (going back many generations in some cases) and that they don’t want to be defined as simply a category that only cares about providing rewards and benefits on their own dime for people coming here illegally, even if they are Latinos. Latin America is a huge region of the world, and note to Democrats, they are not all the same!

as the national debt goes well beyond $18 trillion, on schedule to double in its amount since Barack Obama took office, the Democrat Party still wants to bleed the American taxpayer to pay for rewards for those who came here illegally and get these paid-for potential voters legalized and ready to vote. Hell, in many Democrat-run states and precincts, there are huge numbers of illegal immigrants already voting for Democrats to continue funding them with taxpayer money. On the Republican side, there is a large amount of RINOs in the Republican Establishment who want to serve their donors in the he U.S. Chamber of Commerce by bringing in as many illegal immigrants as possible to work for very low wages to fatten the wallets of their corporatist members. Far from the leis of the Democrat Party, people who want the problem of illegal immigration to be dealt with are actually being quite reasonable.

The Phony War on Women

Oh yeah, Republicans and Conservatives hate women. Even the half of them that ARE women. Sure Debbie. the whole War on Women mantra began in 2012 as a propaganda effort to maintain a Democrat Party’s claim on the majority of the female vote. Essentially, Barack Obama decided, after the fact, that he was going to add free birth control and abortions to Obamacare, even though he cannot Constitutionally change a law by himself. As one can assume, many religious organizations objected because they don’t believe in either birth control or abortion, or both. They simply didn’t want to have to pay for it. Now apart from the common sense concept that people should be responsible for buying their own birth control or abortions, the Democrat Party lied and sold the Republican and Conservative concerns as wanting to ban birth control, even though there was no one arguing for that at all. The Democrats, when pressed on this inevitably said that some women cannot afford birth control or abortions, and thus, these things should be funded by all of society as an essential human right. the Democrats made it their main, if not only thrust of supporting “Women’s Health Care.” Funny how the leading cause of death in women is heart disease and then a variety of cancers after that, kind of like the leading causes of death for men too, the Democrat Party decided that free birth control and abortions are THE ISSUE in women’s health. If one looked at it rationally, one would say that the Democrat Party thought sex without having a baby was the primary need of women in the U.S. I guess the needs of pre-adolescent girls and post-menopausal women were not even considered. I thought that it was not enlightened to think of women as primarily sexual beings.

In any case, Barack Obama got his majority of the female vote, and gone can ask whether or not women felt that it was well worth it because they now get free birth control pills and abortions. the truth is, under-privileged women already had plenty of programs and organizations that saw to providing free condoms, very inexpensive birth control pills, and yes, free abortions if needed. Now, people get to decide if Obamacare, a.k.a. “The Affordable Care Act,” has really made their healthcare more affordable. In the overwhelming majority of cases for men and women, it has just made their premiums and deductibles skyrocket. Where the hell is all this money going? Are you really receiving all these wonderful benefits that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party promised?

I will leave the debate on the morality of abortion, not just religiously, but humanitarianly aside for now, because it was never at stake in the “War on Women” in the first place. One can still wonder, though, why the hell is it that when Democrats talk about women’s health, their main thing is talking about sex and killing off unwanted babies, half of which are actually female.

The Democrat War on the Middle Class

Well, if the Democrat Party wants to talk about the middle class and what they’ve done to us, then we have plenty to say. thank you, Democrats, for making our health care far more unaffordable with the Affordable Care Act. My insurance premiums, as a teacher working two part-time positions, have seen my premiums double since the passage of Obamacare. My policy hardly covers anything as well. The median household for the middle class has gone down under Barack Obama by 10%, 93 million (about 1/3) of working age adults are not working (and not counted as “unemployed” unless currently looking for work), and about 50 million Americans (1/6 of the population) are on food stamps. As the Democrats continue to call free market capitalism as trickle-down economics, we see the reality of their trickle-up poverty striking the middle class hard. By the way, I earn less than $30,000.00 a year, doesn’t that count as being a member of the lower middle class? Aren’t I a little guy? It’s about time that Americans see the Democrat Party’s socialism as what it really is, punishment for the middle class and promotion of government dependency as a method for owning us and our votes. They want to make sure those votes come in, in return for maintaining dependency or perpetual financial suffering. If more and more of the middle class were able to be self-sufficient, the less they would need the Democrat Party’s promises of help. The Democrat Party wants people to stay exactly where they are, IN NEED.

The last time the Democrats rolled out their plans for “taxing the rich,” they nailed all of us with doubling the payroll tax, January, 2013. As our tax burden grows and our health care expenses skyrocket, Americans have to really ask themselves how this helps us in the middle class. Who really is punishing the middle class?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the perfect Democrat, full of lies, hate, accusations, and the desire to bring the middle class down to its knees.

Kevin McCarthy Would be Just Another Jon Boehner as Speaker of the House

September 30, 2015 in Politics

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Kevin McCarthy is Said to be the Leader in Getting Support for Speaker of the House

Politically speaking, Kevein McCarthy is Jon Boehner, Jr.

Most people who follow politics know by now that Jon Boehner announced his resignation at the end of last week and plans to resign his position as a U.S. Representative as well after October30. Boehner’s days were looking numbered for a while now, as the Republican base, true Conservatives, are fed up with him pushing the Obama agenda and lying to his constituents about fighting against Obamacare, fighting against executive (un-constitutional) amnesty, trying to reduce government spending, and all of the other things that Republicans have been promising to fight for. In the landslide elections of 2010 and 2014 that put Republicans in control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, respectively, Republican victories were achieved by an active and informed conservative base, many of which are labeled as “The Tea Party,” whether they choose to accept this categorical name or not. Since taking the gavel in January of 2011, Jon Boehner has been nothing less than either a cheerleader for Barack Obama’s far left agenda or at least a willing pushover. Boehner has worked hard in the House of Representatives to punish true Republicans by removing them from committees and by funding the campaigns of their opponents. When the Republican in Name Only Majority leader, Eric Cantor, was defeated in the 2014 Republican primary by Dave Brat, a true Conservative, Jon Boehner got his fellow RINO, Kevin McCarthy, in the position. Since then, Kevin McCarthy has just been a servant for pushing Jon Boehner’s weak responses and overall support for Barack Obama’s agenda. In announcing his resignation, Jon Boehner all but endorsed Kevin McCarthy to take his position.

Kevin McCarthy is Just Jon Boehner, Jr.

In addition tot he fact that Jon Boehner has helped Kevin McCarthy rise to the ranks, Boehner even puts his name forward as being a good replacement for him, and furthermore, he mentioned no other names. Jon Boehner was pushed to the max in his most recent primary election campaign by a virtually unknown Republican candidate. He knows darn well that he will not be re-elected as he has only progressively got worse in the meantime as far as exhibiting fake resistance against the Obama agenda and all out support for it. Passing Obama trade and the biggest spending bill in our nation’s history are just two examples of his all out support and meaningless statement votes about disagreeing with Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty is an example of his fake resistance. It’s not simply the fact that Jon Boehner should be against Barack Obama’s agenda, it’s really a matter of the fact that Obama’s far-left agenda lies in direct opposition tot he Republican Party’s stated platform. Not only that, Jon Boehner campaigns as a Conservative Republican and then governs in a way that is in direct opposition to his campaign promises. Boehner had little or no chance of being elected again, so he decided to resign now, since he has to wait a year before he can become a K Street Lobbyist by law. In a year’s time, Boehner can shop himself as a former Speaker of the House to lobbying firms that want to peddle influence for hire. He would be following in the footsteps of well-known former RINO speakers like Trent Lott and Denny Hastert. It would be good timing for Boehner’s lucrative career move since it would be a couple of months before the next congress is seated in January, 2016.

Just about all Kevin McCarthy has to offer is that he is the current Republican Majority Leader, which means nothing other than he rose to power. He has no significant legislation under his belt that fits the Republican party’s platform and has a voting record that is about equal to any Democrat. Now that the members of the Establishment Republican clique are all lining up behind Kevin McCarthy, it looks like the Republican Party’s woes will continue. The Republican Party leadership will still be defying their party’s platform, ignoring their base voters, and supporting the Democrat Party agenda. With Mitch McConnell still being the RINO leader of the senate, nothing will change. Of course, Conservatives know this, so the party will still be bleeding support as it continues to frustrate those who actually believe in the party’s principles of a smaller federal government, spending controls, support of the U.S. Constitution, and a support for a strong national defense. We are realizing that we really have no reason to vote for RINOs anymore. They vote the same as the Democrats, so there is no harm in leaving our ballots blank in the sections where a RINO is running against a Democrat, because there is no difference. when Conservatives make this stand of not voting for RINOs, then the Republican Party will realize that is has very little support as far as population is concerned. They only have their big money donors and cronies as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce left. They may give lots of dollars, but they are few in voting numbers. As a result, these donors will continue to fund Democrats, as they are already doing, but in larger numbers, because, when power players want to buy politicians, they want to buy the ones who will actually win, and the RINOs won’t be able to now that their base is waking up and getting VERY PISSED OFF.

Of course, the country won’t start seeing things get better until the Democrat drones wake up from their hypnotic state of believing the Democrat Party’s lies. That, unfortunately, will not happen anytime soon. Too many people fall for the propaganda and some immediate freebies, and do not see the impending downfall of this country with the staggering amount of debt it has and the almost empty entitlement coffers it has.

It Looks Like Pope Francis Needs to Learn More About Christian Values

September 24, 2015 in Politics, Spirituality

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Pope Francis Continues to Scold America

Pope Francis seems to think it is ok to go to another country illegally and demand that the people there hand their money over. Hoe Christian is that?

The Pope Also Could Stand to Learn a Little More About Christianity

Well, it is perfectly clear now that Pope Francis came to America to scold we the people and tell us that we need to let in more illegal immigrants, redistribute wealth from people that have more to people who have less, and tell us that we are contributing way too much to global warming. In other words, Pope Francis’ main purpose is to push his left-wing political agenda. Trouble is, his agenda isn’t that Christian. First of all, what gives Pope Franky a right to come to the country that takes in more immigrants than any other country in the world and scold this county for not taking in enough?! The Pope’s country, the Papal States has a very restrictive immigration policy, and to avoid being a hypocrite, perhaps Pope Franky should allow the United States to set its own immigration laws, seeing how we still take in more legal immigrants than any other country and have a right to turn away illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrant who goes to another country illegally and then demands that the taxpayers of the country support him or her is not acting very Christian.

The Pope scolds us for being a capitalist economy, which he says is from the devil. He also states that socialism is the best form of government for nations to have. The United States is hardly a true capitalist country anymore, now that we are employing a good deal of socialism, but to the extent that we are more capitalist than most other countries, perhaps the Pope should see how capitalism has led us to lift more people out of poverty than any other country known to man. Unless, of course, his purpose is to put more people into poverty, which socialism certainly does. Perhaps more countries around the world should be employing more capitalism so that their people wouldn’t be trying so hard to flee to the United States. It takes a pretty ignorant person to chastise the country with the economic system that all these immigrants are fleeing to rather than the countries that have economic systems that the people are fleeing from. Perhaps Pope Francis should have had a few more words for the Castro regime in Cuba, who he visited before coming here, since their people are making their own homemade boats trying to flee there and come here! Somehow this Pope finds it more logical to chastise the people of this country rather than the murderous dictators ruling Cuba!

The Pope’s “income inequality” theme is tired old left-wing rhetoric. The socialist always thinks that people who become wealthy must have done so by making other people poor. So, the Pope and the average Democrat politician in this country demand that they should be given the power to decide how much money a person can have, who gets money taken away from them, and who gets the money that is taken away from others. Leftists are always generous with other peoples’ money. I don’t think that the Roman Catholic Church became the largest owner of real estate in the world by giving away wealth. It seems to me that they seem to take in more than they give out. Perhaps they should have some of their immense wealth redistributed to other, less affluent religions. I don’t think that Pope Franky would like that. I would like to remind the Pope of the Christian teaching, “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for life.” This is a capitalist message, in that the desire is for people to be able to support themselves, rather tan just having some politician merely take money from someone who has earned it and give it to someone who hasn’t. The greedy socialists, however, is more interested in taking wealth away from those who earned it and give it to those who will vote for them and keep them in power. In addition to greed, socialism also harbors another mortal sin, envy. As the socialist goes fishing for support from those who have less, feeding their envy of those who have more than them.

Finally, the Pope is now declaring the junk science of global warming to be true. The more recent science is fast overturning the climate scientists who are delivering fraudulent computer model data in exchange for grant money from the bureaucrats in Washington. I wonder if the Pope will start burning climate scientists who disagree with the man-caused global warming fraud at the stake? The Roman Catholic Church has a pretty poor history in choosing what “science” to believe and what not to. As satellite temperature readings show that the Earth’s temperature has not been rising from 18 years, and as the effect of the sun and sun spot activity shows more indications of having a stronger affect on the planet’s temperature than carbon dioxide, I think the Roman Catholic Church is a pretty funny ally for the global warming, flat-Earth, primitives. The is even jumping on the bandwagon of those who want to eliminate air conditioning. I wonder if the Vatican is willing to give up its climate controls? I guess that the people, living in poverty around the world that the Pope’s heart bleeds for will have to continue on with running water, electricity, air conditioning, heating, and all those things that they have been hoping for. The Pope wants to go back tot he middle ages.

this Pope is nothing more than a hypocrite and a, left-wing political hack. By the way, Franky hasn’t been saying much (next to nothing) about the mass genocide of Christians throughout the Middle East. He’d rather chastise the country that people are fleeing to, rather than the regimes that are oppressing, torturing, and killing these people.

Pope Francis would rather scold America than say anything about the mass Christian genocide int he Middle East

Pope Francis The Socialist Wants to Bring Back the Dark Ages

September 22, 2015 in Politics, Spirituality

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The Catholic Church Now Has a Pope that Praises Socialism and Communism and Trashes Capitalism and the Free Market

Pope Francis The Socialist Wants to Return to the Glory Days of Catholcism, the Dark Ages

Pope Francis Has Decided to Grace the U.S. with His Presence as He Scolds Us for not Wanting to be Impoverished

There was a time, under Pope John Paul II, when the Catholic Church stood against tyranny and stood for freedom. This time is now gone as the current Pope, Pope Francis, is a strong advocate of Socialism. He made a decree from the Vatican that Socialism was the most Christian form of government and that Capitalism was a tool of the devil. While capitalism gets a bad representation from the Leftists who want Socialism, their complaints are more directly related to the practice of non-free markets, in which big business and government collude together. This is the form of socialism known as fascism, where the government does not own the means of production, but controls it through deals that it makes with the private owners. This is the system that the United States finds itself in now that we have journeyed far closer to socialism in our financial practices than we have capitalism, if we ever had a truly free market in this country. While it may be bad, fully committing to socialism, where the governments owns everything, businesses, land, homes, and the people, would still be far worse. Apparently, the Pope wants to go back to the days in which the Catholic Church and monarchies ruled Europe, and there was no enterprise, productivity, or hope for the people in society. The only hope that they had was what the Catholic Church provided, dreams of a better afterlife after the misery of a mortal life ends with death.

The Pope, like any leftist, argues that the free market allows people to become too wealthy and so many others to become poor. Let’s look at the countries who practice socialism, such as North Korea, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union. They are examples of governments in which the overwhelming majority of the people were are impoverished and the rulers, at the top, are quite rich and powerful. This is because, in such societies the people do not own their own land nor homes. The people do not get to choose what career they wish to pursue, because it is ordained by the needs of the state. People are unproductive because they do not reap any benefits for hard work, since the pay is the same for everyone, very low. It is not surprising that with the Catholic Church losing followers and losing dedication from even self-proclaimed Catholics, they would want to go back to their glory days when they were the only religion, that being the dark ages of medieval society.

The Pope attacks capitalism and the free market because people can become wealthy from it. He declares this evil on the spot, saying that the wealth should be distributed among the population equally. Who is to judge what is wealthy enough and what is too much, the Pope? If the Pope is so into distributing wealth, why doesn’t he, being the leader of the largest real estate owner in the world, the Catholic Church, distribute some of the church’s extreme amounts of wealth to lesser fortunate religions? As with all socialists, Pope Francis is a hypocrite. If the Catholic Church despises wealth so much, why don’t they return all of the big checks that are donated to them from around the world? I’m sure that Pope Franky would say tat it is because the church does such great works. And other wealthy entities or people don’t? As with all leftists, Pope Franky condemns with a broad brush.

To the extent that the United States has practiced more of the free market principles of capitalism than most other countries of the world, I guess Pope Francis is upset that people living in the U.S., even the poor, are living a higher standard of living than most of the rest of the world. Franky says that more affluent countries should give money to those countries that are less affluent. The U.S. is the biggest charitable entity in the world, but this is not good enough for Pope Franky. I guess that the Pope doesn’t like the fact that the United States has running water and sewage and septic systems throughout the land. This was a result of the capitalism that the nation did practice. Perhaps Pope Francis would like to go back to the glorious middle ages in which the people were owned by their governments and had to use outhouses, at best, for their sanitation.

During his visit to Cuba, an impoverished nation ruled by a dictator and his family, Pope Francis did not utter any words of displeasure toward the regime that keeps so many people impoverished while the cronies at the top have all of the money. Those socialist and communist countries of the world embody the evil more fully that Pope Francis attributes to capitalism, a few rich people ruling over impoverished masses. So it seems that the Pope is engaging in the same propaganda as the Democrat Party does in this country. They blast the free market and capitalism, while their own plan of choice leads to more income inequality and more poverty. Yet, probably the Pope is aware of this, and is really wants to move back to the dark ages, where we are all impoverished like good little sheep in his flock as he and the governments of the world rule over us, feeding off of our productivity for their own enrichment. This makes sense, because one can control people more easily that way, especially when they have no hope for anything, but death, when they hope they go to heaven. Just remember, 10% of all of your wealth needs to go, in the form of tithes, to Pope Franky and his Roman Catholic Church, no matter how much you have. Talk about GREED. As a catholic you need to pay the Catholic Church a 10% of your income in extortion money, or you won’t go to heaven and just might end up in hell. What a hypocritical bastard this Pope is.

Perhaps Pope Francis will declare Barack Obama Holy Roman Emperor. They have the same tyrannical designs after all.

And the Media Moves on to Playing “Gotcha'” with the Candidates and Islam

September 21, 2015 in Politics, Spirituality

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The Media Says that We Should All Reject Donald Trump and Ben Carson to Protect the Special Status of Islam

Obama is Not a Muslim His Religion is Hating America

And, As Usual, They Love to Misquote and Misrepresent

Is it not the left side of the political spectrum in this country that continually reminds us that “freedom of religion” also includes “freedom from religion?” Is it not the left that continually bashes Christianity, especially Christian Conservatism? Is it not the left that believes that churches should have to pay for abortions and birth control products for their employees? Is it not the left that holds that Christian bakeries and photographers should be put out of business if they do not want to participate in same sex marriages? Despite the fact that there are actually denominations of Christianity that accept same sex marriages and there are no sects of Islam that accept same sex marriage, you will never fin the media or gay activists going after mosques or Muslim bakeries and photographers. why is this? Because the left has a special liking for Islam, even though the religion is in strong disagreement with many of the left’s supposed principles. This is why you will never hear Barack Obama or any Democrat politician even speak about the stonings, beheadings, and other forms of executions performed by Islamic cultures around the world in punishing those homosexuals who actually EXIST in defiance of Islamic law. The Democrat Party says tat there is a war on women in the United States, because some Christians don’t want to pay for other people’s abortions and birth control pills, but they never say a damn thing about the fact that in most of the Islamic world women are not allowed to drive, work, or appear without a full burka on outside of the house. Hell, you don’t even hear a Democrat say anything about women in the Muslim world being whipped for BEING raped and having their genitals mutilated upon puberty so that they cannot enjoy sexual intercourse in their lifetimes. These are not rare practices in the Islamic world, but are actually MAINSTREAM. Now that the U.S. is importing swarms of people from the Middle East due to the scourge of ISIS (and turning away the Christians who are undergoing a genocide in the Middle East), genital mutilation is now being practices in the United States.

Now that I have set up the whole hypocrisy of the Democrat Party and the left in general, let’s look at the news events that the media has been cramming down our throats. At the end of last week, Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, underwent a bashing by the media in that a person got up and asked a question of him after stating that he believed that Barack Obama is Muslim. The left immediately took that as an insult to Barack Obama (I guess being Muslim is an insult in certain circumstances). They were bashing Trump because he did not correct the man and say that Barack Obama is a Christian. Trump could be hear laughing as the guy asked the question, because he thought it was a crazy one, but simply answered the question about looking into the possible development of terrorist training camps across the country. With the thousands of un-vetted people from the Muslim world that we are importing in mass amounts to this country, it might be a wise thing to watch, because we have no idea who these people are and what side they are on! Yet, this doesn’t matter to the left. All they cared about was that someone asked a question of Trump who thought that Obama was a Muslim. The whole questioning of Obama’s religion began back in 2008 when the Hillary Clinton campaign circulated a picture of Obama in Muslim garb during a trip to Africa. This picture was a Democrat effort, not a Republican one. At the same time, Obama did grow up in Indonesia, going to an Islamic school that taught religion right along with everything else. Obama’s father and step-father were both Muslim, and we can see quite clearly from his political positions that Barack Obama as taken to a special liking and favoritism for Islam, even banning the term “Islamic Terrorism.”

During the National Prayer Breakfast this year, Obama used the opportunity to tell Christians that they shouldn’t get on their high horse with all the Islamic terrorism going on around the world, since the Christians did bad things during the crusades. Of course the crusades were 1000 years ago and the huge amount of Islamic terrorism throughout the world is NOW. Obama should als check his history and see that Islam was a new religion that had conquered Jerusalem from the Christians who were there first, and the Jews, who were in turn, there before that. According to Obama, the new conquerors were the good guys. It is true that the Christian armies in the crusades did some pretty awful things, but somehow it doesn’t seem right that the Islamic armies of the time and the Islamic Jihad movement of today get off the hook scot free. Now that Obama has seen fit that the regime in Iran will get a nuclear weapon along with $165 million, it does seem like he has a special liking of the “Death to America” crowd. Christians across the Middle East are being exterminated in a mass genocide and Obama won’t even accept any Christian refugees, only Islamic ones. After all this, we are supposed to believe that it is crazy to think that Obama is a Muslim. I personally don’t think so, actually, I just think that Barack Obama hates America, and those groups who also hate America are groups that he likes.

No matter what, we are just supposed to think that Donald Trump is unacceptable for not correcting the guy. Not agreeing with the guy is not enough, he was supposed to stand up and yell at him. Barack Obama doesn’t deserve it. People are right to have a hell of a lot of questions about him and wonder what the hell is between those huge, elf-like ears of his. Barack Obama’s time in Christian practice is dubious to say the least. He went to the church of Jeremiah Wright who preached not Christianity, but racism and hatred of white people and this country. There, for 20 years Barack Obama felt at home, being married at the church and having his children christened by the racist Wright. Jeremiah Wright’s racist version of Christianity even melded well with the Nation of Islam, as Jeremiah Wright rewarded Louis Farrakhan with a “man of the year” award. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam has nothing to do with religion either, it is just another black supremacy group. Knowing his, it is plan to see that Obama’s religion is not Islam nor Christianity. Obama’s religion is hating America and promoting his own left-wing politics.

Finally, the media has done on to Ben Carson. They asked him if he felt that a Muslim could be president. Carson said that he believed that the U.S. Constitution would be in conflict with Sharia Law, Islamic Law and that he could not advocate a Muslim being president. The left immediately bastardized his words and said that he believe Muslims cannot be president and they proceeded to bash him for saying that Muslims could be banned from being president, which is in violation of the Constitution. True, the Constitution calls for freedom of religion and does not have religious demands as far as the presidency is concerned. Yet, Carson did not say that Muslims should be banned form the presidency, he just said that he did not agree with it and does not advocate it. Ben Carson’s expressing his opinion does not go against the U.S. Constitution, and it is rich for the left, who despise the Constitution should now bash Ben Carson for his views. What really takes the cake is that the media then drags the head of C.A.I.R., Nihad Awad out to bash Ben Carson about the Constitution. The group C.A.I.R. promotes Sharia Law and Muslim Law within the United States. They have no concept of the U.S. Constitution. C.A.I.R. is a group that never speaks out against terrorism, but rater, tries to find excuses for it. The media then misquoted the interview and asked Ted Cruz about it, and Ted Cruz just said that a religious test on being president was unconstitutional, but that was because he was given a misquote as to what Ben Carson said.

Bottom line, Barack Obama is not a Muslim, just an America-hater, and so are the left-wing media.

Carly Fiorina – The New Champion of the RINO Republican Establishment

September 16, 2015 in Politics

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Carly Fiorina is the RINO Establishment Republicans’ New Horse in the Race!

Carly Fiorina is the new champion of the RINO Republican Establishmentuser

Secretariat is Her Name and Open Borders is Her Game!

Tonight was the second debate between the Republican candidates for the 2016 Presidential race. Tonight was the night when the Republican in Name Only crowd was going to take a second stab at destroying Donald Trump in an effort to promote their status quo candidates that would be pleasing to the Washington Ruling Class, the Donor Class, and their special interest groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (non-capitalist cronies). After the debate, many of them are crying victory for Carly Fiorina, giving her a lot of points for style and SEEMING like she has a strong hold on all the issues and all the right positions that Conservatives, in their non-Conservative minds, could want. To a casual observer, Carly Fiorina did quite well. To those of us who think illegal immigration is a problem, however, her apparent lack of interest in the subject, support for anchor babies as automatic citizens makes a true, Constitutional Conservative, think “uh oh.” Her main argument about illegal immigration was that the subject has been discussed so much over the years that we should move on to something else. She accosted Donald Trump for his proper interpretation of the U.S. Constitution in that the congress does have the sole power of making immigration law and that the 14th amendment does NOT declare citizenship for anyone who just happens to be here geographically when an illegal immigrant mother plops them out. Her arguments basically supported continued citizenship for anchor babies born to illegal immigrants and the continued chain migration that results from that, i.e. the whole rest of the family gets to come here to.

Carly Fiorina argued against building a wall or doing ay other steps for border protection and she dismissed the whole subject as unimportant. Voila! She won the hearts and minds of the RINOs right then and there. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is about ready to pounce now and get her under their finger with donations. Those who want cheap labor have a new horse that they are going to put their money on, and it is Secretariat, Fiorina even adopted the name herself at the end of the debate! The big-government types who also want to control people through government dependence now have a new open borders star. Since Jeb Bush’s poor performance thus far in the race is greatly worrying the RINO Republican Establishment, they are obviously looking for a new horse to buy with their money. Carly Fiorina has a good pedigree for them, she has been involved in the Establishment Republican movement for a long time, even though she only ran for major political office once before. They can declare her an outsider because she never held office and can rope in the support of unsuspecting Conservatives with that. This is the year of the anti-politician, after all. She was a big McCain backer even in the primaries when he was running for President, so she obviously has been a strong supporter of big government RINOs in the past. She has been a mediocre CEO and she seems smart. Throw in her open borders, pro-amnesty stance, and you have yourself a perfect RINO.

To the Constitutional Conservative, Ted Cruz was the overwhelming victor this evening. He made his points confidently, vigorously, and with complete attention to detail. He argued down contrary positions with absolute thoroughness. The other candidates didn’t even contest him much, because they knew that they would get spanked. The only disagreement that I remember being mentioned was made by John Kasich and Rand Paul in arguing that the next President should not tear up Obama’s horrible American life-endangering Iran Deal, but rather, see if Iran complies with it. Ted Cruz quite effectively and smoothly made them regret it with how he eloquently argued that the Iran Deal calls for Iran to inspect themselves, includes 24 day waiting periods, and puts many sites off-limits. He also reminded these two morons that Iran has secret side deals with the I.A.E.A. that the Obama administration has not made available to congress that make the whole Iran Deal moot depending on what those deals are. Thus far, it has been revealed that those deals keep the I.A.E.A. from inspecting many of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Cruz also reminded these two eggheads that Supreme Leader of Iran is still chanting “Death to America” to cowards of supporters, which makes an Iran Deal a pretty silly thing in the first place!

Marco Rubio did an ok job, but Constitutional Conservatives are not going to believe his immigration positions, because he completely abandoned them before and joined the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill in the Senate. Chris Christies was pretty strong too, but Constitutional Conservatives know that his record is nothing like how he is selling himself now, so we don’t believe him for an instant. Ben Carson helped himself by stating that his position on giving work permits to illegal immigrants after securing the border was not amnesty in that it didn’t provide automatic citizenship, although it is still a fairly weak position to take since they will eat up American jobs, but he then almost destroyed himself with his arguments that he was against the War in Afghanistan after 911 in addition to being against the war in Iraq. That was a a truly dumb thing to say, even if he believes it. After being attacked by a terrorist organization, attacking them in the country where they actually ARE BEING HARBORED is a pretty sound thing to do. Afghanistan was not the questionable war by any stretch of the imagination.

I had predicted that Carly Fiorina would be the new RINO pick by the end of the debate. I found that my prediction was accurate, when watching Newsmax after the debate. Their line-up of RINOs, Ed Berliner, John Zogby, and Michael Reagan all picked her as the going away winner of the debate. They had a hard time, though, because their viewers in their unofficial website poll after the debate, seemed to think that Donald Trump was the winner. DANG IT! The country club RINOs hate these damn ignorant Conservatives. Why can’t they just do what they are told and think what they are told to think like the Democrat base?!

Jeb vs. Trump – Which is More Conservative?

September 3, 2015 in Politics

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Jeb Says that Trump is No Conservative

El Jebito argues that Trump was more to the left int he past, but the trouble is that El Jebito is more to the left NOW!

And Jeb Also Seems to Think that He Can Convince Us that HE is Conservative

Probably the most uttered phrase that true Constitutional Conservatives recited when Jeb Bush began his whole attack on Donald Trump, saying that he is not a conservative was, “And you Are?!” It is true that Trump has been a supporter of Democrats in the past and has said some things that were more aligned with leftist policies, but of late, he has been a strong voice for Conservatism. Jeb Bush has been a Republican in Name Only throughout much of his political career, and certainly more to the left than the Conservative base of the Republican Party thus far in the campaign. Bush’s support for Common Core, centralized federal education, open borders, rewarding illegal immigration, and his weak lack of a stance on the Obama Iran Deal are all far left positions. I thought that Bush would at least be Conservative on foreign policy, but recently, when he was asked if he would maintain or try to fight the Obama Iran Deal upon taking office, Bush responded, “I’ll certainly take a look at it.” How about you take a look at it now Jeb and actually give us a position on it?!

The latest shots fired by the two campaigns have been about Jeb Bush saying tat Trump is not a conservative in Spanish. Conservatives don’t have a problem with Jeb knowing Spanish or speaking in Spanish at times. The real question is whether or not he needs to do it as often as he does. Jeb Bush is really running hard on trying to be appealing to Latino voters. In my opinion, he has been pandering. Most of the Spanish-speaking audiences that he is addressing are people who are bilingual and would understand him perfectly fine in English. He is not speaking his fluent Spanish to make sure that people understand him, but rather, as but rather, to show off his Spanish skills and try to get some extra style points for being a “cool gringo.” Right from the beginning, Jeb Bush has been putting forth amnesty for illegal immigrants as his main deal.

Donald Trump was simply arguing that Jeb Bush should speak more in English and do less showing of as an example that people coming from other countries should at least, learn some English. It is also troubling that a lot of what Jeb Bush says in Spanish to Spanish-speaking crowds is not the same as what he says in English to more diverse crowds. Since I do know Spanish pretty well, I can attest to this myself. While Jeb Bush says that learning English would be a part of any amnesty plan, he certainly does not seem to be promoting the learning of English when he speaks to Latinos.

As it stands now, we know the Jeb Bush is definitely a big-government, big-spending, big amnesty Republican RINO. We do need to follow Trump more closely and see if his conversion to Conservatism is true or not. Unfortunately for El Jebito, we already know where he stands, and it is not ont he side of Conservatism.